Sex with a nun while visiting Italy for a work trip and stayed in a hostel. She had an amazing body and great skill!

I got chosen to go on a business trip to go Italy as a part of settling some sort of business deal and due to the fact I could speak Italian I was mandatory to join. Office work is mundane, so of course accepted.

I was supposed to be staying in a hotel with the rest of my co-workers in Italy on the trip but due to not being enough rooms I had to go to a hostel. I was dreading being put in some run-down one-star shack but It seemed like a nice place, fortunately.

Due to the people running the hostel understanding the situation I managed to be lucky to get a rather private room. I was only staying for a few days at the hostel and then I was back in the hotel with my other coworkers. The people who were running the place, an older couple and their family, explained that I was on the second floor and that for the first night, I was going to be alone in the room which I was rather relieved about. Although I am very perverted, after flying across the Atlantic for 14 hours I was pretty exhausted.

So I arrived at the hostel late at night with all my luggage and luckily the hotel where everyone else was staying was only around a 30-minute walk away so overall it wasn’t too bad. The place was old but in a cozy charming sort of way. Everything was well kept and the conditions were really good.

I got to my room which contained 2 single beds – and a nice window overlooking the city alongside a few paintings. I managed to have a quiet shower in the public bathroom and went straight to bed after unpacking all my luggage.

The next day I was up early and joined the rest of my coworkers and basically spent the next 6 hours straight in meetings and conferences with only a brief lunch break. So by the end of it, I was rather worn out. I managed to get away early and decided to go and visit the city with a few of my other coworkers. It was a particularly nice day as well and we were close to a beach.

I arrived back at the hostel to get changed and the older woman informed me that I would be sharing a room with another person but that they wouldn’t be much bother. I walked up the stairs and heard a lot of noise in the room next to mine – much more noise than there had been the previous night.

So I got in my room and it was still only me in there – at least I thought. I began to get changed into something more suited to the climate and the beach than my work clothes. Then I heard the door open. I turned to see who it was and (to my shock) a nun. She was wearing the typical nun attire with the black robe and a crucifix around her neck and holding a bible in her hand. She blushed nervously as she entered and apologised for intruding so suddenly.

Compared to her, all I was wearing was a crop top and some ripped denim shorts. She had a very pretty face, high cheekbones, smooth palish skin and very clear blue eyes. I smiled and went to greet her and said that there was no need to apologise.

She explained that she was visiting with the rest of her abbey and that they were in the room next to ours. Which explained all the noise. She introduced herself as Sophia and we had a quick friendly chat but I had to go and meet with the rest of my group and had to leave rather suddenly. I was fortunate I could understand her as she spoke a little English but mainly spoke Italian.

I immediately found myself being attracted towards her. A mix of the taboo of her being a nun and just how pretty she was. I couldn’t help but imagine what the rest of her body looked like as I walked to meet up with my coworkers but as I tried to push the thoughts out of my head they kept creeping back in. Throughout the time I was out, I kept trying to distract myself and it somewhat worked as I did some sightseeing and went around and had some food and a couple of drinks at the bars. But as I walked back to the hostel the thought kept returning to my head.

It was late and I entered my room to find her reading and studying by her bed. She jumped up as I entered. We both stared a while at each other and began talking again. I asked about why she chose to become a nun and she explained the choice came naturally to her as she was raised in a highly religious community throughout her life. I also shared that I too was raised religiously but had ultimately fallen out with faith and to my surprise she seemed okay with it although she warned me not to voice that opinion too loudly with some of the older sisters next door. It was a nice surprise to find that she wasn’t the type to force religion onto others.

As she sat on the bed and moved around in her robe I could tell that the rest of her body was just as beautiful as her face. The robe she wore hugged her figure quite well but still hid her features. She then told me she had to go join the sisters but would be back. She left the room and as she did I couldn’t help but notice the way her ass pressed against her robe.

I decided to read for a while – try and take my mind off her. It was late into the night until she returned. I was in the shower when I heard someone enter. I heard her talking and as she entered and instantly recognised it as her. She entered the stall next to mine. Humming as she washed, she began to speak to me. I could barely keep the conversation with her as I began to lightly feel my pussy. Pressing my back against the wall of the stall, I began to masturbate. The sounds of her washing her wet body turned me on – the thought of her nude just right next to me drove me crazy. Covering my mouth and biting my lip, I had to exit the stall before she heard.

I left the bathroom with the towel wrapped around me in a hot flush. I sat in the room and dried myself off. She entered the room soon after – fully clothed and dry. Staring at me in my towel and wet hair, she blushed. She stood in front of me and stared at me in my towel. And she said “You’ve been gifted an amazing body from god”. I didn’t know what to say. Was she coming into me? 

“I believe I too have also been gifted physically and that is why I worship and thank him”.

Definitely agree with her there. I then asked if it ever got difficult constantly wearing the robe. She responded: “It’s rather freeing not having to constantly think about what you are going to wear next or worry about how you shall be judge. And there are no particular rules about what you have to wear underneath”.

After talking for awhile she said goodnight and began to pray by her bed. I then turned over and tried to fall asleep. But I simply pretended. I couldn’t, hearing the sound of her changing, her clothes falling to the ground. I wanted to turn and look more than anything. To see what she looked like underneath. But I knew I couldn’t so i simply waited until she had changed and eventually fell asleep myself.

I woke up far too early in the morning with my head feeling rather heavy and I was still half asleep. I turned over to look and she was lying in her bed. It was still dark but there was enough light in the room to see. I peeked and saw that she was wearing a nightgown. Her skin looked so soft and she had tied up her seemingly long hair. It was a natural light blonde colour. Her hair made her look as if she was an angel herself. It admittedly turned me onto her even more. Her long natural blonde hair complimented the rest of her body perfectly. Although I couldn’t make out truly what the rest of what she looked like due to the bed covering most of her body. Staring at her, I fell asleep again.

I woke up with my panties I had worn wet and she had seemingly already left the hostel. Also needing to leave, yet again I got ready and went to work. I quickly threw on some work clothes when I noticed a note on her desk. It read “I have gone out with the sisters to local holy sites and will be back later – please feel free to help yourself to some leftover breakfast” I went downstairs and saw a plate of scones. One of the owners told me one of the sisters had left them for me. I went off to work after eating.

Later in the evening, I was alone in the hostel room when Sophia entered. It had gotten dark but I had lit a candle in the room. She greeted me and explained that the rest of the nuns went to a local cathedral but Sophia said to the nuns she had better head back to the hostel.

Her robes seemed tight against her body. She recognised that I was tired after a long day at work. She sat on the bed beside me and rested her hand on my bare thigh. When she did that, a hot rush came over me. I felt myself blushing and noticed she too was. With her hand on my thigh, I began to complain about my day and about being stuck in meetings. As I spoke, she began to lean in closer saying “That sounds awful – perhaps I can do something to help relieve some of your anxiety” as she said began to stroke my thigh with her fingers.

We were now staring into each other’s eyes. I felt my nipples poking through my shirt. As we stared the hostel was dead quiet. At this point, we were perhaps the only people awake. I leaned in closer and we stopped speaking. My hand fell on her inner lap. I leaned into a kiss and our lips connected. They were so soft and warm. I felt the hotness of her breath. I felt my heart beating so intensely that I had to put my hand over it. My hand rubbed her cheek.

I pushed away “I am sorry,” I said “I know you are sworn to celibacy”. I began to feel myself stammer but as I opened my eyes she stared back with kindness in her eyes and a smile across her face. With her hands around the back of my neck, she simply responded with “If God truly has forbidden these acts then why did he make them so pleasurable? It is only natural to us humans. To deny this would be going against what makes us human”. As soon as those words escaped her lips I felt as though all that was wrong with what I was thinking and doing disappeared in an instant. She was right.

I leaned to kiss her again and this time there was no restraint. She guided my hand towards her breasts. I began to grope them through her robe. They felt perfect. Even more so than mine. Our moans grew louder as we kissed. Our breath grew hotter. Although it was dark the moonlight came in from the window and the candle illuminated the darkness. I took off my top and continued to taste her lips and feel her body. Her hands grabbed and groped my ass as we made out. Passionately kissing me at every opportunity.

She began to pull off my shorts. Her hand drifted towards my pussy and began to finger it. My hands now went up her robe towards her inner thigh. I brushed against her underwear as I felt her body. She lay on top of me and began lowering herself towards my pussy. Kissing my body and fondling my tits as she slowly got closer towards it. She kissed down the centre of my abdomen and felt my ass and hips as she began to lick my clean-shaven pussy. She was skilled. Lightly tracing and teasing me as she ate me out. She spread my labia and began to kiss and lick me. Even playing with my clit as she did so. It was an oral pleasure. Her wet mouth on my pussy made me leak uncontrollably.

She stood up and began to remove her clothes. She first started by unbuttoning and removing her skirt, making sure to bend over as she did. After her cape and the rest of her blouse. Then she removed her cap and veil and shook her hair free. Her blonde hair looked magical as it was freed. She stood before me now in a full set of black lingerie. Her bra covered the full cup of her breasts with a crucifix rosary, which flowed around her neck, hanging perfectly above them. Her nipples poked through and were slightly visible through the bra. The stocking she was wearing also highly complimented her ass and thighs. She looked amazing.

She walked back over to me and leaned in and I wrapped my hands around her ass. It was so firm yet so soft. She began to kiss my neck and I started feeling her ass with both of my hands. Each palm of my hand was full with each cheek. I squeezed it up and down and gave it a little slap. She moaned. Slapping again but harder, she moaned even more. I stared up at her and she immediately bit her lip. Then I pushed her off me and onto the bed. I felt her pussy through her wet panties.

As we made out she slid her panties off. Her pussy wasn’t clean-shaven like mine but she obviously kept it in good condition. It somehow made her pussy even hotter. I slid my fingers inside and began to finger fuck her. With each thrust, she buckled her hips and worked them onto my finger. She started to join me and began to finger mine at the same time. We sat on the bed fingering each other whilst kissing and moaning. We were in an ocean of ecstasy and pleasure.

She stood up and undid her bra, releasing her amazing pair of breasts. I began to suck on her tits as she fingered me. They were big yet perky and whenever I played with her nipples she seemed to go crazy. She grabbed me by my hair and started to aggressively kiss me before she lowered me down towards her pussy and pressed me in towards it. I continued to grab her tits as I licked and sucked on her clit. Pulling on my hair as she did. She tasted so good it made me want to constantly eat her out. Her legs began to shake and I knew that she was on the edge of orgasm. She quivered and moaned as she orgasmed. Her legs and toes curling. She exhaled and laid back on the bed.

Her juices were all over my face and I leaned in to kiss her. Feeling her body as she began grinding against me as our lips connected. I stared at her and really admired how beautiful she truly was. Her legs now wrapped around me as we kissed I pressed my pussy against hers and we began grinding. Our pussies rubbed together. Her hand then slowly made its way down my body and she rubbed her fingers against my pussy. As if she was asking for entrance. She inserted both fingers and began to finger me as we made out. My gasps and moans grew again. Each time she fingered me she got more vigorous and passionate. I continuously stared into her eyes. The pleasure got so intense I pushed away and squirted. And I fell backwards onto the bed.

For the next few hours, I lay with her spooning and kissing. Tracing her body and feeling her. We fell asleep together. When we awoke the sunlight was making its way into the room. She got herself up and began putting her bra and panties back on. I kissed her as she put her clothes back on. Then eventually she was back in her nun robes. Hiding how pretty she was. I said how it was a shame not many would see exactly how beautiful she was but she said that it made our time together much more special.

It was my last day in the hostel. I prepared all of my luggage to move into the hotel. As I did, I made sure to visit Sophia one last time and gave her my number as a way of contacting me. The rest of my time there was good although I missed her throughout the rest of my stay.


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