Sharing a Bed at Summer Camp in Storm

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Sharing a bed at summer camp in storm and getting fucked by the hottest guy all the girls drools at.

Working at summer camp when I was younger was some of the most fun, I had at that time. Because the camps were separated, the girls did not feel pressure to look nice or behave a certain way. It was a very “girl power” experience at times. We did do things with the boy’s camp, and we hung out with them occasionally on our time off, but for the most part, it was just us girls.

To say the camps are old and a little run down is an understatement. Those camps have not had any real work done on them, besides paint, since the 80s. So, when big storms hit… it could be scary.

I think it was the second year I was there when a huge storm hit the camp a couple of weeks in. Usually, we just keep everyone inside and away from windows and wait it out. That night, however, lightning struck one of the main electric lines that ran through the main part of the camp. One of my coworkers was walking nearby when it happened… and was lucky she was not hurt.

The power was out for the entire camp. Everything that had been plugged into any electrical outlets was fried. So, we had a real problem.

At 11 pm, we had to evacuate the entire camp, 200 people, and we had 2 nine-person vans and some personal cars. The other camps in the area stepped up and lent us their vans and a bus. Unfortunately, we had only one place we could go and that was the boy’s camp.

As the arts and crafts specialist, I did not have a cabin I was responsible for like the counsellors did. They got priority when it came to open cabins and beds. As it was, some of the kids were put up on mattresses on the floors of the cabins. The administration staff took over the couches in the staff house, and the kitchen staff stayed in the back rooms of the dining hall. So, the other specialists and I were relegated to the tiny building where the boy’s camp specialists were staying.

This place was tiny. It was also sinking into the ground. So, the building looked like it was built partially underground. There were no extra beds because they were all taken by the boy’s camp specialists. This place had 3 rooms and a bathroom. Most of the beds were in one room with a single bed in another room and two beds in the third. They had found some extra, thin mattresses for us to sleep on the floor in the main room. But we were two short. Two of the other specialists doubled up with a larger mattress, but that left us one bed short.

The boy’s camp specialist for forest sports, Zack, volunteered to share his bunk. He was by far the most good-looking guy on staff and most of my coworkers spent hours primping whenever they knew they were going to run into him at combined activities.

Three of my coworkers stood up to volunteer to be that person. Zack looked at me. “Maddy is the only one who will fit. Sorry…”

Well shit. They all glared at me.

“Whatever, I don’t want to sleep on the floor anyways. Freaking spiders everywhere,” I shivered.

A few hours later, I woke up in the pitch black. A huge crack of thunder pulled me out of my sleep. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I realized I had turned into Zack sometime during the night and he had his arm over me. He was sleeping in his shorts and no shirt, and I held very still. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see the tattoos that decorated his chest… I am a sucker for tattoos.

I was staring at his chest when Zack shifted his arm that was slung over my side. “You going to keep doing that for long? It’s making me think you want to do more than sleep,” he said without opening his eyes.

“I am sorry, it’s been longer than I realized, and I have been at camp for so long I hadn’t thought about it,”

He opened his eyes, “Want to mess around? I’ve been hard since you got into bed with me hours ago.”

I looked over at the other bunk, the swimming specialist was dead to the world, his snoring rivalling the storm outside.

“Yeah, he’s why I got this room. No one wanted to deal with that all summer,” he informed me. “He won’t wake up; I have tested him a few times when I was bored.”

I laughed, pushing my face into his chest to muffle the sound. I was not seeing a lot of reasons to turn him down. It had been a while….

“Alright,” I shrugged. Very thankful that I had gotten to shower earlier tonight before the power went out.

He pushed the blanket he had used to separate us earlier up and covered me with it. He rose on his hands and knees, so he was straddling one of my legs with his knee in between my thighs. His hands were on either side of my head. Every time one of us moved though, the bed made little squeaking sounds. That may be a problem.

He helped me pull my shirt over my head. When I went to drop it off the side of the bed, he stopped me, “Keep everything up here within arm’s reach.”

I nodded and slid my shorts down and placed them under the pillow. I did not want to have to hunt around for missing clothes.

He used his mouth in oh such wonderful ways. On my mouth, my neck, my skin… I was making little gasping sounds and reaching for the band of his shorts. He leaned back so I sat up and pushed him into the spot I had just vacated. I had an idea for how to reduce bed squeaking.

Straddling him with his hands on my waist, I stroked his cock and positioned outside of my entrance. I held it firmly in place as I slowly sat down on his shaft. My entrance expanded and filled as he went deeper into me. I came to a stop once my bottom touched his skin. I slowly began to move up and down on him.

He used his hands to guide me up and down on his cock. I focused on my breathing as we began to pick up speed. The bed was making some noise, and I did not want to add to it with my sounds.

We sped up as the pleasure built in us, the sounds of the thunderstorm outside covering the sound of our squeaking bed and our panting and moans. I moved up and down on him faster and faster as I rode over the edge of my orgasm, my pussy clamping down on him as the juices of my orgasm ran down his shaft. He let out a loud moan and used his grip on my hips to finish our ride on his terms.

We fell on the small bed next to each other… panting.

“That release was a release I needed,” he told me. I internally agreed. It had been too long.

“Yeah… want to go again?” I asked him.

He shrugged his acceptance as he rolled on top of me. This summer would be a lot more fun now that we were hooking up. My mind started running through all the places I had ever wanted to have sex at camp… This was going to be a fun summer.

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