Masturbated With a Friend Who Came on Me

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Masturbated with a friend whom I fantasised a lot about. He came on my tits and it was so hot. We will do it again!

My friend and I have always had a very sexually charged relationship. We both have always found each other attractive but have never acted on it, despite flirting quite heavily. We both have no interest in being with each other romantically. It’s all physical. We both know this, and we’ve definitely masturbated over each other before, just never explicitly (more as in, we’d talk about something sexual, or I’d send him some risky photos, and then he’d tell me he was going to watch some porn, and I’d often touch myself over the thought of that).

The other day he was over, and we smoked a little bit. We were just chatting, and somehow the topic moved into sex. We are usually quite open about these things, but this time he surprised me by asking what my biggest fantasy was. I immediately felt myself get a little bit flushed because I knew that if I told him, he’d be turned on too. Because my biggest fantasy is someone coming inside of me. I decided to tell him. Why not?

“It’s explicit, but… I do fantasize about a man coming inside me”.

“Oh fuck”

“Yeah… it’s a lot.”

“Why inside of you? What is it that you think you’d like?”

“I like the feeling of being filled with cum. Probably the feeling of being so full of someone’s lust that it literally spills out of me. But I’d also enjoy someone coming on me. Maybe on my clitoral or on my tits.”

His face was a little red.

“Oh man”.

He adjusted in his seat, and I glanced down at his pants. I saw a sizeable bulge slowly growing. I felt my pussy throb. Fuck.

It’d be good to get it out in the open, I thought.

“I can see you enjoying that and I kind of do too”, I blurted out.

“Fuck”, was all he said in return.

I could see the outline of his thick cock straining against his pants.

“You could take it out if you want.” I said. I was immediately taken aback by what I had just uttered. What had come over me? “God, I’m sorry. That was a lot. Let’s just move on. We can watch TV.”

“No, I just… I’m just surprised,” he replied. He then unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them, and removed his cock from his briefs. He glanced at me.

I was a little entranced. His cock was amazing. Thick, but not too thick. Long, but not too long.

“That’s a beautiful dick. That’s all I can say”.

“I’m so fucking hard right now”

“I’m quite wet. Do you mind if I …”

“Please do”

I unbuttoned my own jeans and slid my hands underneath my underwear.

“Oh my god, I’m so wet,” I half moaned.

“Jesus” was all he said in response.

I could see his cock throbbing. He grabbed the base and started stroking it. I felt my pussy ache. Like it was begging to be fucked, but now wasn’t the time. I started rubbing my clit, which was more sensitive than I expected from such minimal stimulation. He was getting harder somehow. Pre-cum started to leak, and I got more and more aroused. We were both breathing heavily but focused intensely on the other person’s actions. He groaned. I moaned.

“I love your cock”

“You’re so hot, I’m going to cum”

Hearing him say that, and hearing him say that so quickly, made my pussy flood. It was like he couldn’t control himself. I didn’t even need anything else. The thought of him coming was enough. I threw my head back and started to gasp while I continued rubbing my clit. A shock went through me.

“Cum on my tits!” I desperately begged.

“Are you sure?” He grunted, already kneeling and moving towards me.

“Yes, please, I’m going to cum. Cum with me, please, cum on my tits.” I lifted my shirt.

His cock was so close to my lips. He touched his dick to my tits, and that was it. I saw him throb and then release. He moaned as rope after rope of cum was emptied on my tits. His cock so close to my face and his cum leaking down my tits sent me over the edge. I moaned his name and gasped as waves of intense pleasure moved through my body. My fingers were soaking wet, I was lightheaded, and I was loud.

After we both caught our breath, we stared at each other for a bit, surprised at what we’d just done.

We should do that again”, I said. Mostly to break the tension.

“Yup.” He replied.

I felt my pussy ache for him again.


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