Cheating with younger colleague and getting fucked in my ass after my husband made some misogynistic comments.

I am a 34-year-old woman, a mother of 4 (the last two are twins) and married. Back then I was what to be considered a very attractive woman, a genetic lottery winner. I was (still am supposed) very photogenic, I was also an athlete and even a semi-professional. With a very tight and fit body. A body I was very proud of and worked hard to achieve. My chest has always been on the larger side, but they were always pointy and firm.

When I was 24 me and my husband had our first child. A beautiful baby daughter, my body started to decline one could say. I got stretch marks, breastfeeding paid its due. When I had our last two children I felt like I was completely ruined. My body was so out of shape, twin pregnancies are also brutal. I had stretch marks everywhere, my skin was loose, and my boobs got very soggy. I managed to lose all my pregnancy weight but my body was far from what it once was. It was no longer as tight or smooth as it once was and it took a big toll on me.

Yeah I know, it’s amazing what the body can do and be proud over your stripes yada yada. It’s one thing to say and another thing to think about it. It’s harder especially since women get judged by their looks every single day, everywhere. Even in professional settings, looks matter sadly.

I have always been a very sexual person, with a high sex drive. Sex has always been something I enjoy, it gives me energy, self-esteem and just general pleasure. I and my husband used to have regular sex, 3-4 times a week. It’s something we prioritised and it helps me a lot. If I go too long without sex, I get frustrated. When the twins were younger we dropped sex to like 1-2 times a week and it was brutal.

A couple of weeks ago when I was shopping, a cashier in his early 20’s clearly looked me up. He even asked me for my number. I showed him my wedding ring but I was flattered. I felt a good feeling in my stomach and felt jitters all day until I came home. When I did come home we sort the kids and me and my husband went to bed and had sex. As we were done I told him about my encounter with the cashier and how I still got it in me. His reaction was not what I expected.

He laughed at me and said, “Well, yeah he saw your face. If he saw you naked with those marks and boobs he’d be singing a different tune”. I don’t think he meant to be mean but it was worse than a bitch slap to my face. Suddenly I felt cold, more naked and exposed than I’ve ever felt with my husband.

I didn’t say anything in reply, I just went quiet and turned around and fell asleep quickly. The morning after I felt sick to my stomach. Every time I looked at my husband I felt like a knife in my guts. I could not concentrate at work, my entire world had literally fallen apart by that comment. My husband was not big on words of confirmation. But I never in a world would have guessed that’s what he truly felt and thought about me. I barely spoke to him that evening. When I for the first time in forever told him I didn’t want to have sex, he asked me why.

I told him about his comment yesterday and how it made me feel. And that I could not have sex with him when I knew he was disgusted with me. He tried to say that he was just being honest. And that all women’s prime was before the age of 30, it’s just a natural progression. It shocked me even more, I didn’t know my husband had such misogynistic views.

We started a fight right there and then, it ended with him sleeping on the couch. I was truly devastated, I didn’t know what to think or do.

Now I suppose what happened would not have happened if it wasn’t for my husband’s comment, but it is what it is. Two days after what happened I was going away overnight to a conference with a colleague. But the day before she fell and broke her bone, which means she could not come. My boss told me if I could not bring “Jeff” with me as a replacement.

Let me tell you about Jeff. He is a new recruit in my office, he started in March and he is 20 years old. My boss thought this would be a good way for him to get some work experience. Now Jeff is very young. He is a nice kid but has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. Often it’s harmless but sometimes annoying, to his credit he has always apologized, and he is always very helpful. He always shares his sexual experiences with everyone. You can tell most of it if not all are lies or romanticised truths.

In our office we have a small toilet next to our coffee room. It’s wall to wall and you can hear pretty much anything being said in the coffee room. I was sitting on the toilet doing toilet stuff and sorting my makeup since I’ve been crying due to my situation with my husband when I heard Jeff and another co-work talk by our coffee machine.

“So you’re going to the conference with Emily” said the other co-worke. Jeff’s response kinda shocked me. He didn’t hesitate or kept his voice down as he said, “Hell yeah good opportunity and I’d be going with the hottest piece of ass in the office”! He said it in a genuinely excited voice. Normally I would just roll my eyes and maybe tell him that the walls are thin. But this time I felt excitement, and due to the situation, I found myself smiling.

The rest of the day I kept glancing over at Jeff, thinking he was pretty cute after all. Still very young but I felt skittish like a schoolgirl. The situation at home didn’t improve. When the taxi came to pick me up in the morning, I didn’t even wake my husband up to say goodbye. I just went out in the dark. I met Jeff at the airport and the conference went smoothly. We both learned and exchanged ideas. I asked Jeff if he wanted to have some food and a glass of wine before we went to bed, and he agreed. So we decided to meet up at our hotel bar.

We both had a good time. Jeff, despite his age, was a good conversationalist. He was funny and eager to learn from my work experience. After maybe two glasses of wine he said he was ready to hit the bed. I stopped him before he went and asked if I could ask him something. He nodded and I told him I overheard him the other day and I asked if it was true. His face became a pure tomato. He started to say sorry and that he didn’t mean for me to hear it etc. I just calmed him down and told him I was not angry. I just wanted to know if it was true.

He nodded and said yeah he thinks I am pretty hot, still apologizing. I don’t know why, but I told him it did mean a lot to me due to personal stuff. And then I spilled the beans about my husband and the situation at home. I kinda just ended it with something like “So yeah at least I am hot in your mind”. I could just see him shaking his head. He said that “Your husband is an idiot, you are a top-tier MILF. There is nothing hotter than a real woman”.

Again his language kinda shocked me. Normally I would have not bothered but the wine and situation just told to fuck it. “If you wanna find out how hot I am, join me for a glass of wine in my room” I told him. His eyes went wide and he asked me if I was joking. Shaking my head, I said my room number, and that if he wanted to come over he could. I could see him sitting there a bit confused not knowing what to do.

Getting into my elevator, I wondered if I had overstepped. But I was horny and I wanted to feel desired, the way I thought my husband desired me. I made it to my room and sat down on my bed. I didn’t know what to do and I was just about to give up hope as I heard a knock on the door. My heart was racing as I went up and opened the door. He stood there a bit sheepish and asked if he could come in. I didn’t say anything, just opened the door and let him in. I grabbed his hand and took him to my bed.

“Anything that happens here stays here okay? No bragging and no telling at the office. I swear I’ll end your career before it’s started okay”. Hearing my stern voice, he nodded and said “Of course I swear”. I smiled at him then and said “Good” as I leaned in and kissed him. We were both sitting on the edge of my bed. He was a good kisser, with just enough tongue and he tasted amazing. I put my hands around his neck and pulled him a bit closer as I felt his hand move towards my chest.

His hand gently unbuttoned my shirt and I could feel it slip in, underneath my bra grazing my nipple as we continued to kiss. I felt shivers down my spine as he groped my boob. I moved my hand down over his jeans and started feeling his crotch and I could feel his hard-on. It made my feelings rush, I wanted to feel his dick so bad! I broke the kiss and finished unbuttoning my shirt and took off my bra. As I took it off, it looked like I plucked down the moon. The look of pure desire radiated from him, I could not help but smile at him as we started to kiss again.

I felt both his hands grabbing my boobs and squeezing them and I returned to feeling his crotch. But I was eager I wanted the real thing so I started unbuttoning his jeans, he helped me, and I could finally slip my hand in and feel his cock. It was so hard as I gently squeezed it, and he gave away a moan. Again I broke the kiss and started pulling his pants down. He did not wait to help and he pulled both his jeans and boxers down in one.

He had a moderately sized cock, not the biggest nor the smallest. It looked just perfect as I got down on my knees in front of him. I grabbed it and pulled the foreskin down. It was dripping with precum and I could not wait. So I gave it a lick from the bottom of the shaft up to the tip as I put it in my mouth. I could hear a “oh yesssss” from him. As I started blowing him, I played with my tongue on the tip and I took him as deep as I could. Then I felt his hand grab my hair and gently push me down. He was not rough but firm, it was so hot I let it happen. He did make me gag a bit but not too much, he pushed just enough.

I lifted my head and asked him if he could come twice. He just said “with those tits in front of me there is no limit”. I giggled like a schoolgirl and then went back to his dick. I tried to go deeper and again I felt his hand pushing me. Not too long I could hear a growl from him and a firm push as he came down my throat. Coughing a bit, I looked at him with a smile. “Felt good,” I asked him and he just nodded as he pulled me up and started kissing me again.

The make-out started again passionately, we laid down across the bed. This time his hand moved down between my legs. He unbuttoned my pants and quite quickly moved his hand down to my pussy. I was so wet it was unreal, I wish I could tell you he was amazing with his fingers but not really. He was decent but he did manage to make me feel good at least. Lifting my butt, I pulled down my trousers and panties. I am glad I decided to shave the other day so I was completely smooth.

As he was fingering me making out, I started to grab his half-hard dick gently jerking up and hard-on. At this point, I just moaned in his mouth “fuck me now”! He looked at me and asked about a condom. I just smirked and said I had my tubes tied, but it is always hot when a guy asks for a condom. He stood up and positioned himself between my legs.

I was now lying down on my back across the bed. He was standing on the floor, I could see him eye me up and down. Almost with fire in his eyes and he said “god dam you are so fucking hot”. It almost made me blush. Then I felt his dick go up and down my slit, until he finally pushed into me. I moaned as I felt it filling me up it felt so good! He grabbed my ankles and pushed them back as he started fucking me.

He started slow but he picked up speed and soon he was fucking me quite fast and deep, I moved my hand and started rubbing my clit, and he fucked me just the perfect pace as I felt my orgasm build up and I came so fucking hard. I screamed and my legs were shaking, “that’s my good girl” he said, it sounds silly but at the moment it sounded so fucking hot!

When my orgasm subsided, he was panting and asked me if I wanted to go on top, which is my favourite position so I said sure, and we switched around him laying on his back as I straddled him. Then he said the most erotic thing I ever heard anyone say: “If only you could see yourself as I see you now” as he grabbed my tits. Honestly, at that moment I would have done anything for him. I started to ride him slowly now, more gently and slowly as he played with my tits smiling.

We did that for a while until his hands moved over to my bum cheeks, he pulled them apart and squeezed them. I wish I could tell you they are as firm as they once were but alas, Jeff seemed to like them. Then he did something unexpected. He moved his hand to my mouth and pushed in two fingers. I started sucking on them. He then pulled them out and moved back to my bum.

I could feel his fingers slide down my asscrack and gently push against my anus, I am no stranger to anal. Not a massive fan but I have it on occasion with my husband because he likes it. But now I thought it was really hot as I giggled and said “Where are those fingers going”, he said he was sorry and pulled them out but I said “No no put it back in ” and I could feel his finger again being pushed into my ass. We found a rhythm he pushed in as I slid down on his dick, it was so hot, I leaned down and kissed him as we did this.

After a short while, I asked him if he was into anal, his eyes again went wide and he said he never tried it, so I asked if he wanted to. He nodded and just said, “Yeah I love to”. So I stood up and grabbed my back and took out a bottle of lube, I squirted a lot on his dick and made it slippery, then I took a lot of lubed and smeared it all over my asshole. Then I went back and straddled him.

I put his dick towards my asshole and slowly started to lower myself. I hate that feeling of your ring widening but once that’s over it usually feels okay. As I slowly pushed his dick inside he just said “Omg it’s so fucking tight, it’s so fucking tight” over and over again. When I had reached my limit about half his dick I was panting smiling at him. Then I started riding him again. Even more slowly this time but he seems to like it.

The situation was more exciting than the anal, it felt okay but not that pleasurable but it was hot as fuck to see Jeff play with my boobs and experience anal for the first time, I took him even deeper in my ass as I got more used to it until he told me he was gonna cum. “Cum in my ass,” I told him as I started to pick up the pace a bit, and when I felt him twitch I pushed down as deep as I could, I could feel him come in my ass as he gave a big moan.

Leaning forward and giving him a kiss as I felt his dick slip out of my asshole, and I could feel the cum dripping down my asscrack. “thank you that was hot as fuck” he said, and I just smiled at him and told him to meet me in the shower. He was right behind me and we did spend a good time in the shower making out, and I gave him another blowjob. As he was close to cumming again I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and let him cum all over my face and in my mouth. It was not a massive load considering he had been cumming twice that night already. But he seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.

We went to bed together and he was the big spoon and it felt so good feeling his dick pushed against my ass while he squeezed my tits. In the morning I could feel his morning wood, and asked him if he wanted to fuck me from behind before leaving, something he very much liked to do. I did however regret doing anal the day before because when he pushed his thumb in my ass I felt it a tad sore.

So the last couple of days since we came back, we have been giving each other looks in the office but nothing else has happened. Things are still bad with my husband and I don’t know what to do about it.

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