Roommate stole my panties and I caught him. We had a sexual relationship until my other roommate stole him away.

Back when I was in college, I lived with two other people, a guy and a girl. All three of us had a pretty good chemistry between us. We were just roommates so there wasn’t much going on there. All of us worked our own jobs as well as went to school so we were rarely home together.

A little about myself. I’m about 5’4″, 130lbs, larger than average ass, and about average boobs, blonde hair but I’m not sure how important that is. I was 20 when this story takes place.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this story begins. One night after arriving back home from work, I was walking to my room when I saw my male roommate (we’ll call him “M”) open his door to leave his room. He saw me, and then he immediately turned around and went back to his room.

Me: “Something wrong, buddy?”

M: “No.”

I pretty much disregarded what I saw at this point but later on, I would find this particular event suspicious. Later on, once he walked in on me sleeping in my room. This wouldn’t have been weird if he had a reason to come in. But instead, he turned around and walked out after seeing me “sleeping”. At the time I figured he probably needed something but didn’t want to bother me sleeping. But again, I didn’t have a reason to be suspicious at that point.

So far you’d probably think M is a huge creep. But he didn’t come off that way if you knew him. M was 21 at the time of this story, about 5’11”. He had a good build, skinny but not scrawny if that makes sense. Brown hair, good looking. As I said, seems like a creep in the story so far but still an alright guy. Anyway, back to it.

One day I noticed some of my underwear was definitely missing. Just some plain black panties but it was unmistakable because I only had one like that. I figured I was going crazy until I saw them in my drawer the next day at the bottom of the stack. This is when I became suspicious. I wasn’t certain about anything but since I was home alone at the moment I decided to investigate M’s room. Maybe I would find that he stole my other roommate’s panties as well. Well now that the tables have turned, M caught me walking out of his room.

M: “Hey you need something?”

Me: “Oh I was just looking all over for something of mine but I didn’t find it. I just didn’t know where else to look.”

M: “Oh okay well I’ll let you know if I find something of yours in my room.”

That was that but I wasn’t quite ready to give up on the fact that M was masturbating with my underwear. After that I decided to keep a keen eye on all my underwear, placement, order, and all that. But nothing went out of place for weeks. After losing interest in the situation, my other roommate (we’ll call her F) asked me a question.

F: “Hey, have you been borrowing some of my underwear by chance? I just think I’m going crazy because they’re not always in the same place that I thought I left them.”

Me: “No, I would definitely tell you if I was. But for now I think I’m good. Maybe you’re just too stressed about finals?”

Finals were indeed coming up.

F: “Yeah, maybe that’s it… well, thanks anyway.”

After this, I definitely knew something was up. I had doubts but I was pretty sure I knew what was going on. M stopped stealing my panties after he caught me in his room and that’s why they stopped moving but he started going after F’s. So I started trying to figure out how to catch him if that really was the case.

F was going back home for a break but M and I were staying at our place. The day before she left, I stole some one of her panties. Once she was gone I put them in our shared bathroom in plain sight and then I left for work. Upon coming home I saw them in the same place… but it looked like they could’ve been moved. A valiant attempt at hiding the evidence but I caught the panty stealer.

The next day M and I both had work.

Me: “Hey what time do you work ’till today?”

M: “Oh until about 6 pm.”

Me: “Oh nice, I work until around 7 so I’ll see you after then.”

We made plans for me to grab a pizza on the way home but none of that matters because I wasn’t off at 7. I was off much earlier but I was planning on walking in on him in the act. Knowing that if he was actively using his roommate’s panties for pleasure he would see the opportunity and take it. I knew it took him about 10 minutes to get home from work so I planned on getting home just after that.

The time came and when I pulled up I saw his car parked out front.

“Perfect,” I thought to myself

I quietly made my way into the house hoping he wouldn’t hear me. I took a look in the bathroom and there was an absence of panties. Well that confirmed it, did I really want to confront the panty thief? I got everything I wanted. Well… did I?

I headed down the hallway towards his door. Turned the doorknob and pushed it, and I found exactly what I thought I would see. M was naked holding F’s panties around his dick. He looked at me with an expression that meant that he had no idea how to respond.

M: “Don’t say anything please I’ll-“

Me: “The fact that you knew that they were F’s panties and not mine when you picked them up off the bathroom floor is the funniest part.”

M: “I mean-“

Me : “Don’t worry about it.”

After scaring my roommate half to death I figured the best way to resolve this situation was the way that would result in the most winners. I walked towards him. Took F’s panties and I got on my knees and began licking the head of his penis. Something I didn’t mention before is that when I started to notice that my panties weren’t just going missing but that they were being taken I started to get horny. Not that I always found M super sexually appealing but the situation turned me on quite a bit.

M’s penis was bigger than I expected. It was maybe between 7 and 8 inches and it was considerably girthy which made it a little challenging to take the whole thing. M didn’t say a word this whole time, he must’ve been more shocked than when I walked in. I was determined to deepthroat him but with my limited experience it was proving to be difficult. Despite the difficulties I faced I was still becoming extremely horny.

After a while of sucking his dick I got up and started to strip right in front of him. I think he was still shocked. He didn’t say anything until I turned around to give him a full frontal view and he said “Holy shit”. As much as I wanted his dick in my mouth, I needed it in other places

I told him to get up while I positioned myself on his bed, face down, ready for him to take me from behind. He didn’t need anymore hints as he got behind me and slipped inside of me. His dick felt amazing inside of me, absolutely breathtaking, exactly what I needed after weeks of mystery panty disappearances. After much moaning on both sides I finally felt the need to get more details.

Me: “Why did you stop stealing my panties?”

M: “Because I thought you might catch on.”

Me: “So you started stealing from F?”

M: “Well yeah, she didn’t catch on did she?”

Me: “She asked me about it but I lead her off the trail. And then I planted her panties in the bathroom.”

M: “You sick bastard”

Me: “Well if I’m not home then feel free to use mine… and don’t worry about making a mess either.”

M: “And if you are home?”

Me: “Then you better not be wasting your load in my panties where they won’t be appreciated… speaking of which…”

By this time we had been having sex for maybe 10 minutes, I’m not exactly sure. I was anxiously awaiting his load but I could feel myself coming close to orgasm.

Me: “You have to be close, right?”

M: “Sure am… is it alright if I-“

Me: “Jesus Christ yes please”

And a few moments later I felt him unloading his warm cum inside of me but not without an intense orgasm of my own. All these feelings washed over me at the same time and I felt so fulfilled. I lay there with his cum slowly coming out of me, exhausted but feeling so satisfied.

That wasn’t the last time we had sex. We got together as much as we could during the break. When F came back it was kind of hard to do anything because we weren’t sure how we felt about her finding out.

M and I fucked several times over the break until F came back. We had free range over the place so we would do it all over. His bed, my bed, the living room, the kitchen, you name it. 

Now don’t get the wrong idea, we weren’t having sex multiple times a day. Maybe once a day for a few days straight if we were lucky. We still had other obligations but those aren’t important to this story. F told us that she was coming back in the afternoon one day so we had sex one last time in freedom before we would have to sneak around her. 

The main issue wasn’t that we didn’t want to have a threesome or that we were catching feelings. It was just that we didn’t want her to feel weird in her own home and we were relying on her to help us pay rent.

Now that F was back, M was back to choking his own chicken but with the newfound freedom of my panties. On a couple of occasions, I would dress myself in the morning to find out almost immediately that they were used to pleasure him the day before but this didn’t bother me. They were slightly damp, he wiped them after blowing his load. One time, I did find an entire load in my panties and I had them for a snack. Our actual sex life with each other during this period was extremely limited because we tried to play it safe so it ended up only being the occasional 3am blowjob.

One day I headed to class only to find out that it had been cancelled so I headed back home and I texted M.

Me: “Hey you don’t have class today right? Are you at work?”

M: “No, why?”

Me: “So you’re at home?”

M: “Yes”

So I got back home and found M, I explained the situation. Realizing we had probably two hours before F got home so we got to business.

M’s pants flew off and my lips immediately wrapped around his dick. M always told me that I gave the best blowjobs but I assured him that it was because he had the best dick. M’s dick was between 7 and 8 inches, had a pretty good amount of girth, and it also had a slight curve up which made missionary a heavenly position. 

I said before that I had a hard time deepthroating him but now I was getting the hang of it, it wasn’t something I could just do easily but definitely doable after working up to it. From all the blowjobs I was giving, M also developed a skill, he learned how to put my hair into ponytails pretty effectively (for a man lol). It helped to keep my hair out of my face but he mostly liked to do it to tug on my hair during doggy.

For anyone wondering if he ever went down on me, we tried it but he wasn’t really into it/experienced and I was just really into giving blowjobs so it worked out.

I took my lips off his dick and started stroking him.

Me: “So I saw you left me a little snack recently.”

M: “Haha sorry, hope you enjoyed it though”

Me: “I did but let’s try to make sure that all of it goes directly into my mouth more often, yeah?”

He agreed and I stripped out of my clothes and he mounted me from behind and tugged on my hair. I was on the pill so we went unprotected, we did talk about tests after our first time. His big dick felt so amazing inside me, this was the first time in a few weeks that we were able to do this. Honestly, I was starting to catch feelings for M, we just worked so well together sexually that it started to convince me that I wanted him in every way possible.

Me: “M your dick feels so amazing but it would feel even better if you flipped me over and pounded me that way instead, please?”

Without saying a word he pulled out and I got on my back. He got back inside me and he instantly started pushing me over the edge, I started moaning and soon enough I would be cumming. I was completely submitting to him. He was dominating me and it was perfect.

M: “I’m gonna cum soonish”

Me: “In my mouth please?”

He agreed and so he pulled out, I started to bring myself up slowly to get to his dick but an unwanted visitor walked into the room.

F: “Oh my god wow, I have so many questions”

Me: “Jesus I’m so sor-“

M: “Holy shit I’m gonna cum”

I don’t know what was going through M’s head but so much was going on at once I don’t really blame him for not thinking straight.

F started to walk towards M.

Me: “Ummm…”

F wrapped her lips around M’s dick and I watched M unload inside her mouth. I watched in disappointment.

After this happened I noticed my panties disappearing less and I often came home to them having sex, I tried joining a few times but it just didn’t really work out. M and I had sex less than half a dozen more times before him and F became exclusive. 

Now don’t get the wrong idea, a lot of ideas were floated around between us because of our weird situation (now that I’m thinking about it, not that weird) but I told them that it was best for them to not worry about me and that they should just focus on each other.

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