Multi-orgasm From a Therapist

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Multi-orgasm from a therapist who gave me earth shattering orgasms with his magic hands.

I want to start by saying no matter how many times I try writing this I will not be able to properly explain how intense this session was. Also, any woman who has the opportunity to experience this should. It was equal parts therapeutic and pleasure. For my ladies out there who have an opportunity like his please try it! I was on the fence like most who hear about this type of treatment. But I’m over the moon that I did it, my body feels like I did a full reset. I haven’t been this productive in months.

I first heard about this orgasm doctor from my girlfriend Mandy a year ago. She was referred by her coworker to a sensual massage with a surprise ending. He’s trained and has a very special set of hands, in more ways than one. Up until this point I had no idea there were female opportunities like this. I knew about happy endings at certain massage places for men but this was much more than just getting yourself off. I was told in detail how life intense these orgasms are. And also the afterglow effect it has on you.

With our wedding coming up I’m just trying to get through the final stretch without going insane. Yoga and boxing classes can only do so much. Because of all the time working on looking my best, I’ve been sore as hell for a couple of weeks now. I brought up to my man how I need a massage and he suggested that I should look into the massage Mandy told me about. My interest was sparked the moment he said it.

After asking Mandy about it, she was so excited that someone else was considering it. She loved that my man brought it up and understood that this was much more.

I was turned on that the attention was solely on me. I could let myself get lost in the experience of sex.

After a regular massage that left me less than satisfied, I reached out to the doctor via email. Attached was a photo of myself and a short description of me and why I was interested. I felt anxious when I found out that I would need to be accepted as his client. But I received a professional response saying I was and he scheduled a phone call. Then a coffee date before we proceed

The phone call went great, he answered all my questions that I and my fiancé had about his work. He communicated that I would be setting the pace of the massage and vocalizing my wants.

The morning of the massage was a write-off. I tried to get some schoolwork done but my mind and body were elsewhere. I was a nervous wreck about the whole thing and almost cancelled a handful of times. Thankfully I didn’t and my man called me to reassure me that I deserved this.

He was right. I just needed that extra push to get me to the coffee shop that was across from the doctor’s condo.

I dressed for comfort, leggings and a sweater with a tank top underneath. I sat there scrolling on my phone nervously until he walked up and introduced himself. I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised when he took off his mask. He was very handsome. Clean-shaven, with long healthy brown hair that I was jealous of! He was at least 15 years older than me and honestly I think that helped with my nerves. I felt like I could trust him in the short time I met him which is odd to think about.

He explained all the details of how the hour would go again. He made it clear that I could stop at any point. My consent would need to be given before he transitioned from a traditional to sensual massage. He encouraged me to call or text anyone I wanted before and after the session and give them the address. He was so professional about the whole thing I was now more eager than nervous. It helps he was very easy on the eyes and I swooned by him.

Before we left he let me know that the service was free. But you could leave a tip if you felt like it was warranted.

We went up to his luxurious condo that oozed class. We spoke briefly about his Italian decor that caught my eye and he spoke about his upbringing in northern Italy. I don’t know if I was stalling with small talk or not. I was in his home now and it suddenly felt really real. He showed me the bedroom he dedicated to his craft which was very professional looking. Then he instructed me to change and lay facedown on the table when I was ready.

In his bathroom, I texted Mandy and my fiancé that I was about to start and gave them the address. I stripped naked and felt reassured I was doing the right thing when my thong stuck to my wet vagina, I wanted this. I deserved this.

He started slow and gentle, releasing all the tension and soreness in my body. I wasn’t even touched near my pleasure spots before I let out a soft whimper from his tantalizing touch. He could tell I was enjoying it and finally whispered in my ear what I wanted to hear “now we will be focusing on your pleasure Taylor”.

“Yes please,” I shook my head at him.

His hands, my god his hands. They know how to switch back and forth from teasing to pleasure. He rubbed my ass and inner thighs while he teased my pussy. By the time he flipped the switch to pleasure my whole body felt tingly all over.

With a fire burning between my thighs, the doctor inserted his fingers inside me. My goodness he was calculated with his movements. At one point he had two fingers inside of me while positioning his thumb to rub my pussy simultaneously. My first orgasm ensued from this, the first of many.

He somehow already knew my body and allowed me a proper cool down before sliding his fingers back inside. What followed was my first squirting orgasm of the day. He hit my g-spot like no one ever could, not even myself. I screamed out to every god throughout each wave of orgasm. The doctor even braced me by my stomach and it was so wonderful to be held while he guided me through each mind-blowing climax.

“Good girl,” he said to me. I lay there out of breath and motionless for a moment until he instructed me to roll over.

Once again he began with a slow buildup, releasing any tensed-up muscles from my previous O’s. He rubbed my breasts and caressed my nipples with expertise. As he made his way down my stomach towards my erogenous zone I was once again whimpering. He teased my labia when he was massaging my thighs. When I couldn’t take it anymore I literally begged him to finger fuck me again.

The doctor placed a towel under my lower back and then brought my feet together like a standard yoga pose. His two hands met my clit and I could have passed out from how over the top his touch felt. The previous orgasms were drawn out. But now that the doctor was familiar with my insides he wasted no time making me cum again. And again and again.

His fingers inside me hit every pleasurable spot in existence. His other hand pressed down against my pelvis and those fingers rubbed my clit furiously. As I lay there in ecstasy, finishing the clinical buildup to my next orgasm my body braced itself for what was to come. I took a deep breath right before the finish line. My legs shaking uncontrollably and shockingly a first for me; my eyes legitimately rolling into the back of my head.

The doctor instructed me again “let it go, Taylor, it’s time”

I opened my eyes and SCREAMED, there weren’t any words coming from my mouth only moans and legitimate screaming. Once again I made a mess and squirted all over his hand. He knew better than I did when my orgasms were complete. He put me through countless O’s in this position. He not only maximize the amount of time I was cumming but also the varied intensity of each one. Absolutely clinical.

He always knew how to cool down and build up my arousal periods. My body stayed in a constant state of euphoria with him even when he wasn’t attending to my lady parts. When there were 10 minutes left he asked me how I would like to end the session. I noticed a Hitachi wand was on his counter with his other belongings and asked if that was ok. He said absolutely. I saw he was hard as a rock walking over to his instruments, which turned me on even more. Knowing that this was all about me but he also enjoyed giving me such immense pleasure.

Before he started up again my body felt like putty, I was at his mercy for my final orgasm. Well, this wasn’t a final orgasm, more like a series of earth-shattering explosions.

He placed the wand on me first, and I squirmed with the initial touch of it. When his fingers slid inside me I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body. My stomach tensed up and when he accelerated his pace I cried out. I could feel every nerve in my body at this point. Although he only penetrated my pussy it felt like they were full-body releases.

I let out every ounce of fluid inside my body on his table. My vagina was a literal fountain from his therapeutic work. When the time was up the doctor gave me a warm towel to clean off with and allowed me several minutes to recover on the table alone. He was very sweet and caring to me. Congratulating me for doing so well and achieving what I had hoped for.

When he left the room I took a couple of minutes to familiarize myself with my own hands to see if what I had gone through was real. I felt like jello and my legs involuntarily twitched and vibrated when I tried to get up off the table. I took countless deep breaths to come back down to earth.

The doctor met me in his living room with bottled water and we made some small talk before leaving. I thanked him endlessly for his services and gave him a generous tip. I would have given more if I brought more cash because he honestly deserved it.

It’s been 5 days since the massage and I’m still on a post-multiorgasm high. Masturbating 4-5 times a day because it’s all I can think about since my man is still away for work.

This won’t be the last time I pamper myself with this kind of massage either. On our follow-up conversation I already had asked to be considered again. He was more than happy to offer his services when our schedules align. I can’t help but say again that I haven’t given this man the praise he deserves. I hope someone out there sees this and gives themselves this type of exquisite gift.

After all, therapy is a wonderful thing!

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