I had a lesbian affair with my professor for 3 years. Eating her ass and exploring my kinks almost every other day.

I spent 2012-2015 (my last 5 semesters of college) servicing my female professor almost every single day.

I always had a pretty strong attraction to women growing up. Only dated and had sex with boys throughout high school and early college, but did not look away from a beautiful girl or object to my pussy dripping every time I nervously watched lesbian porn.

I was way too timid and nervous to ever pursue a girl or pick up on a girl’s advances. Way too weirded out to just admit that I was bi. Way too naive.

During the fall term of my Sophomore year, I befriended a girl in one of my classes. We got put in a group together for a project and hit it off okay. She invited me to a Halloween party at her and her roommate’s rented house. Long story short, we ended up getting high, making out and playing with each other’s tits by the end of the night. We’ll call this girl Bailey.

The party was pretty relaxed. Nothing crazy. About 15 people just milling about and having fun. At one point about 6 of us ended up in Bailey’s room sharing bowls. People slowly filtered out, and eventually, it was just Bailey and me. We’d been sitting on her floor but we moved up and laid down next to each other on her bed. We both had the giggles like you wouldn’t believe.

Every joke and laughing fit we’d grab onto one another. Through the laughing and tussling, her shirt had crawled up and I could see her stomach. I was propped on my elbow facing her and just couldn’t take my eyes off the shape of her body. She noticed, AND GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN, she was way less timid and nervous about her sexuality than I was. She asked if I’d ever had sex with a girl.

Giggle fit. No, of course not, what are you even talking about?

Her neither. Giggle fit. So what, we’ve only ever talked about boys, why is she bringing this up?

Do I want to try it? Well, fuck yes I do.

We giggled and blew it off as if it were just some dumb, high thoughts initially, but before I knew it we were kissing. Lips at first, tongue and exploring hands after. We agreed to ONLY stay above the waist this time. We kept our jeans on but we were both completely topless. I massaged, licked, kissed, and sucked her tits, and she massaged, licked, kissed and sucked mine. We’d straddle one another and drop our tits in the other’s mouth, we sucked each other’s at the same time, and god DAMN I just wanted to rip off our pants and make each other cum.

But we agreed. This is it for now.

We had to come to an abrupt end because we mistook someone knocking on the bathroom door as someone knocking on Bailey’s door. The weed didn’t help the nervous surprise, so we quickly got dressed and rejoined the party.

Unfortunately, she and I never progressed past that experience. Our next time in class felt weird, we were young and stupid, and just never talked about it. But I loved every second of it and was dying to try a girl again.

This being 2012, Craigslist personnel were still around. I was too anxious to sign up on dating sites/apps looking for a girl, so I kept it anonymous with good ole, might get murdered Craigslist.

I posted an ad in about mid-November, around Thanksgiving break, hoping to find something during my week off. No luck. If I was looking for a guy, I would have been in good shape because nothing attracts men to a Craigslist ad like it being in the Women Seeking Women section.

In the ad, I explained that I had very little experience, considered myself submissive, and loved the idea of a very experienced girl who could take charge and show me the ropes.

I got a few hits here and there. Lots of other girls my age looking for the same thing, but nothing ever “clicked” or sparked my significant interest. They were all pretty hot and fun to chat with at first, but when it came to a meeting I never actually followed through. Looking back almost 10 years later, I deprived myself of soooooo much pussy! FUCK.

Anyway, Thanksgiving break came and went. Finals came and went. And the only coming and going I was doing was solo.

I started to think that maybe my sapphic fantasies were better off just fantasies. Even though I could have followed through with multiple women at this point, I chickened out. Or just didn’t feel what I was expecting to feel. I told myself that if it happened one day, it’ll happen. No sense in trying to force it.

So holiday break was coming to an end, and I was at the airport waiting for my flight back to school. I checked my dummy email account that I’d posted my ad on, and had some new replies since I’d checked it weeks ago.

Man. No. Man. No. Couple. Couple? Maybe? Nah. Girl. Hot. Reply. Girl. Hot. Reply. Girl. Hot. Reply. Wait.

Look at the pictures again.

Girl. Hot.

Read the reply again.

Girl. Hot. Wait.

One of my professors.


She was brazen and ballsy enough to include face pictures with her reply. Along with some amazing pictures of her in lingerie. Keep in mind that I was only 20 at this point. She was old enough to be my mother who was 43t. I’d always guessed she was maybe 35, she did not look 35.

I’d had her the past term but I never really got a good look at her. The class was held in one of the large lecture hall-type classrooms with 100+ students in it. I certainly thought she was attractive on many occasions, but the pictures she sent me were something else. Couldn’t stop sneaking little peaks at them on the plane.

I didn’t reply for a day or two. My anxiety was making enjoying this prospect impossible. Was this real? Was she catfishing me to get me in trouble? Is this someone pulling a horrible prank on me?

The final weekend before the spring semester started, I finally sucked it up and replied. I’ll copy and paste the original email exchange below.

Beautiful ad. I’m 43, a divorced white female. I was in your shoes once, never explored my sexuality, and married someone wrong for me. So I’d love to help you out if you’re interested. I’ve been openly lesbian for 11 years now with a great amount of experience under my belt. I’ve realized over the years that I’m a bit of a dom, and with your lack of experience, I think we’d make a great match as long as you’d like to truly explore domination and submission. Pics are attached. Would love to put a face to that beautiful body if you’re comfortable exchanging face pictures. Ciao.

Hey there. I’m super interested. You’re gorgeous. Like I said in my ad, I’ve done some very basic experimentation but not much. I love the idea of you being dominant since I have no idea what I’m doing lol. I’m not super comfortable exchanging face pics just yet, sorry. Maybe after we chat more?

I didn’t hear anything for a full day. I was afraid I’d missed my shot. But the following Monday afternoon I got this reply.

Of course. No worries. If chatting will help make you comfortable then chatting it is. Tell me everything you’re looking to try. I have some ideas in mind for our first session but am curious as to what you’re into.

My reply was almost immediate.

I appreciate that. Everything? I want to go down on a woman and have her go down on me. Fingers, toys. My only experience is breast play which was incredibly fun so definitely a lot of that. But if you’re gonna be dominant I think I’m down to do whatever you tell me lol.

She replied about an hour later.

Good to hear! To be upfront with you, I’m very much a go-getter. If you’re serious about this I have a private office at my job and am never disturbed. I teach at (university name). Come by my office on Thursday at 9 am if you’re available. I have office hours from 9-10:50.

She then proceeds to give me her office number and what building she’s located in and lets me know that if I’m a current student of her class then this is a no-go.

I assured her I wasn’t enrolled in her courses this semester, and she replied,

Fabulous. I’ll wear something cute that day. I plan on hitting the ground running, so if you ever feel the need to tap out, feel uncomfortable in any way, or need to leave – say “flag”. 9 am. My door will be open.

I barely slept that night. On Wednesday, I went to the building her classes and office were in, hoping to catch a glimpse of her but no luck. I scoured Facebook for her, googled her name, and all kinds of stuff but only found a few pictures and some academic articles about her. She seemed normal and safe. 9 AM Thursday was less than 24 hours away and she wanted to hit the ground running. Good god, what did that mean?

I could feel myself beginning to chicken out. I was thinking of excuses already. But I wanted to give it a shot. She gave me a safe word to use if I needed to just up and leave. There was NO harm in going there and seeing what happened. I could at least say “flag” and leave if I got sketched out.

Almost chickening out, I didn’t focus on a single thing the Wednesday before. I checked my phone obsessively to see if she’d e-mailed me. One part of me hoping she’d cancel, one part hoping she’d just want to chat. Nothing. As stated earlier, I tried to catch a glimpse of her – nothing. Trying to go about my day normally and not obsess over it was a fail. I don’t even know how many times I typed up an email claiming that something had come up only to delete it. Tuesday night was sleepless and slept even worse the night before the big event. I tossed and turned so much. 9 AM on Thursday seemed so far away two days ago, but when I blurrily woke up to my alarm it dawned on me. It was time.

I didn’t have classes on Thursdays until 1 PM and always used Thursdays to sleep in. After I showered and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee, my roommate was getting ready to head out the door for her morning classes and made some goofy comments about me being up early. My brain defaulted to defence mode and I had this odd sense of dread that she knew something dirty about me. I knew this was ridiculous but goddamn my nerves were through the roof.

I had my morning coffee and water, skipped breakfast because I was WAY too nervous to eat anything, and got dressed. As I was getting dressed I remembered her mentioning she’d wear something nice for the occasion. I assumed it meant some cute underwear, so I slid into my favourite pair of pink underwear. My ass is my best quality so I wanted to highlight it, but I couldn’t do much about my tits. And suddenly I was feeling very self-conscious. I’m about 5’3’’, with an ass I worked hard for and am proud of, but I’ve always been very self-conscious of my tits.

Meanwhile, the woman I was about to go fool around with was a fucking goddess in my eyes. A few inches taller than me, and a body like Melissa Fumero. Seriously, I can’t watch Brooklyn 99 without thinking about her. Physically I’m reminded of my professor in every way when I see that show.

I threw on a matching bra, some jeans, and a form-fitting t-shirt. Doing my makeup, I spent 20 minutes trying to decide what she’d like better, a ponytail or hair down. I went with my hair down when I realized I was just stalling.

Fast forward. I’m on campus. It’s 8:30 and I’m outside her building. I realized that she’d never told me where her office was, so I found the building directory map inside. Each step of this morning had felt like some monumental undertaking. I’d come this far without chickening out but just barely. I still had time to bail, but… will I ever get an opportunity like this again? Besides. I had a safe word. As soon as I say it, it’s hands off and I leave. I’ll feel it out for a couple of minutes, say “flag”, and go. Easy. Nothing to worry about.

8:50. Classes were ending all across campus. Students and staff were starting to filter through the first floor at a steadier rate. I’d found a small bench to sit on and mindlessly looked at shit on my phone to pass the time.

8:51. Has my heart always beat this fast before?

8:52. My entire body is shaking but it’s not cold.

8:55. Should I go now and be a couple of minutes early?

8:57. Okay let’s just go to the third floor. That’s easy. Easy!

8:59. Okay let’s just go to the end of the hallway. Her office is around the corner. I’ll walk by and see if it’s open.

At this point, I turned my brain off. I walked to the end of the hallway and approached the right-hand corner. Her office was right around it, on the left side of the hall. I’ll stop at the corner and look at her door! Or so I thought. I was a good ten paces for the right-hand turn, and it happened. She stepped around the corner. She was looking down at her phone. Time froze.

She looked up and looked straight into my eyes. I’d seen her in class. And I’d seen the lewd pictures she’d sent me. I’d seen them approximately 9,000 times in the last two days. But seeing her face to face, knowing what was to come was a whole new ballgame. Her eyebrows shot up. She smiled. “Oh!” as she pointed at me with her phone. “Are you Lindsay?”

God, I hate small talk. This felt more awkward than I was about to be doing. I laughed and said yes. Actually, I said, “Hey, yeah” as if I was just casually strolling down the hallway like I do every day…

“Right on time, I was just stepping out to see if you were around! Well, come on!”

She waved me around the corner and I followed her to her office. She stopped at the door and ushered me in. “Chairs, the couch, wherever, just take a seat.”

On the left-hand wall were her desk and chair. Against the back wall was a brown couch with a few pillows, her bag, and a little blanket on it. She had two nice chairs facing her desk and tons of art almost completely covering her wall. I went with one of the chairs. She shut the door behind her and took a seat at her desk. She shut her laptop, leaned back, crossed her arms, and turned to me. “Okay! You feeling okay?”

I said I was.

“Just so you know, I’m the only faculty at this end of the hallway. No one else is around, the door is locked, no classrooms or offices next door, just electrical closets and all that. So.” She closed her eyes and took a little breath. She opened them, “You can come to sit on the couch if you’d like.”

I got up and stepped over to the couch. She’d gotten up and started moving pillows and the blanket out of the way. I sat down nervously on the far side. She sat right next to me, out her left hand on the back of the couch behind me, and crossed her legs. “Okay, so first time but not really your first time, right?” I kind of laughed at this and nodded my head, “Yeah pretty much.”

“I know that feeling! I always just kind of played at first too. Never really went for it all. But you want that?”

“Yeah for sure. Always wanted to try it.”

“So communication is very sexy to me. I’d rather know if something isn’t working for you than not know, my feelings won’t be hurt. I like to be verbal and dominant, but talking back isn’t a kink. If you don’t like a suggestion or something I say, I’ll respect a simple ‘no’, and we can take breaks and chat, or whatever you need at any time, okay?”

“That works for me!”

“Okay then!” She put her left hand on the back of my head and started gently playing with my hair. She reached up with her right and gently grabbed my cheek. She leaned towards me and the hand behind my head pulled me towards her into a kiss. I closed my eyes and kissed back. She started with gentle lip kisses. Open mouth, gently taking my bottom lip into her mouth a few times. Then my top lip. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, and she seemed to sense this. Her left hand was still gently holding my head in place and she took one of my hands with her right, gently stroking the tops of my fingers.

The butterflies in my stomach were unreal. I could feel myself starting to breathe heavily. She pulled away, sucking on her own bottom lip. “Everything okay?”

“Mmhmm.” I nodded. She smiled and leaned back in. We breathed into each other’s mouths and I felt her tongue dart in and brush my own before pulling back to lick my bottom lip as she kissed it. When she opened her mouth again I met her tongue with mine, letting her gently lick the top and bottom of it. Her mouth tasted almost citrusy. A faint taste of lemons. Or maybe it was just my brain imagining things.

I pushed the thought of lemons out of my head when I felt my hips begin to ever so slightly wiggle. My face felt hot, and that same warmth was beginning to pulse through my pussy. My God, I was wet. The nervousness and anxiety were all releasing themselves Into unbridled desire. Our kissing became more intense. We clicked teeth and she pulled away laughing. I laughed and apologized but she just bit her lip and shook her head. She planted one more kiss on me and leaned forward to start taking her shoes off. “Let’s get more comfortable.”

I followed her lead and kicked the shoes off my feet as she stood up to unbutton her shirt. She was wearing a simple purple blouse over a pair of very tight-fitting black pants. I sat and watched her as she got to the bottom button. She motioned for me to stand up in front of her, took my hands, put them on the edges of her shirt and kissed me again. I slowly pulled my hands apart, opening her shirt wider. She spread her arms a bit and I slid them over the back of her shoulders. I let go and she gently shook her arms so they fell behind her.

Her hands slipped under the bottom of my first and gently ran up my sides and over my stomach. She took hold of it, stepped back, and pulled it over my head. I pushed my hair back out of my face and opened my eyes. She had the tiniest smirk on her face as she put her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. In one fluid movement, she brought her arms forward, let them slide down her arms and dropped it at my feet. Her tits were fucking beautiful. A little bit bigger than mine, nipples as hard as could be, sticking out in a way that made my mouth water. She then unbuttoned her pants, and quickly slid them down her long legs, kicking them away. Now I saw what she meant by wearing something special.

She had stockings on, three-quarters of the way up her thigh, a garter belt snug around her waist with little straps connecting it to the top of the stockings. In the middle of it all, bare skin. She had no underwear on. She looked freshly shaven. “Your turn.”

My eyes were darting all over her body. It took everything I had not to touch, but she wanted me naked too. The nerves came back, but I obliged. As I started to unhook my bra she stepped forward and turned me around unhooking it herself. I let it fall. She turned me back around to face her and unbutton my jeans. Pushed the zipper down, turned me around and dropped to her knees. She grabbed the sides of my jeans and gently wiggled them down. Lower, and lower until they were below my knees.

I stepped up with my left leg and she pulled them off. Then my right. She ran her hands up my bare legs, reaching around me to feel the front of my thighs. As she got higher, she slowly transitioned them to the sides of my legs, then finally my ass. She pushed up on both cheeks and gently squeezed, before slipping her fingers under the fabric and gently pulling those down as well. She stood up and turned me around. Locked eyes with me. Her bottom lip was firmly between her teeth. “You okay?” She asked.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.”

She pressed her body to mine, her left hand taking its place behind my head, pulling me into another long, deep kiss. Her hands ran up and down my sides, and I found myself doing the same to her. Her skin was amazingly soft, her back covered in the slightest bit of goosebumps. She pulled away looking me up and down. She turned her back to me and walked towards the other side of the couch. My eyes finally lowered to her perfect ass. Slight red lines were left from the couch during our initial make-out session.

She bent down a bit, grabbed a pillow that had fallen on the floor and put it against the armrest. Sitting down, and then laying back, her head rested on the pillow. She put her arms above her head and said, “Come here, honey.” I didn’t really know what she meant, but I assumed on top of her. So I put my right knee over her legs, steadied myself on the back of the couch, and leaned down towards her. She brought her arms up and gently pulled my face towards hers.

The gentle, tender kisses continued, this time her tongue taking complete control of mine. I had my right hand underneath her arm, and she grabbed my left hand and put it gently onto her right tit. Instinctively squeezing it a bit, I felt the little pressure of her nipple in the palm of my hand. I wrapped my right arm around her, squeezed, and rubbed her right boob, then her left. Letting my hand explore her entire chest and lower neck.

All the while, those deep and gentle kisses. That tongue wrapping around mine again and again. She stopped kissing and I noticed her breathing had gotten heavier. “Show me what you already know how to do.”

She pulled her arms up above her head again. I looked down at her tits, sitting up and bit so I could really play with them using both hands. I was straddling her waist.

A sudden moment of clarity hit me. I realized where I was and what I was doing. I felt really awkward, listening to her gentle moans and at the end of her long breaths. Her eyes were closed, her head leaned back. Her hands were clenched into fists and every little squeeze, pull, and caress I gave her made the moans a little bit louder. I shuffled my hips down, took a deep breath, and leaned forward. Her left nipple approached my mouth. I closed my eyes, opened my lips slightly, and kissed it. A little moan. I kissed it some more. Another moan. I could feel myself finally letting go. Getting wetter. My face felt hotter by the second. This was it. It finally hit me. And I went all in.

I opened my mouth and started to suck her nipple gently. I flicked my tongue all over it, and eagerly hopped over to her other tit. Lick, suck, nibble. Suck, nibble, lick. I don’t know how much time I spent on her chest, back and forth between her nipples again and again, but I couldn’t get enough. She shifted her body up a bit, and told me to stretch my legs out and lay against her. I gently rested my body down on hers. She wrapped her left arm around me and held my head against her breast with her right.

I snuggled in, never letting her nipple leave my mouth. I put my free hand against her other breast. Gently squeezing, lightly pulling her nipple on occasion.

She started stroking my hair. Kissed me on the top of the head. I just kept sucking, licking, nibbling. The first time she said “Good girl” I could have passed out. But the biggest takeaway here was how safe I felt. Secure? Comfortable? Protected? I don’t really know. I remember never feeling this sort of comfort during a sexual encounter that wasn’t with a legitimate partner. We’d been naked for maybe 15 minutes and the way she held me was magical. The way she kissed my head. Caressed my hair. Guided my mouth to her nipples, her breasts, and collarbone. It all felt so… good. Like nothing was wrong.

I felt like she had no expectations. Didn’t feel like a one-night stand for some dickhead. I wasn’t being manipulated into doing this because of our relationship. She was letting me explore and guiding me just as I requested.

I felt respected. And when she stopped stroking my hair and put her right hand between her legs, I felt wanted. And when she lifted my chin from her breast, looked me in the eye and nodded ever so slightly, I felt needed. She didn’t have to say anything. She needed to cum. Her mouth was open, she was breathing heavily, and her face flushed with just a hint of red. I closed my eyes and shuffled down. Kissed her on the stomach just below her breasts. I felt her drop her head back against the pillow. I kissed a little lower, leaving my hands on her tits.

“Oh, good girl”, she said after my third kiss landed just below her belly button. I leaned up again, on my knees on the couch as she pulled her legs out from under me. She dropped her left leg to the side, planting her foot on the floor. Her right leg rested on the back of the couch, and right in the middle was what I’d been after for so long. The thing I’d always, ALWAYS wanted to do. It was finally about to happen. I watched her body gently rise and fall from her breathing. My left hand went instinctively between my legs – I couldn’t help it. I was soaking wet, and for a second all I wanted to do was just watch her sprawled out on the couch and rub my clit. But not yet.

I put her right hand on the leg she had up on the couch. Her black stockings were soft, but nothing compared to her thighs. I ran my hand slowly into her inner thigh, gently squeezing. Not wanting to seem too eager, but I couldn’t help myself. I turned my hand over and rang my middle and ring fingers up her pussy. The sense of familiarity surprised me. Considering my other hand was on my own, it’s funny thinking back to how my first thought was “I’m touching a vagina right now.”

I worked my knees backwards and tried to lean forward, but we were officially out of room on the couch. I tried turning my body to face the back of the couch and leaning down at an angle, but my clumsy ass headbutted her in the ankle. We both started laughing and she sat up. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me again. She had me get up and sat back right in the middle of the couch. “Wanna just get down right there? Will that work for you?”

I nodded and said “Yeah, I think so”, and dropped to my knees. I sat back on my feet a bit, crossed my ankles and brushed the crazy hairs out of my face. She put her foot on the top of my thigh, and her other leg fell to the side. She had her tits in each hand. “You sure you’re okay?” I must have looked apprehensive. “Yeah, of course. I just don’t know where to start.”

She dropped her foot from my thigh to the floor, and slowly opened her legs all the way. “You’ve thought about this for a long time, right? So do all the things you fantasize about. I’ll guide you. You have nothing to worry about.” I nodded my head. Putting my hands on the floor in front of me, I leaned in. I scooted my knees and hands up a bit. A bit more. She put her hand on my head. That familiar feeling of her guiding me. She stroked my hair and told me how cute I was. I giggled at that. Closed my eyes. Opened my mouth, leaning. Leaning. I pushed my tongue just to the edge of my mouth.

Contact. I pulled my tongue back, closed my lips and pulled away with a kiss. Quickly pushed my head forward for another. And another. All from slightly different angles. She let out a loud, breathy, almost raspy “Oh my god” and took her hand away from the back of my head. I opened my mouth and pressed it to her, my tongue finally taking charge. Letting my lips and tongue explore every bit of her. I found her clit, pressed my open mouth over it, and flicked at it with my tongue. A tiny little lump. So warm, so soft. So wet. “I’m eating a fucking pussy right now” echoed in my head again, and again, and again. And I fucking loved it.

My mouth wasn’t used to this, so I had to take a few breaks here and there. But every time I stopped and pulled away to catch my breath, or put my hands on her, she would moan with just a hint of frustration. She told me to hold on and stood up from her sitting position. Telling me to scoot back a bit, she positioned herself right in front of me. “Keep going.”

I put my hands on my knees, angled my mouth underneath her and went back to work. She put her hand on my head, and I could feel her grinding her hips into my face. Nothing rough, but gently pushing and pulling against my open mouth. Her moans were getting louder, and she kept holding her breath. Familiar sounds.

She eventually took a slight step back. I looked up at her, wiping both my slobber and her wetness from my chin and mouth. “Do you want to try something?” I nodded. She squatted down and kissed me. I shoved my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself on me. “I want you to eat my ass.” She blurted out between kisses.

My brain didn’t comprehend it at the moment. I just kept kissing her. She pulled back, gave me that pussy-shattering look in the eye, and said “Eat my ass, honey.” And before I knew it, she’d turned around, knees on the couch, arms on the back of the couch, with her amazingly perfect ass maybe a foot from my face. She turned around, “Just start like normal and work your way up.” The gravity of this situation hit me. I can’t say I was unenthusiastic about the prospect, but saying “flag” suddenly became a viable option here.

I’m a girl that loves ass and titties. Licking and sucking the titties I was on board with. But the ass? As in, asshole? Uhm.

She could sense my apprehension a bit. She flipped back around and sat on the couch. “Are you okay? Too much?” I nodded that I was and explained that it just took me by surprise. She acknowledged it and said, “That’s okay. How about you just keep going like normal? And if YOU feel like it, work your way up and go for it. I don’t take charge this time.” I agreed to this, she kissed me on the forehead and said, “You feel amazing by the way. You’re going to make me cum so fucking hard.” And with that, she assumed her previous position.

I inched forward. She did have a fucking perfect ass. And I could see every inch of her this way. I can’t claim to be completely against eating her ass. Especially with the whole thing right in my face, I was curious. I reached up with both hands, took each cheek in them and squeezed. Leaning in, I kissed the left side. Kissed it again. Then the right side. Kissed it again. And again. Covering as much area as I could in kisses and gentle licks. As I was kissing and squeezing, she was very slowly wiggling her ass back and forth and I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her apart just a bit and dove in.

It was a lot harder to find the clit from a backward, upside-down angle, and even harder to really lick and suck on it. I felt her fingers touch my chin and realized she was rubbing her clit herself. So I put my attention elsewhere. I ran my tongue up and down, pushing it inside her a few times. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”. Tongue up, tongue down, tongue in, tongue out. “God. Fuck.” Tongue down, up, out, and in. “I’m so fucking close. You’re gonna make me cum. I’m so fucking close.”

Horny brain won out. Knowing she was about to cum, horny brain won out. I pulled her ass closer to my face, shifted my head and mouth up, and ran the flat of my tongue up and over her little asshole. “Good fucking girl, fuck, fuck” And again. Just breathing now. Again. Short bursts of breath.

Tongue up, tongue down, tongue in, tongue out.

Her midsection was convulsing. She wasn’t making any noise.

Tongue down, tongue up, tongue out, tongue in.

A long breath escaped her. Half moan. Half stifled scream.

I flicked my tongue in circles, and up and down her ass. Squeezing each side of it and sinking my nails into her skin, I kept licking and prodding.

I didn’t want it to stop. But her shaking and convulsions slowed down. She wasn’t rubbing her clit anymore. She was resting her forehead on her arms. I just kept licking. Tonguing. She kept letting out these cute little whimpery moans.

So. I just kept eating her ass. She seemed to have no intention of putting a stop to it and I was absolutely loving it. I couldn’t help myself and used my left hand to rub my own clit. It was hard to focus on two things at once and she caught on to what I was doing. She finally pulled away and sat down on the couch, her face absolutely beaming. She watched me until I finally finished myself, on my knees, hand between my legs.

The moments after the whole encounter feel like a blur. We sat on the couch together naked. Gently touching each other’s bodies, kissing. She grabbed her phone and had me put my phone number in it so we didn’t have to use email to communicate.

Before we got to put our clothes back on, she explained to me that a major kink she’s developed is having her ass eaten while she brings herself to orgasm, and her goal was to orgasm purely from having it eaten or fucked. She asked if I’d want to help her achieve that goal and I happily obliged. As I started to get dressed, she opened her desk drawer and pulled out a pair of black panties. Hers. The ones she’d been missing when I saw her naked for the first time.

She stood in front of me, squatted down, and had me step into them. Left leg. Then the right. She slowly slid them up my legs, over my ass, and popped them snugly against my waist. Giving me one little kiss on the skin right above the waistline, she grabbed my own pair from the floor. She wriggled them on and continued getting dressed. Said nothing. Didn’t mention what just transpired. Nothing. So I followed suit and put all of my clothes on… very aware that we were wearing one another’s panties.

Before I left we decided on a schedule. Every Tuesday and Thursday I was to come to her office at 9 AM, remove all of my clothes, and get on my knees at the edge of the couch. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 AM I was to come to her office, remove all of my clothes, get on my knees at the edge of the couch, and eat her ass for as long as she needed.

Of course, I’d be rewarded for my hard work, but only if my work was considered worth rewarding. She kissed me one more time and sent me on my way.

I couldn’t help but feel slightly more demeaned as the day went on. Used, even. And now I was agreeing to be, what – her personal ass eater? I wasn’t sure how to process everything at the time, but there was a part of me that liked it. Loved it, actually. I was game for whatever she wanted me to do.

She and I explored just about everything under the sun in the next two years. A lot of things we loved (free use, ABDL/ANR/ABF, bondage) and some things we’re glad we tried but never did more than once, (pee, pain, etc.).

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