Mom Walked in While Blowing Her Son

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Mom walked in while blowing her son and getting my face creamed with his sperm.

Peering through my sunglasses at the neighbourhood pool, I tucked a strand of my hair behind an ear before flipping over onto my stomach on my pool chair. It was summer, and I was back home with my parents. I saw Sean’s shadow before he spoke.

“Hey, Taylor,” Sean said, trying to act cool as his buds watched him snickering. It didn’t take much to know exactly what was happening. They had dared their friend to come to talk to me, and he was being a man about it. Ugh, boys.

“Hey, Sean! Long time no see.” I smiled, sitting up and watched Sean’s eyes go directly to my new boobs in my tight bikini top

“What’s up?”

Sean was a couple of years younger than me and had just graduated high school. I know he was an athlete of some kind, but couldn’t remember the sport. He was cute, and I was prepared to make him look like a freaking stud in front of his leering friends.

“I was wondering if you had anything going on tonight?” Sean asked.

I paused for effect, “You mean like a date? Oh, I would love to! What time are you picking me up?”

“Oh! Uh, yeah, I mean—7, how does 7 sound?” Sean replied.

“Great, I’ll see you then!” I smileed at him and then turned back onto my stomach.

“Uh-ok then. I will see you then.” The poor kid had no idea what happened and he walked back to his friends celebrating.

At 7:30 I glanced outside from behind the living room drapes for the billionth time, pacing back and forth. This fucker was standing me up! This injustice could not stand. I may not have got his number, but I knew exactly where he lived. So I stomped down the street in my designer jeans, baby doll top, and heels in white-hot rage and rang his doorbell.

As Sean opened the door, he saw me. I was extremely irate. Sean stood there frozen.

“Oh, uh, hi Taylor.” Sean started.

“Don’t you ‘Hi, Taylor’ me.” I snapped, pushing myself into his house. “You stood me up!”

Do you guys get horny when you’re angry? Because I may have been livid, but I was getting pretty wet.

“I’m so sorry, it’s just, I was sure you were just trying to make me look good in front of my friends. And, well, you’re way out of my league.”

Why are boys like this? So cute, yet so stupid.

“I may have been helping you out, but I wouldn’t kid about that. But you’re right, I AM out of your league.” I turned to open the door again and stomp my way back to my house when he grabbed my arm.

“Taylor, wait.”

He was stronger than he appeared. Our eyes connected, and he let go.

“Oh, sorry. I just—I do want to go on a date with you. If you’ll still have me.” And readers, this is where thinking with my vagina gets me in trouble, because if I had just gone home, what happens later never would have happened at all.

“Are your parents home?” I asked.

“No, they’re out for dinner.” He said.

“Your room now,” I said. Grabbing him by the wrist, I started leading him upstairs. I had no idea where his room was. But I knew there was someone’s room up there.

I found a room that looked like a boy lived in it. Messy AF. Once there, I started taking off my clothes.

“Uh, Taylor? What’s going on?” Sean asked nervously.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked, wriggling my jeans off my hips, showing him my ass in panties.

Sean choked, “Uh, you want to have sex?”

“I’m still mad at you for standing me up, but I’m also horny. So take your clothes off!” In my defence, guys. It had been months since I last got laid, and I was planning on fucking him anyway.

“I can’t believe this is happening!”

“So do you want to or not?” I asked, pulling my panties off next.

“Uh, yeah, yes! I do—“

“Then take off your pants,” I ordered.

Sean fumbled with his belt, while I got on my knees.

Sean looked down at me, “God, you’re so hot.”

I smiled up at him, then pulled Sean’s unfastened pants and boxers down his legs. Perfect. He had a cock, just what the doctor ordered.

“I love it when you say that.” I reached around my back and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the floor and exposing my double D’s.

“It’s true. You’re the hottest girl in the world.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, cutie.” I took his penis into my hand, “And you have a nice cock.” I ran my hand along Sean’s length. “Think I can fit it all in my mouth?”

“What do you mean?” Sean asked, watching me.

“Sean. You can’t tell me you’ve never had a blowjob before . . . wait . . . are you a virgin?” I asked.

“N-no, not a virgin, but no one ever did . . . That.”

I’m not going to lie, knowing that I was going to be giving Sean his first blowie fucking turned me on. I lifted his penis to my mouth—he already had a raging erection—and I sucked on the fat purple head.

“Oh god, Taylor.”

I popped off, looked up at Sean, let some saliva drool from my lips and onto his dick, and began to rub it in with my hand.

“I’m going to make you feel very, very good, Sean.”

Opening my freshly glossed lips, I started to feed Sean’s cock to myself. My mouth closed around Sean’s shaft as I slowly inched my way down to the base. My toy B.O.B. was about his size, so I knew I could get pretty far.

I felt the tip hit my tonsils and managed to suppress my gag reflex as I had practised and pushed him into my throat.

“Oh my god.,” Sean said, causing me to look up at him and see his eyes glued to me as I devoured more.

My gag reflex ebbed and waned, making me pause every now and then to regain control and not choke to death. That would be awkward—death by blowjob. I did eventually have to come up for air, as the oxygen intake through my nose wasn’t quite doing it for me.

I gasped as Sean’s saliva-soaked cock slipped from my throat, strands of my spit still connecting his cock to my mouth as I gulped for air.

“God, it’s harder than it looks.” (That’s what she said).

“This-you are incredible.” He groaned.

“You think your friends will believe you when you try to tell them about this?” I giggled, still grasping the base of his shaft.

Before he could respond to that, I took him in my mouth again. I gagged again as his dick reached my tonsils, paused, relaxed my throat and pushed on. My eyes were closed so I couldn’t see how deep he was in my throat until my nose felt fuzz against it. I looked up and realized that I had successfully deep-throated the entirety of his dick. It’s the little wins that keep you going.

Sean reached down, grasping both sides of my head and held me at his base, beginning to fuck my face and throat. He was moaning and cursing so loudly. I was running out of air and choking, spit drooling from my mouth to the carpet below.

I only managed a few extra seconds of him fucking my face before I had to pull away, coughing and gasping and trying not to throw up.

“Holy shit, I am so sorry,” Sean said.

I coughed, swallowed, and then looked up at Sean with a smile. “I did it,” I said proudly.

“That was amazing.”

Having regained my composure, I reached for Sean’s penis. “You’re pulsing,” I commented, caressing his hard-as-steel erection. “I’m surprised you didn’t cum.”

“Marry me.”

I grinned and started to masturbate Sean with one hand. “Where would like to cum?”

“Y-your face . . .”

“Oh, naughty. No one has ever done that to me. But I’m game. Do it. Decorate me. Cover my face with your cum.” I begged, pumping with haste.

I fondled and scratched his balls with my other hand, coaxing them to give me his spunk.

“Oh fuck, Taylor, I’m so close . . . I’m so close.”

“Yes.” I whimpered as I jacked him off. My hand pumped his cock, “Give it to me . . . please!” I said, opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out, and squeezing my eyes shut tight.

“Oh shit!” Sean cursed, and I watched as cum began to erupt from his dick. The first rope shot into my hair, the next landed on my forehead and stretched down my face almost to my chin, some of it falling onto my tongue. Another rocketed against one of my closed eyes, and a final glob landed directly on my tongue and began sliding to the back of my throat when I swallowed it.

Sean was still hard when I managed to open one of my eyes, and I was pretty sure he would stay that way without much work on my part.

“Do you have any condoms,” I asked, wiping Sean’s stuff from my eye. I would have brought some, but wasn’t really anticipating my vagina taking over. I had been on the pill for months at this point, but still wanted to be careful.

“Wait here,” he said. Leaving the room butt naked, and returning with one in hand. “Borrowed it from my dad’s room.” He said smiling. I smiled at the word “borrowed.” I guess there is no sanctity in one’s own parent’s room when sex is involved.

“Your turn to make me cum and I don’t want you accidentally exploding in my pussy. Give me that,” I said indicating at the condom. I looked at it for a second then noticed. Fuck. It was expired.

I really should have stopped it right there. Maybe told him to go see if there was one not expired. But the vagina brain took over again. I reasoned that I was already protected by the pill and that the condom was unlikely to be faulty despite it being expired. Sooooo, I ignored it, unwrapped the condom and rolled it onto his dick.

“This is crazy . . . I’m about to have sex with the hottest girl in the neighbourhood.”

I sat on his bed and laid back, facing him with my naked body and began playing with my tits. “Are you ready to fuck me?” I asked. “Are you ready to be inside me, Sean?”

Moving to the end of the bed, Sean took my ankles and lifted them into the air.

“Fuck me. I need it.”

With a grunt, Sean pushed in, and he easily slid into me all the way. My ankles were draped over his shoulders and the backs of my thighs rested against his chest and stomach as he began to hump me.

“Oh god, that’s so good.” I groaned, rubbing my clit as he pistoned his fuck-stick inside of me, “fuck me, I need to cum so bad.”

Sean reached down and grabbed two handfuls of my breasts as he thrust into me. I was so turned on by the situation that I was on the edge very quickly.

“Harder . . . Sean. Yes. Oh god. I can feel you inside of me. Harder! Oh shit. I’m cumming . . . Sean . . . OH MY GODDDD!”

My orgasm had pushed Sean to the brink too, even though he had just cum. I watched him as he took his cock out of me, the condom still miraculously intact. He stepped back, and quickly pulled the condom off, then aimed his cock at my face again.

“Nnungh!” Sean grunted, repainting my face with the cum still left in his balls. There wasn’t as much spunk this time, but looking at Sean’s face, his orgasm looked even more intense the second time around.

“Jeezus Christ!” Sean rasped when he had finished.

I smiled, completely covered in Sean’s sperm, then circled my tongue around my lips, gathering what cum I could into my mouth and swallowing as Sean gaped at me.

So engrossed were Sean and I in the endeavour that we did not hear when Sean’s parents had returned early. Nor did we hear Sean’s mother open his bedroom door, as he unleashed his baby batter on my face for the second time that night. I did, however “, notice the absolute look of horror on her face when she screamed bloody murder.

“SEAN!?!” she shrieked.

There was I, the girl from down the street, on my knees and holding her son’s softening cock in my hand. His cum splattered all over my hair and face and tits.

“Oh shit, mom!” Sean exclaimed!


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