I was a free use and dominated by my boyfriend for over 12 hours. I came more than 80 times!

A few years ago I was dating a guy that spent most of his time playing video games. I’d go to his place on the weekends. Our days would pretty much be him gaming until I interrupted him for sex. Then repeating and throwing some meals in there until he crashed for the night. He wasn’t very kinky when we met, but nine months in he had learned enough and bought himself some gear.

One Saturday he surprised me. I had been out of town the weekend before. Without his regular weekly cum slut, he got frustrated. I woke up that morning to the sound of velcro as he was preparing our four-corner bed restraints. When I opened my eyes I saw him smirk. Without a word, he cuffed my ankle and reached across to grab the next one. Not wanting to ruin the moment I didn’t say anything and let him move up to my arms.

When he was done he kissed me good morning and went to turn on his computer. I was a little annoyed he didn’t get me going right away. But not knowing when he was going to use me had me turned on. After his first game, he came back to the bed. I was left tied up for what felt like half an hour. He started by running his hands up and down the inside of my thigh. Then suddenly he took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. I started squirming and he bit down hard.

A fun thing about me is I’m hyper-orgasmic. So rather than orgasm denial my doms tend to go for forced orgasms and see how many they can get. I’m also incredibly lucky that I can cum from nipple stimulation. All this to say he had me cumming in no less than 3 minutes. Once I stopped moving around he stood up and pulled down his boxers. I opened my mouth and he moved up to the head of the bed.

He was never very rough with me, but without the use of my hands, he face fucked me for the first time. I’ll never forget his moans as he hit the back of my throat over and over again. As I started drooling down my chin he pulled out and came on my stomach. He smiled, pulled up his boxers, and sat back down at his desk.

He started playing another game and I was back to waiting. This time I was paying attention to the sounds of the game trying to guess how much longer it was going to take. I don’t know if he noticed, but he played two rounds that time. It felt like torture. Until I saw him push his chair back and start walking over to the bed. His fingers went right for my clit. He kissed me while rubbing in circles and I felt lighting bolts hit every inch of my body. Suddenly his hands disappeared and I whimpered. He laughed and stuck two fingers in my pussy. He fingered me until I came 3 more times, kissed me again, and went back to his game.

It wasn’t until a few more rounds of this that he fucked me. I had taken another load of cum on my chest and swallowed a third. It was time for a creampie, my favourite. I was so wet that he didn’t need to move me to find a good angle. He just got on top of me and slipped his cock right in. While his gaming addiction was annoying, his cock made up for it. All cocks can get the job done. Sometimes you find one that just fits like a glove and hits that spot every single time, and that was his for me.

This time was different though. He was using me not just fucking me. His hands moved over me with seemingly no direction and his pace were fast and hard. I was in heaven. He kept going until he came inside me and sat back on the bed without a word. When he got up instead of just sitting down at his desk he got a towel and cleaned himself off. He threw it on top of me knowing I couldn’t do anything with it and sat back down at his desk to play.

I can’t tell you how many times I came that day, I lost count somewhere around 80. He didn’t undo the cuffs until around 10 that night. I had been tied up for 12 hours by then. Covered in cum and sweat. And I had to lean on him when walking over to the shower where I sat on the floor and just let the water run over me for a while. When I could stand again I washed myself off before getting back in bed and falling asleep. He used me one more time that night but I slept through it. I woke up on Sunday with another creampie and him telling me about how hot it was to use me while I was sleeping.

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