Free Use Backup Fuck For My Friend

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I was the free use backup fuck for my friend when his dates goes bad. He fucked me every time he had a bad date.

At the end of last year, I got out of a ten-year relationship and started having fun instead. A lot of fun. Until then my sex life had been fucking dull and now I’m making up for lost time!

Around the same time as I started my new journey one of my guy friends found himself single too. At the time we were both too firmly friend-zoned to think about doing anything with each other but we agreed we should chat regularly about the single life and generally help each other out in the new world of dating and having fun.

He was a bit tentative at first but I threw myself into it. Tinder makes things so fucking easy. I was going on two dates a week minimum and when I say dates I mean hookups with a drink! I was and still am having a lot of fun discovering how amazing and liberating casual sex can be.

He wasn’t being quite so lucky. He’s a decent enough-looking guy but I think a guy on Tinder probably has it a lot harder than a girl, and he was only managing roughly 1 date for every 5 or so of mine. And he definitely wasn’t getting lucky on all of them!

After a while of this, we had one of our catchups and he told me he was feeling pretty down about the whole thing. He was genuinely pleased with how much fun I was having but admitted being jealous of how easy I was finding it. I told him I had lots of bad Tinder dates too and plenty of rejections. I just swipe right a LOT and focus on the hits! And then I joked that next time he had a crap date he should just call me instead and I’d sort him out. We laughed and that was that.

About a week later I got a phone call “I’ve just had the worst date EVER. Can I come over I need to RANT!” and he came round clearly straight from the date as he was still dressed in his ‘date night’ clothes.

He explained in horrible detail how shit the date had been – that she’d been practically silent, boring as fuck and despite the early chat not one for putting out. He was mostly annoyed about the last part and he even showed me their messages leading up to the date which definitely made it sound like sex was a dead certainty.

So he was frustrated and horny and looking good. And then he reminded me I’d told him when he had a bad date I could ‘sort him out’. We laughed but I could see he definitely meant it. He knew how much casual sex I was having and was obviously wanting to see if I’d be VERY casual about it!

I asked him straight up if he wanted a sympathy fuck. He said no, definitely not. He wanted a FRUSTRATION fuck! Tbh it sounded kinda fun!

He didn’t wait for a reply. He got his dick out right there on my sofa. Turns out my friend was packing! He asked again if I would ‘sort him out’. I tried not to look too excited when I said ‘ok sure’!

I sat beside him on the sofa and started to stroke his dick and he grabbed and squeezed my nipples through my top. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and started firmly guiding me towards his cock. I was gonna make a comment but I was kind of impressed by how direct he was being and I’ve learned to love a guy taking charge!

I wrapped my lips around his dick and was about to start my blowjob routine when he grabbed my hair tightly and started just thrusting into my mouth. The suddenness caught me by surprise and the drool was immediate. He commented he liked it sloppy and told me to just tug his balls if I wanted a break.

And without another word he facefucked me. Holding me by the hair and just pounding my mouth. I tugged his balls to get a decent breath of air and in the brief break he told me thanks, this was exactly what he needed with a big genuine smile. Then got straight back to fucking my face.

He came quickly. I swallowed. When I finally slid off his cock I must have looked a bit of a saliva-covered mess but he smiled his normal lovely smile and said ‘Thanks for that. It’s exactly what I needed. Hope you enjoyed it too!’

And weirdly I had! It’s difficult to describe why it was fun, especially considering I didn’t get anything other than some nipple squeezing. But the thrill had been huge. And it was a nice dick!

Afterwards, we went back to chatting like normal friends and like nothing had happened. When he left he asked if I’d be willing to maybe ‘sort him out’ again. I told him I would.

The next time was around two weeks later. I had another message that said ‘Bad date! Can I come round?’

This time was different. He was into her but she hadn’t been into him. He went on and on about how hot she was and got pretty graphic about what he wanted to do with her. Then having clearly wound himself up he asked if I’d help sort him out again.

It started the same as last time with him basically skullfucking me on my sofa. But this time during one of the breath breaks I asked him if this is all he’d have been doing to her if he’d brought her home. He said no of course not. So I said why doesn’t he do everything he was going to do…

Soon he was fucking me from behind while I was bent over the sofa. We even kept talking about her while he banged out his frustration. His dick felt amazing. I finished before him and when he was about to cum I looked back and saw he had his eyes closed. After we finished I asked him if he’d been thinking of her. He admitted he had and asked if that was alright.

Weirdly, it was!

I’ll get a message out of the blue either saying he’s had a shit date or just straight up asking to come over. We’re nice normal regular friends 90% of the time but when he’s over and frustrated we turn into different people. He’s suddenly a frustrated dom who’ll fuck me senseless and I’ll be whoever his disappointing date was. Or sometimes not even that. Sometimes I’m just a means to make him cum, not a person at all.

And I weirdly love it.


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