Fucked by the work husband at the office after he found out about my NSFW Reddit account.

We all have our work friends that we get extremely close with. You know the ones we share every detail of our lives, complain about our spouses and family drama, and gossip about coworkers together. I [32 F] call him my “work husband” and I’m his “work wife.” We eat lunch together most days and talk about a little bit of everything together. We’ve gotten very close over the years, and to be honest, I find him incredibly attractive. He’s single, tall, slim, and 11 years younger.

With all this COVID-19 business, we haven’t had much contact at work because I’ve been eating lunch at my desk and we are in different departments. This past week, half or more of our coworkers have started working from home as a precaution and to increase social distancing in such a crowded office building. 

Well, Friday around noon I got a snap from him, let’s call him Collin. Collin sent me a Snap of his area of cubicles, all empty, and said how lonely he was in his department. I replied that he could probably take a nap under his desk and no one would notice.

He said, “I could probably get away with a lot more under there and not get caught ;)” 

Before I could think of a witty reply, he sent me another pic. It was as if he held the phone in his lap, the camera facing the space under his desk, legs apart, and I could just see the top of a bulge in the frame. The caption simply read, “I’ve missed seeing you. Hungry?” 

Instantly, I pictured myself there, between his legs, unzipping his khaki pants to free his cock. I’ve spent many moments pleasuring myself, imagining what that cock looked like, tasted like, and felt like. My pussy felt wet with excitement and I tried to calm myself. There’s no way he meant what I think he meant. 

I played it cool, “What did you have in mind?” 

Collin, “Come here and we’ll figure it out.”

My mind went all over the place. I immediately stood and walked from my cubicle to his, my pussy wet and pulsing with my dirty thoughts. 

I get to his cubicle and I lean in, “So what’s the plan?”

Collin, “Let me ask you this. Spit or swallow?”

Me trying to play dumb and not show how incredibly excited and turned on I was, “Swallow. Always swallow, but what does this have to with…”

And he reached up to grab my hand and placed it on his crotch. I felt just how hard his cock was under his khakis. I felt his cock twitch as I slowly rubbed it in awe. It was everything I imagined it would be. I must have been a little lost in my thoughts because it was a second before I realized Collin was talking to me in very hushed tones. 

“… and I was scrolling through Reddit thinking about what to do for lunch and I came across something interesting.

This is you, isn’t it?”

I snapped out of my horny fog and looked at his computer screen… my page was on full display. My eyes wide, I pulled away from him and turned to look around. There wasn’t anyone around and the office murmurings continued around us. My heart was pounding… I never thought anyone I knew would find one of my biggest secrets… especially not anyone at work. Collin just sat back and chuckled while I was horrified. I turned to him and before I could open my mouth, he grabbed my hands again. He used one to pull me closer and he placed the other back on his crotch. He pulled me over him in his chair, and he whispered in my ear. 

“Is it true? These pictures? The stories? You?”

I meekly replied, “Yes.”

“I never knew you were such a slut. Does your husband know?”

Breathlessly, “No.”

“You’re so bad. Show me how bad you are and maybe I’ll keep your secret to myself.” Collin motioned to his desk and slid his chair back. I glanced around and we were still alone. People talked in the distance as they headed to the cafeteria to grab their lunches. 

I did as I was told and crawled under his desk. I was shaking with excitement so much I struggled to unbutton his plants. He smirked and helped me pull his massive cock out. My eyes widened and my mouth fell open slightly. He chuckled. “What you were expecting?”

“Better,” I said as I took him in my hand and slowly stroked his shaft under his desk.

“Hungry?” He asked.

“Very,” I told him and I parted my lips over his head and slid them down over every thick inch of him. 

I had to hold back gagging, he was so big. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes while I sucked his cock. I could feel my pussy getting so wet that I could feel it through my panties. As I moved my head up and down, wrapping my lips around him and pressing my tongue against his shaft, I reached down and unbuttoned my pants. I slipped my hand down my panties and started rubbing my clit. His eyes opened when I let out a soft moan on his cock. He watched me as I pleasured myself with my free hand. Lifting his hand, he put his finger to his lips, reminding me to be quiet and grabbed my hair with his other hand. 

He started guiding my head, pushing me down deeper onto his cock. His fat head hit the back of my throat over and over. I rubbed my clit harder and faster. I could hear my juices under my fingers and my spit slurping around his cock. 

He suddenly stopped and took his hand off my head. I froze. He scooted back, buttoned his pants and motioned me to get up. He grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the aisle, as he looked around for any witnesses. Along the back wall of the office were conference rooms. They were usually always full of team meetings and such. Since the virus madness started, all meetings were cancelled and moved to conference calls. The rooms were all dark and empty. 

Collin pulled me inside the last darkened doorway and shut the door. A little light spilt onto the long oak table and empty chairs from the small window in the door. He motioned to the table, “Bend over.”

I walked over to the table’s edge in stunned silence. My knees shaking and my breathing was quick and shallow. I started to unbutton my pants and Collin reached for my waist. He pulled me against him and slid his hands over my breasts, sides, and hips. One hand slipped down the front of my panties and he pushed his fingers into my slit. His hard cock was pressed up against my ass and I could feel his heart pounding on my shoulders. “You were enjoying yourself out there, huh?” He asked as he brought his wet fingers to his mouth to lick off my juices. 

I nodded my head yes as he pulled my pants down exposing my round ass in the dark conference room. He pushed me forward over the table and grabbed my ass hard. His cock was already out and throbbing. I could feel him rub his head on my ass, down to my dripping wet pussy. He moaned softly as his head parted my pussy lips and entered me. I tensed against the table. Collin stopped slowly pushing deeper inside of me, “Are you ok?”

“Yes,” I said and I pushed back harder against him until he was balls deep inside my pussy. I gasped as he stretched me open.

“Am I bigger than your husband? Or the others from your stories?” 

“Fuck yes you are,” I said with a groan as he started pumping his cock into me. Collin grabbed my hips, digging his fingers into my skin, as he rammed his full length into me over and over. Both of us fought hard not to cry out with pleasure as we got close to the climax. His balls slapped hard against my clit and my plump ass bounced off his lean stomach as his cock swelled inside me. My pussy tightened and I bit down on my lips as my knees buckled and I came all over his massive pulsing cock. 

He began to take me faster, his head pressing deeper than I’d ever felt before. He was close… I could feel his young cock grow and shift against my tight pussy. Collin started to pull out and I pushed myself back, taking him deeper again and I felt a rush of warm cum fill me. He pumped slowly into me as his cum filled and dripped from my pussy. 

Stepping back he righted himself as I pulled up my pants and straightened my blouse and hair. 

He laughed softly, “Now you are definitely my work wife.” 

“Yes I am, work husband.” 

We parted ways at the door and I walked back to my desk, breathless and filled with cum. 

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