Anal with husband on his birthday. On his 50th birthday, he tied me up and took my anal virginity for the first time.

I’m a 48-year-old mother of one, mixed Norwegian and German ancestry. I have blonde hair and faint blue eyes, and I am 5’10 and 34D. My husband is 50 and of Nigerian descent. He is bald, has beautiful piercing brown eyes, a heartwarming smile and is well over 6 ft tall. He has a girthy cock that is far above average length that I have yet to successfully deepthroat.

This past Saturday was my husband’s 50th birthday. We have been together for 25 years. Over that time like most couples, we’ve had ups and downs in our relationship. Up until early last year, the sex was sporadic. Then you know what happened in March and we were stuck inside with each other 24/7.

In April a distant elderly relative of my husband’s passed away from Covid. He wasn’t close to him but that put things into perspective. Our relationship could have taken a turn for the worse. But instead with all the new free time we had, and maybe because we were more conscious of our mortality, we began to rekindle the energy of our youths. Spending more quality time together rediscovering what we love about each other. After a while that translated into the bedroom.

I think another factor that played a part in our rekindled attraction was that we did a lot more exercise and ate more healthily during the lockdown. I’ve always been reasonably athletic and in shape, but during the lockdown, I committed to eating much healthier and exercising every day. I have a flat tummy now and my bum is so much bigger compared to this time last year. Hubby has always enjoyed exercising too so he has always been big and strong. His improved eating habits over lockdown helped him lose a lot of fat which we were thrilled about!

We began having sex more often. We tried new positions instead of the same two or three tired old ones. He has become so much better at eating me out, and I actually enjoy sucking dick again. It has gotten to the point where we’re discussing the future possibility of adding a third party so we can have threesomes. Only when it is safe to do so without the threat of Covid of course. Neither he nor I have had a threesome or any type of group sex before and one of my deepest fantasies is for multiple men to take turns with me… We became much more open in our communication and he told me some of his fantasies too, which included restraining and dominating me, taking my asshole and watching me get gangbanged.

Saturday, the day of his 50th birthday, arrived and I woke up earlier than him as usual. I did my makeup and wore his favourite set of black lace lingerie with stockings. He adored me in them even though I had only worn stockings for him once before. I wore a satin robe on top and black heels, and cooked breakfast for us. He walked in just as I finished cooking the eggs. I wished him a happy birthday, kissed him on the cheek and told him to join me at the table. My heart fluttered as I sensed him eyeing my stockings underneath my robe.

As we ate breakfast I told him that my gorgeous half-centenarian husband deserved a birthday to remember, so today from dawn till dusk, he could do with me as he pleased. He looked almost giddy with excitement.

We finished breakfast and what he said next surprised me: “Don’t worry about the dishes, I’ll do the washing up.”

“Are you sure?” He never ever did the dishes so I was confused.

“Yes, you can give me a blowjob while I do it!”

I laughed and was all too happy to oblige if that meant he would do some housework for once. He gave me a long kiss before I dropped to my knees and took his semi-erect penis in my mouth. I felt a rush of excitement as I sucked him right there in the kitchen, it reminded me of us when we were younger, sneaking around and having sex in all different kinds of places. I felt young and free and careless again.

It didn’t take him long to do the dishes although by that time he had become fully hard and his cock was smeared in bright red lipstick. He picked me up and I squealed, laughing as he carried me upstairs back to our bedroom. Setting me down on the bed, he removed my satin robe, bra and panties, leaving my stockings and heels on. He used that amazing tongue of his to kiss my neck, then downwards all over my body, and then finally my pussy. Eating me with even more enthusiasm than usual, he left me breathless.

He asked me if we could record ourselves. Hubby is into photography. We have a camera and tripod which we sometimes use to film our antics in the bedroom. He loves watching us go at it on the TV he bought last year! I told him of course. This was his big day and the deal was whatever he wanted. So he set the camera and tripod up and started recording.

He fucked me with so much passion and vigour that my mind was completely numb with bliss. My already soaking-wet pussy glided along the length of him with every stroke. He had one hand in my hair and the other clasped around my neck and I loved how small he made me feel. As I looked up at him, the expression on his face as he pounded me was so beautiful, he was completely entranced at the moment and was solely focused on making love to me.

He made me come so incredibly hard that I collapsed onto the bed. I didn’t say anything but I’m sure my eyes conveyed how much I had enjoyed that. He took the camera off the tripod and held it in his hand as I licked the juices off his cock and tasted myself. I teased the cum out of his cock with my mouth and he erupted, covering my left cheek and eye.

He told me I looked beautiful like that and I blushed. We cleaned up and fell asleep in each other’s arms until around midday when I awoke to him lightly sucking on my nipples.

“Ready for round 2?” He murmured and kissed my neck. Lightly probing my asshole, he said, “It’s anything I want today, right?”

I giggled and went to the bathroom to freshen up and prepare myself. The camera was back on to record us as he poured generous amounts of lube over my butt. I was nervous with anticipation as he slid a finger into my bum. Slowly, back and forth. Then two fingers. Then he eased the tip slowly in, pausing to make sure it was okay for me.

We’ve played with toys in my ass before but that still didn’t prepare me adequately for the feeling of my hubby inside me. He eased all the way in until he bottomed out and I let out a small cry. He was concerned for me but I was determined to carry on. I told him to fuck me slowly and he did.

The first few strokes were cautious but I gradually got used to the feeling of fullness. I focused on my breathing and made sure I wasn’t too tense and I began to enjoy it more. I looked back at him and I was so pleased to see he was enjoying himself. He picked up the pace little by little and I told him to rub my clit. Soon the rubbing turned to fingering and it was mind-shattering. We stopped soon after because it got a little too painful for me, but overall I was very satisfied with my first anal experience.

After he cleaned his dick, he put me on my knees in front of the camera in a collar and handcuffs, with a chain to connect the two together behind my back. This was our third time tying me up like this. We found out that he loves taking control of me and I love giving up control to him, so we’ve been lightly dabbling in master/slave scenarios like this. This time he would be in charge of the blowjob. He placed his hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth down onto his cock.

I love it when he takes control, and when he fucks my face it feels like he’s asserting his dominance over me as I belong to him and him alone, and that drives me wild. While fucking my mouth he told me that I’m a good girl, and when he calls me that my heart instantly melts. A few times he got a bit overzealous and pushed himself too far down my throat which made me gag and splutter, but I think that actually turned him on more. He shortly finished inside my mouth, and I swallowed his load, then he took the camera and I modelled in my lingerie and heels for him to take photos of.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful in comparison. I cooked him his favourite meal of steak, roast potatoes and veggies, and we played card games in the evening. After he won, we kissed on the couch and he asked for another blowjob with a grin on his face, and I obliged. As we went to bed that night with the faint aftertaste of his cum still lingering in my mouth, I couldn’t help but think how much I love him.

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