Skinny Dipping With a Friend Led to Finally Hooking Up

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Skinny dipping with a friend to whom I was attracted led to us hooking up on the beach for the first time.

Last summer one of my male friends (Tom) and I did a little trip around Scotland. And we decided to go skinny dipping at a secluded loch. At this point, we were just friends and had never hooked up before. But there had always been a lot of sexual tension between us. I think we both were hoping this trip could lead to more.

Tom was more worried about the cold water but I just went straight for it. Walking towards the loch, and pulling off my clothing as I went. From where Tom stood still hesitating, he would have seen the pale skin of my back revealed as I peeled off my top and let it drop to the beach. Next, right at the water’s edge, I let my pants drop, exposing my ass to him. I can’t deny I got a thrill knowing he was seeing me naked. And thinking his cock might be starting to twitch inside his jeans at the show I was giving him.

Looking over my shoulder I glanced back at him. “You joining me then?”

He didn’t need to tell twice. In a moment he was pulling his clothes off and moving down the beach towards me. I was wading out into the water now, gasping as the cold waves lapped around me.

“Jesus! It’s freezing!” Tom yells out as he enters the water.

I turn back towards him laughing. Indistinctively Tom moved his hands down to cover his cock from my gaze. The cold water probably wasn’t doing him any favours in that department, but honestly, I didn’t care. I was just very happy to be finally getting to see what he looked like under his clothes!

“You get used to it once you’re right in and have swum a bit. It’ll start to feel good, I promise. Trust me.” I wink at him and then dived down right under the water.

Gritting his teeth he took the plunge and let the water engulf him as he took a few breaststrokes forward.

I’ve done quite a bit of wild swimming in Scotland. Though it feels really cold when you first get in, you do get used to it quickly!

“See, I told you so” I teased him placing my hands on his bare chest. With the water dripping off him, he was looking so sexy and I just couldn’t resist touching him.

A look passed between us and the next thing I know he was leaning forward. I felt his lips brush against mine. That was all it took and a moment later we were kissing passionately, his tongue gently exploring my mouth. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around him in the water. It was shallow enough for him to stand and he braced himself against the bottom of the loch as I clung to him, legs around his waist and arms draping over his neck.

My breasts were above the water now and my nipples were really hard from the cold. I pressed against his chest as water ran down between us. Despite the cold, I felt him growing hard against me. Feeling his dick stiffening, I pulled myself even closer to him, so that my pussy was now grazing his hard cock. His hands ran down my wet back, coming to stop on my ass, which he squeezed as he pressed himself closer still. The water was lapping around us as I started rolling my hips, small moans escaping my lips.

Letting my legs untangle themselves from him I took his hand indicating he should follow me out of the water. On the banks, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a large towel which I wrapped around us both so that our naked bodies were pressed together again. Leaning down he kissed me, a long lingering kiss that took my breath away. The overcast sky had parted, and warm beams of sunlight shot down onto our bare shoulders. It was pretty romantic!

On a little thicket of grass to the side of the beach we put the blanket we’d brought down, and I lay on top of it gazing back up at him. Letting him see me fully naked now. Pale smooth skin, with swirls of dark red over my shoulders where my wet hair wrapped itself around them. My nipples were still hard, and my large breasts were covered in beads of water. And below my stomach a small neatly trimmed bush. Without breaking eye contact I slowly began to open my legs. Revealing my pussy to him, feeling his eyes on me.

Tom got down on his knees and began running his lips up the inside of my thigh, teasing me with his tongue as he got ever closer to the top. I was rolling my hips now in anticipation, pushing myself closer to him. At the top of my thigh, he paused, his face inches away from my pussy. I was arching my back, longing for his touch and finally, he indulged me, moving his mouth down until his tongue met my clit. My body shuddered on contact and I let out a soft moan.

Moving his tongue back and forth he pressed against me, my body responding to his touch. I was getting wet now, my juices running into his mouth. He took two fingers and let them slide inside me, pressing up against the inside of my pussy as he continued to work my clit with his tongue. My legs were shaking, my moans getting louder and he could tell I was getting close. With one last thrust of his fingers, my body began convulsing and I let out an earth-shattering cry, my clit still firmly pressed against his tongue as I came.

The shudders grew smaller as my orgasm subsided and he laid back to look me in the eyes. Slowly he pulled himself up my body and leaned over to kiss me. Passing my juices back into my mouth as our tongues slid together. His rock-hard cock was now pressed against the top of my thigh so he could feel the wetness from my cum sliding against his shaft. His fingers traced the outline of my breast before he moved his head down and took my hard nipple in his mouth. My breath was growing heavy again and I started running my fingers down his back, my nails lightly scratching the surface of his skin.

Adjusting his body he moved so the head of his cock was pressed against my clit, I moaned in pleasure on feeling his hardness pushing against me. Slowly we moved our bodies in unison, rubbing ourselves against one another.

“I want to feel you inside me” I whispered

At that, Tom seemed to get even harder. Without breaking eye contact he slid himself into me. My warm tight pussy enveloped him.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as I felt his hard cock enter me.

He was working his hips, his shaft sliding smoothly in and out of my wet pussy, slowly at first, but as the sensations grew he began thrusting harder and deeper. I was crying out now, a deep throaty cry filled with desire. If there was anyone else in the area there was no doubt they’d have heard. But I was beyond caring, the intensity of the feelings overwhelming me. Our bodies seemed in perfect synchronisation, gyrating together, hands clutching at each other with an almost desperate need.

“fuck yes, I’m going to cum again” I moaned breathlessly as my entire body began to shake in his arms.

“I’m close as well. Can I cum inside you?” he asks

“Yes, I want to feel you filling me up” I whimpered.

Another deep thrust and my pussy is convulsing around his cock, tightening with contractions as I’m cumming. That was enough to set him off, he pushed deeply into me as he released his hot load. Panting we clung on to each other tight as our bodies shook in a mutual climax.

As the high subsided I found him gazing down into my eyes. He was still inside me, his cock slowly beginning to soften again. Leaning down he tenderly kissed the top of my head and brushed a stray fiery hair from my brow.

Rolling off me he stretched out on his back atop the blanket and I tucked myself under his arm, my head resting against his chest. The sun was beating down on us now, our bodies slick with sweat from the exhortation.

“So, that’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time” Tom proclaimed with a rueful smile.

“Same!” I retorted. Smiling I snuggled in closer to him and kissed his chest.

We still had a good few days left of our holiday and now that we had finally crossed the hooking-up boundary we certainly made the most of the rest of our time together.

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