Husband breeding our friends who were lesbians. We had almost a year of foursome fun and a baby with them.

This happened around our marriage. We were both 20 years old and prepping to leave Australia for Canada when we got a unique opportunity from some of our close friends from our high school. They were a bi couple but sold it as being 100% lesbian and newly married like us. 

The one girl was close with hubby when we were in school and was very flirty with him. But surprisingly they never did anything prior. While I was friends with both girls, having spent many lunch hours watching them go from being acquaintances to them telling me the first time they had sex. They’re also two of the only people who actually know about Hubby and I’s marriage. So safe to say we were all pretty tight. Now fast forward, they text us saying they want to catch up over lunch since it had been a while.

Thinking nothing strange about it, Hubby and I go to this luncheon at a relatively high-quality restaurant. We talked about being newlyweds and just random stuff like we used to do. Then they posed the question. The one that used to flirt with Hubby, I’ll call her Kara, and her wife, I’ll call Erin. She reached across the table and took my hands. And Erin looked shyly at me from beside her and asked if hubby could be their sperm donor. Hubby and I didn’t know what to do at that moment. As I looked at him, he looked equally shocked.

We asked them to give us a day to think about it, then went back to eating. Once lunch was over, it was the only thing he and I could talk about on our way home. It wasn’t till the early mornings hours, after fucking, and intentionally making him creampie me, I gave him my answer. I told him I’m okay with him doing it. But with the exception that I want to be equally involved. He repeatedly asked if I was sure, and I said yes. But we came up with a set of expectations.

Jumping ahead again, we agreed to be their donors. We even had a lawyer involved since there was the risk of things getting messy legally. Agreements and contracts were ensured to bound us. We even copyrighted and got a business license identifying as a sperm bank which was hella awkward for logistical reasons. I was the founder of it at twenty years old. And Hubby would be recognized as an anonymous donor. We even went to a sperm bank to sneakily get a picture of the forms they use. I copied them for this little escapade and make everything even more legit in the long term.

Needless to say, at the end of the day, we agreed to not have any connection to the offspring. We wouldn’t be sought out for payments, and the contract would be considered complete upon the child’s birth. However, this wasn’t quite like other sperm donations, and we knew this from the start. Erin and Kara were both quite religious. They didn’t want to be artificially inseminated. This meant Hubby would be giving it to them directly, and it’d also be our first of a few foursomes.

Now, as mentioned before, Erin and Kara played their relationship off as if they were 100% lesbian. But I knew Kara was bi since I had seen her with guys before, but Erin was a mystery. Although, I assumed she was also bi since she didn’t object to what was to come. When it came to the first attempt, we all went on a nice little date together. Erin and Kara asked Hubby nonstop questions about anything they didn’t know or about his childhood. I even learned a couple of things.

Then we got a really nice hotel room, with a fantastic view. Two beds, and once the room door closed, Erin revealed the weight that they had on their shoulders. They were both virgins in terms of P in V sex, and I was gonna be their teacher. Before that, though, our rules were basically no kissing, aside from our respected partners. And no impact play; everything else was pretty much on the table.

During the first breeding session, Kara, Erin, and I all stripped in unison for hubby. Then we got on our knees in front of him and pulled his clothes off. We started things off with a blowjob; I suckled on the tip while Erin and Kara worked his shaft. He loved every second of it. Then we each took turns quickly sucking him. Watching Kara and Erin was cute since they were so shy but curious about his cock. However, we came here for one purpose, and it wasn’t to have a foursome, unfortunately. They went to their bed and started making each other wet. I fluffed Hubby and kept him hard until they were ready.

Once they were, they lay on their sides, looking at each other face-to-face. Hubby got behind Kara first since she seemed to be more relaxed. That still made me suspicious if she was actually a P in V virgin. Hubby worked himself inside slowly. Erin asked Kara how it felt and, if it hurt, all the usual stuff.

To be fair, Hubby probably gave them more of a stretch than what they were ready for. But the two of them made out while I held Kara’s leg up. And then Erin and Kara used their hands to play with each other. Kara came twice before Hubby filled her up and pulled out. It was quite the load to be honest. As it ran down Kara’s thigh, and Erin took her first taste of cum. Thank god Hubby likes the “sex” fruits since both of them had a taste and seemingly enjoyed it.

Then it was time for round two. They did the reverse of before, except Erin seemed to endure an exorcism upon initial penetration. According to Hubby, she was an extremely tight. He could only go slow as her muscles resisted. Still, once Kara started drawing circles on Erin’s clit she relaxed some more and took all of Hubby inside her. Then in less than five minutes, she was screaming that she was cumming, and Hubby was too. At that moment, Kara kissed Erin while I kissed Hubby. The first attempt was done. 

The four of us all had a little more fun side by side. Hubby showed off by carryfucking me in front of them until putting me down to give me a facial. They both seemed to love watching as it dripped onto my chest. But that was all hubby could muster before he was drained. From there, we took turns in the shower to clean up, then went to bed. We said our goodbyes in the morning as if nothing had happened.

Roughly a week and a half passed before we got another message from them, and both “injections” failed. Meaning a second attempt was needed. So repeating the process, we went to a movie and got dinner at a less fancy restaurant than the first time. Then we went back to the same hotel room we were in during round one. This time we jumped right into having sex with our respective partners. Erin and Kara both made each other cum, while I rode Hubby in cowgirl to get him hard. Then with his cock blessed with my wetness, the girls were face down, ass up, as Hubby entered Erin first.

However, because Erin couldn’t keep Kara wet like before, and Kara couldn’t draw circles on Erin, I got the luxury of teasing them. Both of them were dripping once Hubby filled Erin up. Erin rolled onto her side, catching her breath after repeatedly orgasming on his cock and from my finger play. Then before entering Kara, I wanted to make it more intimate for them. I told Kara to lay on top of Erin while she was getting fucked. It was really cute as the two of them made out. Hubby pounded into Kara, making their bodies rock together. Meanwhile, I hugged hubby from behind and playfully helped him thrust forward. I left lipstick marks on his back before becoming a giggly mess once Kara and him came.

However, he wasn’t done. I had riled him up. He wasn’t going to let me go orgasm free as he picked me up and threw me down on the bed beside Kara and Erin. Unlike them, he didn’t have any restrictions when it came to me. I tried putting my legs up on his shoulders, but it was too awkward of an angle. In turn, I wrapped them around his waist. He then pushed himself inside, turning me into a mess of moans, and making me oblivious to Kara and Erin. The two of them had clearly been watching and didn’t want to be left out. They got on either side of me, kissing my cheeks and leaving love bites on my neck. While also massaging my breasts and pinching my tits, I was racing toward orgasmic highs.

Then Kara and Erin whispered in my ears. “Cum on his cock like a good wife.” “We soaked his cock in our juices to get him lubed up for you; I bet you love knowing that.” “You’re such a good girl for him. He really brings out your inner slut doesn’t he?” My mind went numb from their dirty talk. I either blacked out from pleasure or got hella cumdrunk since there’s a lapse in my memory.

Still, I remember the three of us all on our knees. Kara and Erin holding me up in front of hubby. At the same time, all our cheeks were pressed together. Hubby covered the three of us before they licked my face clean, then each others. It was euphoric to witness, and instead of taking separate showers, we all took one together. However, Hubby had to pick me up and carry me in since my legs were like jelly the rest of that night. But we still slept in separate beds.

The next morning was like the time before. The only difference was that Kara and Erin gave us both a kiss before saying goodbye. Then another two weeks passed before we got a message. Erin didn’t take again, but Kara did, and they invited us over to celebrate. For the next nine months, we were in constant communication with them. On Hubby’s birthday, we did end up having one final foursome together where all of us girls constantly called him daddy. Kara was about seven months along, so her energy came in bursts. But it was fun, and everyone had orgasms; we also learned the name and gender at that time.

Finally, after nine months, a baby girl was born healthy and happy, and our contract was completed. We jetted off to Canada soon after. We later found out they gave her Hubby’s middle name. And we now get a yearly Christmas card from them and the odd photo here and there. Still, we have no connection to the child emotionally. It does spark some baby fever when we see pictures but not enough for me to act on it. Also, Hubby still has “breeding rights,” as stated in the contract, so who knows what the future could hold.


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