Cheating Sex With Boss For a Promotion

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Cheating sex with boss for a promotion during a business trip. We fucked many times but I never got the promotion.

This story starts a few years ago. At that time, I was working in a small tech company in Montréal, Canada.

So, one of my colleagues, Noémie, was promoted. She did not become my manager, she was given a small team to manage a project. We kept reporting to the very same manager, who also happened to be the CTO and CEO, she just started to have people reporting to her.

So when the promotion was announced, we spontaneously all decided (about ~30 people) to go celebrate at a local pub a few minutes of walking distance from our offices. Everybody drank. And Noémie, because she was the centre of attention, drank way more than she should have.

In the end, we were the only two women left. And we were both too drunk to drive our respective cars. So, I call my boyfriend and I asked him to pick us up. We all got inside his car. I was sitting in the passenger seat, she was at the back. And as he was driving, he doing some small talk. At some point, he asked her: “Do you have any advice for Caroline (me) about getting promoted? I know she would love it too!”

She looked at me through the rear-view mirror. And she very seriously said: “I sucked Stéphane’s (our boss) dick.” Noémie took a brief pause. “It was a few weeks ago. We were alone in his office; we were working late. And I just did it. He was sitting in his chair. I kneeled in front of him… And… I just gave the best (swearing) blowjob of my life.” My boyfriend and I exchanged a look. We were both stunned. Noémie started giggling. And then there is another long awkward silence that continued until we dropped her off at her place.

Next Monday, as I was doing the short walk between the parking lot and our building, Noémie walked toward me. There was a very awkward “hi.” And then she admitted. “Regarding the other day. What I said in the car… Well… That was true. I’m not proud of it. But I did. I’d appreciate it if you kept it secret.” And it was so weird that I simply said: “Sure! No problem.”

Over the following months, that incident became an inside joke for me and my boyfriend. If I arrived late home, he would jokingly say: “Are you getting promoted this week?” (While using his tongue to make a bump on his cheek.) Sometimes I would start the foreplay by saying: “Honey if you want me to get that promotion, I need to practise!” And if he wanted me to continue blowing him longer, he would say: “You need more practice!” and if he wanted me to move on, he would say: “Okay! That was promotion worthy!”

This went on for a few months. We both enjoyed that kind of roleplay … and found it very funny. Then I had to go on a business trip. My boyfriend drove me to the airport. He dropped me off at the passenger unloading zone. I took my suitcase and my hands-on luggage with me. We kissed goodbye. And as I walked slowly to the terminal’s door, he ran toward me. And he handed me a small plastic bag: “You forgot this!” I took a peek inside. It was a condom box. I made a strange face. And he adds: “I’m sure that will help you get a promotion!” We both laughed and kissed another time.

Two hours later, after the registration, the security checks, and waiting at the gate, I finally got to sit in my seat. Next to my boss, Stéphane. I knew we were on the same flight, but I didn’t know we would sit next to each other. A few minutes later, another of my coworkers arrived and he sat in the seat next to me.

We chatted a bit. The plane took off. When the entertainment system got enabled, my boss started searching for his headphones. Since I was about to start reading a book, he asked me: “Do you mind if I borrow your headphones?” And I just answer him: “No. I always put them in the top pocket of my luggage.” He leaned in, unzipped the top pocket… I was watching him from the corner of my eyes. And… He took out… You guessed it. The plastic bag.

The unopened box of condoms. And it happened so fast that I could not stop him. He peeked in the bag. And he turned to me. He stared at me with a very puzzled expression. My face was probably all red at that point… And the only thing I found to say is: “Just in case…” Awkward silence. I took my bag, found the headphones and handed them to him. We didn’t exchange a single word for the rest of the flight.

Arriving in San Francisco a few hours later, we rented a car and drove to our hotel. Each of us went to our respective rooms. The next morning, there is that awkward moment of silence when we meet at the breakfast buffet, but we just acted as if nothing happened on that plane. All three of us spent the day with the client. And, of course, at the end of the day, we got invited for dinner in a restaurant. And we all drank wine. (Not enough to be drunk, but still)

Around 10 p.m., I was back in my room. And I read a text message that my boyfriend sent me a few hours earlier (but didn’t see it because I left my phone in silent mode). He texted me: “I believe in you! 🍆💦💋 Get that promotion! 😘” I smiled. And I went to take a shower.

But in the shower… I started to feel horny! Really horny. I touched myself for a few minutes. But then I was like… Why not do it … for real… I got out of the shower and grabbed a bathrobe. I took a few moments to imagine a scenario. And I just decided to keep it simple. I took the box of condoms from my luggage, and the key card for my hotel room and put them both in my robe’s pockets.

I walked out. His room was a few doors away. I knocked. Waited. And he came to open the door. And I’m there: Wet hair, a bathrobe that stops a few centimetres above my knees, the robe tied loosely.

“Hey. I stepped out of my room to grab an extra towel to dry my hair. And I locked myself out. Do you mind if I call reception from your room?”

“No. Go ahead.”

I walked into the room. I sat on his bed, next to the telephone. And I stared at him for a brief moment.

“You’re not calling the reception?” he asked me.

“I lied,” I said with a naughty smile, biting my lower lip.

I took out my room key card and showed it to him. Then I took the box out of my pocket and I threw it at him. He started to smile and understood what I wanted. He walked to the bed. I took a pillow, put it on the ground and kneeled there.

He unbuttoned his jeans. I pulled his boxers down his legs. His cock was already half hard. I gave a gentle kiss on the head and started licking it slowly. And it became hard, very hard. My lips circled his head. I used my tongue to massage it lightly as he started to unbutton his shirt slowly. With all those hours practising on my boyfriend, I knew that what made a blowjob exceptional is… eye contact! I looked up and fixed him with a gaze.

As I started to move to bury his cock in my mouth, I made sure that I didn’t lose eye contact. He began breathing more and more loudly. And when I took little breaks, I used my breasts to keep his cock — and his eyes — busy.

His legs were starting to shake a bit… But I keep sucking his cock until he fell on the bed. I climbed on him, grabbed his cock and continued to blow him. He had to ask me to stop a minute later.

Standing up, I took the box from my bathrobe’s pocket and I threw it on the bed next to him. I opened my robe more until it fell on the floor. Standing there in front of him completely naked, I stared at him, biting my lower lip again.

He took the box, opened it quickly and grabbed one. He tore it with his mouth. As soon as he finished putting it on his cock, I walked toward him. He used his hands to touch my hips, my butt. And he kissed my breasts. When I climbed onto the bed, he placed himself behind me hoping to fuck me doggy style. But I quickly turned around and lay on the bed.

I opened my legs while I was gazing at him. I took his cock with my hand and guided it to my pussy. It was so wet that it made it very easy to penetrate me. With my hands, I was massaging his back, his butt… And with my eyes, and my mouth, I made sure he knew I loved feeling him inside me. I quickly became steamy between us. He kept fucking me at a steady pace. He occasionally grabbed one of my breasts. And we continued like this for a few minutes until he filled the condom.

We lay next to each other in bed, saying nothing, until he got up to take a shower… But I fell asleep while waiting for him…

The morning of our departure date, I could only give him a blowjob… because we ran out of condoms. We used every single one of them. When I got out of the airport in Montréal and my boyfriend picked me up, I gave him the empty box adding: “I worked hard during that business trip!”

And he was: “Funny! You discarded them to let me think you fucked your boss. Nice try!” Believe me, I tried to convince him I had sex with my boss, but he kept thinking that it was a joke. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh… and by the way. I never got promoted…

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