My boyfriend shared me for the new year with his friend who was sharing the room with us.

We decided to celebrate the new year at a party at a friend’s place. Both his and my family live very far away and we had already spent Christmas there.

The party was great, except I drank a bit more than I had hoped to. I was supposed to drive (my boyfriend was drunk), but it was soon clear I wouldn’t be able to. No problem, we would simply spend the night there.

Except we wanted to have sex. Really, bad. It’s quite cold out here and while we thought about doing it in the car, it just wasn’t an option.

The other problem was that the party was in a condo and there were very few places to sleep. A couple already picked the living room couch. The host had met a cute blonde for the night. The last remaining room, well, there was already someone there.

We could have used the bathroom to fuck, and we might have. There has been no other choice, but it’s kind of narrow. Even the shower barely fits one person. Ugh.

After debating our options for a while, we decided to go into the room that already had one guy sleeping there. It was pretty much our only option. He was sleeping in some kind of sleeping bag, we used the inflatable bed we had brought. Narrow, but good enough.

Of course, we were only a foot or so away from him.

We tried to be as quiet as we could, but there is a limit to how quiet you can be fucking.

My boyfriend got hard almost as soon as I removed his boxers: he needed this badly. I got on top of it and although I thought the room was dark, now that my eyes were used to the darkness, I could see that the curtains barely blocked the moonlight at all and that our silhouettes were very visible.

As for the guy, we thought he was sleeping, but he wasn’t. He was a friend of my boyfriend, but not someone he was super close to. Not a particularly bad-looking guy, although I couldn’t tell, given I could only see the contour of his body.

What I could see, however, is that he was masturbating.

It really made no mistake. I don’t know if he was trying to be quiet, but you could hear him fapping to the sounds of us fucking. I immediately got off my boyfriend, fearing I might be bothering the person we shared the room with. How impolite of me.

But my boyfriend wasn’t going to let go. He stood up a bit, then bent me over, and started fucking me doggy style. Fucking me that way, there were no longer any sheets covering either of us. Plus, we were even closer to him, almost next to him. The friend kept masturbating and this time it REALLY turned me on.

It turned me on too much.

“Should we invite him to join us?”

“I think you should go warm him up for a while. It’s really cold tonight.”

I almost came right as he said that. But when he added what he said next, I totally lost it.

“I want you to come with your pussy full of his cum.”

I completely lost it and orgasmed, moaning so loud even people in the living room must have heard me. He kept fucking me, slapped my ass, and called me a slut.

I looked at the other guy: my eyes were really used to the darkness now and I could see his face. He had been in the room for a while; so THIS is what he must have been joking.

“May I?”

As a response, he only pulled the covers, revealing his rock-hard dick. It was longer than my boyfriend’s but slightly narrower. My boyfriend and had always had that kind of fantasy – sharing, threesome, free use, exchange, etc. – but we never really acted on it, although I always wanted to. But we always wanted to. In fact, it had been three years since a dick other than my boyfriend’s had penetrated me.

But new year, new resolutions. I traipsed over to his bed, my pussy leaking my juice, and got on top of him. He guided his dick inside me, and I started riding him. In the heat of the moment, didn’t even think about condoms (am on a pill, bf is clean). I was just too much in it.

He kept saying “Nice tight pussy” and grabbing my hips, he moaned as I rode him, I kept imagining how he would come in me while my boyfriend looked and how hot it was, and I lost it again.

I don’t know if it’s because I was fucking another guy and how hot it was, or because his dick was better, or because I was fulfilling one of my most exciting fantasies, but I came within a minute of riding him.

I moaned even louder this time, loud enough to wake people and I temporarily felt bad about it, until I realized they must have been doing the same thing anyway. He grabbed my hips and stopped me from moving, and then told me he was cumming.

Finally, he felt limp. I jumped back to my boyfriend, who was even harder it seemed. “Come, come, come.” Some of his friend’s cum started dripping on his belly and it almost drove him mad with lust, he grabbed my ass and forced my cunt to take his dick. He started fucking me, his friend’s cum acting as a lubricant, and came in under 30 seconds. I had never had my boyfriend this hard, and for the first time since we met, he moaned aloud as he filled my cunt with his load. It was so hot seeing my boyfriend like that that I had a third orgasm.

I started to hug him, and we cuddled for a while. I don’t even remember falling asleep, I was so blissful.

When I woke up the next day, my boyfriend was gone. His friend was still there, looking at me with a smirk. “He’s taking a shower,” he said. “May I?”

As I had just woken up, I was a bit confused by what he meant, until I noticed just how hard he was. I touched my pussy and noticed dried cum, and then what I did last night came back to mind, and I spend my pussy open. He fucked me hard, biting and really using me, until he came in me.

Boyfriend came back, towel around his waist, to see me half spread up, a few bite marks, and pussy leaking with his friend’s cum.

“Did you…”

He got hard in a few seconds, and we had sex again while his friend watched. He barely managed a few dozen of thrusts until he lost it, and while I usually take a long time to come, I imagined his cum mixing with his friend’s, and lost it completely, orgasming as he pushed his cum in me, his sperm competing with his friend’s to go deeper in my cunt.

As a last courtesy, he had me clean him up (“I just showered, I don’t want to be shower again”), licking my juices and his cum from his dick. Then of course he had the courtesy to have me clean his friend. Of course, I got horny again, and me sucking his friend let us to fucking again, doggy style this time.

His Friend had me dress us without cleaning myself, “as whores do”, and I drove the way home that way. Barely could hide my sore pussy with my jeans, but hey, everyone was hangover after the party.

My boyfriend of course knew what I had done and couldn’t wait until we were home to fuck me again. I’d say he was hard the entire drive there, and that I made sure he remained that way. “I still feel his cum dripping out,” I said as I touched him over his pants.

We fucked like crazy, him “reclaiming” me, and only then was I allowed to shower. It was the hottest thing I ever did and I cannot wait to do it again.

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