Blowing best friend’s son after his friends made fun of him for never receiving a blowjob.

It all started at a holiday party my best friend, Olivia, was having at her place a couple of years ago. Olivia and I went to college together. We were roommates for the first couple years before I got married. And have been in the same city our entire adult lives. We are two peas in a pod! Her home is quite lovely, and large enough to host fairly large get-togethers. This one is no exception. With a catered dinner, open bar, and plenty of room to mingle and talk amongst the small sea of people.

We also had kids around the same time. Two for her and three for me. So they’re there too, all home from university for a few weeks before spring semester starts. Her youngest son is a track star at a college close by. While her oldest, Kevin, has always been stupidly smart. Graduated from high school early, already has a bachelor’s degree, and will have a master’s degree after the next semester. This also means that he hasn’t had a lot of time for women in his life. That made him a sticking point for the college men at the party.

They kept to themselves mostly off the back patio. But as I was passing by to refill my drink, I overheard them tease Kevin about never having had a blowjob before. I could tell it bothered him a little bit as the group laughed at him. So I stepped in to tell the group that it isn’t polite to speak like that at a party with mixed company. They’re all red in the face now, clearly embarrassed, and will change the subject. Kevin looks relieved, and I fill up my drink.

A little before leaving, I run into him in the kitchen as I’m grabbing my phone. The damn thing died, and I needed to charge it to call for an Uber. We had a little small talk before I softly laughed, told him he probably didn’t want to hear it from me, of all people, but not to worry about what dumb assholes will say about blowjobs or anything of the sort. He’s 20 with his whole life ahead of him. He blushes again and smiles, thanks me for jutting in to change the subject. And he goes to head back outside.

Now, being hedonistic, I don’t really think about the red tape of sexuality as long as you’re a consenting adult. Pleasure is fun, and I want everyone to feel good. Kevin is not a bad looking man. But I know that his confidence is in the gutter because he feels overweight and his “friends” weren’t helping matters. So I hatched a plan.

Before he gets out of the kitchen, I ask him to wait. And tell him that I had brought over a Tupperware full of mini cookies. It wasn’t empty yet, so would he mind dropping it off at my house whenever they clean up. He nods and tells me it’s no problem, and we part ways for the night.

A couple of days later, I got a text from Olivia thanking me for the cookies. They were a huge hit, and that Kevin was about to leave to drop off the Tupperware. I had the house to myself for the rest of the day. So I changed into my silk robe (that has a ton of cute flowers on it) paired with absolutely nothing underneath. A half hour later, the doorbell rings, and I open the door with a big smile.

I invite him in, saying I have something to return to his mom, and to give me just a moment. I take the Tupperware from him, and walk toward the kitchen, all the while talking to him about how lovely the party was. This robe isn’t exactly small. But it’s fairly short and shows off my lovely thighs. And just tight enough to show the outline of my pierced left nipple. His face is flush, which is adorable, and stammering every couple of words as his eyes stay locked to me. I stand on my tip-toes to put the Tupperware away, which shows just the faintest part of my lower ass.

He avoids eye contact as I turn around, but that doesn’t stop me from pouring it on a little more. I grab the sweater I was returning to Olivia, and hand it to him so that we get pretty close. He’s tall, well over 6 feet tall, and I’m 5’3” on a good day. I then asked him if what they said about him not getting a blowjob was true. He never confirmed or denied it when we talked in the kitchen. 

He’s blushing tomato red now. He shook his head before telling me that he’s only gotten a hand job once, but never finished. Apparently, she just touched him for a couple of minutes in his dorm room. And told him he needed to take care of the rest. Smiling wide, I smooth over his shoulders with my palms, and tell him that’s alright. I then ask if he’s ever seen a naked woman in person before. He replied that he went to a strip club once but never anything else. Stepping back from him a couple feet, I slowly pulled open my robe until it was fully open. His jaw, I swear, dropped onto the floor in shock.

I explain to him that I’m a swinger, what hedonism means to me. And that if he wants, I would be happy to show him. He swallowed hard before panicking a little. Telling me that he’s not very “big” and that he’s really sorry about it. I laugh a little. Telling him that I don’t care in the slightest how “big” you are, that I only want you to feel good. I can see his heart pounding a mile a minute. So I take his hand in mine to guide him toward the couch in the living room.

My fingers loosen the elasticity on his shorts before letting them drop to the floor in a heap around his ankles to reveal a small but pleasantly thick cock. Kevin is feeling very self-conscious now, so I guide him to sit down and settle into the couch. I tell him that he can stop at any time if he feels uncomfortable, but that he’s got a nice cock that’s very happy to see me. That gets a small laugh from him, which is just enough to see him breathe a little softer. My robe slides off me to greet his shorts on the floor, which is then quickly followed by my knees joining both of them.

I nestle comfortably between his thick thighs, and quickly take his throbbing cock into my mouth until my lips wrap around his base. His tip strikes the back of my throat just barely, which elicits a very satisfying moan from him. My tongue swirled around the underside of his length as I bob my head along his length. Maybe 45 seconds in, his hand grabs my shoulder quickly, but before he can say anything, his cock explodes in my mouth, flooding me with warm seed and strong hips thrusting up in desperation. I suck every drop of hot cum from his balls until he can’t remember his own name.

Once brain function is restored, he apologizes profusely for finishing so quickly and that he didn’t realize that would happen. Laughing, I said it was a compliment to my skill, and to enjoy the feeling. I start raking my nails up and down his thighs before running them up his belly. And slowly I kiss his inner thighs, groin. Even softer kisses on his cock before focusing on his balls. 

I worship him like a god in front of me. His cock starts swelling again after a few more minutes of this, so I tell him that if it’s too much to let me know. My lips wrap around him again to a symphony of groans, and softly suck his manhood. Every little swipe of my tongue has him growing harder and harder until he’s pressed against the back of my throat again.

I’m slow and methodical now. He’s gotten a great orgasm on the first go, so now it’s time for him to enjoy himself. Soft bobs of my head while my fingers trace lazy circles on his skin. Popping off his cock while I play with his balls. Eye contact as he hits the back of my throat. The tip of my tongue swirling along his length like a snake. I even dip a couple of fingers inside of me so that he can taste how much I’m enjoying him. I want it to last quite a while, but I could feel the twitching of his cock maybe five minutes in, just before his hips start to desperate thrust upwards once more. His fingers wrap into my hair to pull me down just as he finishes what little his balls have made since his first orgasm down my throat.

It takes him a good while to recover after that. I lay my head on his thigh while my hand runs up and down his thigh in a comforting fashion. Once he can talk again, I make sure his cock is nice and clean with my mouth before finding his shorts to slide them back on. He thanked me over and over again, to which I replied that I’m more than happy I could help, and that I loved hearing and seeing how much pleasure he was in. Then I tell him not to tell his mother a thing about what happened, but if he ever wanted help again, to just text me and I would be happy to.

We fooled around a few more times after this. I taught him how to properly pleasure a woman, and I made sure he was on cloud nine anytime I was around. That was the confidence boost he needed because he lost about 60 pounds, got his master’s degree, and is engaged to be married next year. All in a day’s work!


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