I got fucked during lingerie modelling for a customer while working at a small adult store

A couple of years ago I was working part-time at a small adult store that mostly sold lingerie and some sex-related products (i.e. toys and light bondage stuff). Usually, it was pretty slow so my coworker and I would like to spend time chatting with our customers and helping them comfortably find what they were looking for. Occasionally this led to us joking around or teasing them, sometimes we’d dare each other to do things as well.

My coworker and I (both early/mid-20s) had talked a bit about modelling lingerie for a customer as a date. One evening, a mid-30s guy came into the shop and was looking for something to gift his partner as part of a larger anniversary surprise. I was talking to him trying to determine what he was looking for when I see my coworker at the counter holding up a notepad with “Dare you to try modelling for him” written on it. Trying not to react I asked another question as I see my coworker starting to close up.

Another minute goes by as I’m showing him another gown by holding it up and saying it’s another popular choice (typical sales talk). Then he says something like it’s harder to picture what would look good/choose than he thought, which is true especially because we didn’t have room for tons of mannequins. Going for it, I half-jokingly and half-nervously said “We’re closing up so I could model some for you”.

After a second of processing, he said “I wouldn’t say no to that” with a similar nervous chuckle. So I take charge at the moment having thought about it more than once. I tell him to pick a few out he likes, so he does and I get the sizes that should fit me.

Once he had a few picked out I take him over to the changing room keeping up some small talk. I put the lingerie on the hangers and ask him which he wants to see first. He chooses a red gown set still acting a bit like he’s expecting a camera crew to pop out and tell him he’s been punked lol.

So I went into the dressing room and take some deep breaths before stripping down and getting into the lingerie. Checking myself out in the mirror I hype myself up to open the door and show off. When I do he looks surprised and excited, keeping up the sales act I tell him what people like about this. “The fabric is really nice,” I say holding a bit of the gown out by my thighs for him to feel which he does.

“It also has a nice lace embroidery design,” I say running my fingers over the outline of the bra cups to the bow that is between them. Doing a little spin, I ask if this is the one. He says he isn’t sure a bit lost for words as he checks me out, then he says he was also interested in the black body suit so I go back in to change into that getting pretty excited being an exhibitionist for this random guy.

I come out again and say this one is nice and shows off your features spinning around for him again making sure to shake my ass a bit for him. “I also love the fabric for this one,” I say taking his hand and running it down my side. His hand lingered as I grabbed the third piece he picked out. Giving him a smile I ask if I should try this one on for him too. Agreeing I go back into the changing room.

This one was a push-up corset so it took me a while to get on but with some experience, I was able to do it myself. Coming out yet again I ask him what he thinks like it isn’t obvious as he stares at my breasts. I tell him I personally love a corset and spin around. I joke that they are definitely restrictive but guys like the push-up aspect. He agrees saying it’s his favourite so far.

I decide to push it a bit and run my hand down his arm posing then slowly moving down until I’m on my knees in front of him to really tease him as my hand ran down his thigh. “not a bad view hey” I said looking up at him. He was kinda blushing and loss for words once again. Taking a bit of a risk I ran my fing over his waistline and slowly stood up. Taking hold of his belt I slowly started backing up into the changing room.

Pushing the door closed behind me, his hands were on my waist caressing my sides as I undid his belt and went under his boxers to feel his hard cock. I pushed his boxers and pants down before getting down on my knees. He started stroking his cock as I pulled my hair back, he whispered something like ‘Oh fuck’ as I took him in my mouth. I started to take him pretty deep bobbing my head, he moaned and ran his hand through my hair as I kept going.

Eventually, I stopped and got up again and got him to sit on the beach, as I slipped off my panties. Straddling him I guided him in, he slid right in as at that point I was really wet. Slowly riding him he groped my ass and told me how good it felt and how wrong this was (which was super hot). I slowed down after hearing that and started making out with him as he fumbled with untying the corset eventually getting it off. I let him grope and suck on my breasts before starting to ride him more aggressively. Around then he started rubbing my clit too so I was actually able to get off pretty well before he stopped and started groaning really loud as he finished inside me.

After that, he got dressed and left me to get sorted. He ended up buying a couple of the sets and gave me his number which I took to be polite. My friend had left after locking up so we had a good chat about it after as I tried to come up with a dare for her.

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