Cheating on Cheating Husband During High School Reunion

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I cheated on my cheating husband during high school reunion with my crush while I was pregnant.

I stood outside the building for just a moment, closing my eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths. You can do this, it’s just your high school reunion. Don’t be a pussy, just go inside.

I opened my eyes and opened the door, stepping into the restaurant and looking for my friends and not-so-friends. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since most of us last saw each other. I tried not to think of all the accomplishments everybody else could brag about, when all I had to show for those 10 years was an unused bachelors degree, 2 kids and some stretch marks.

Marrying straight out of college had seemed so romantic when I thought he was the love of my life. Now, at 28 and having just discovered I’m pregnant again, with a cheating husband who was disgusted by my pregnant body and breastfeeding tits, I often found myself wondering if I’d made the wrong choice.

Maybe “the love of my life” was just “wrong guy, right time” and I had missed out on whatever life after graduation might have sent my way. I pushed these depressing thoughts away… it was going to be hard enough to get through this night without alcohol. Feeling sad about my shitty marriage wasn’t going to help either. Especially when I knew my classmates would be asking where he was tonight. How am I supposed to answer that? “Oh, he didn’t want to come.” Or “He’s working late.” Or “he’s fucking his secretary and thinks I don’t know.” Whatever the answer, I know I’d either see smugness or pity in their eyes.

I saw the Sarahs coming my way (hated those bitches 10 years ago, definitely don’t want to talk to them now), so I headed to the bar to desperately find something my pregnant ass could drink.

There he was sitting at the bar, the kid we all crushed on in high school. Prom King, baseball star, rich parents, every girl’s dream. We were just friends in school, but I would’ve dropped my panties instantly with just a word from him. In fact, I remembered and tried not to blush, I’d gotten a little tipsy in college and sent him some naughty Snapchats once upon a time. He’d never said anything about it, but he’d screenshotted them all.

He turned as I walked up to the bar and gave me his trademark smile. “Long time no see, Sport,” he said, using his obnoxious nickname for me. “Same to you, Squirt,” I answered, laughing as I remembered that I used to be taller than him our freshman year. Certainly not anymore… I’m pretty tall for a woman, but he must’ve kept growing in college and grad school because he towered over me now. Still handsome as fuck, with that lean, powerful musculature that apparently didn’t go away after high school baseball was long done.

“How the hell are you?” He said, pulling me into a bear hug. We kept in touch via Facebook, but hadn’t texted or called each other since my wedding. Ironically, my husband was worried about me cheating.

“Oh you know, surviving. Toddlers are fucking brutal, man.” I said, ordering a Sprite with lemon and trying to ignore the bar tender rolling his eyes. “How are things at the hospital?”

“Crazy, but that’s nothing unusual,” he said, paying for my drink and giving me another smile. “I like the ER, but lately I’ve been considering joining a local practice and just doing primary care. I’m getting too old for that kind of excitement,” he laughed, hinting at another of our inside jokes. His birthday was 2 days before mine, so I’d always called him an old man and he’d always called me a little kid. “Where’s whats-his-name?”

I cringed before I could stop myself, and then plastered on a fake smile and tried to answer cheerfully. “You know what his name is, Squirt, you were at the wedding. But he couldn’t make it tonight. He… had to stay home”

“Is everything ok?” He asked, concern crinkling around his eyes. “Is he treating you well?”

Goddamn pregnancy hormones. I took one look at his gorgeous, genuinely concerned face and burst into tears. “I’m fine, I’m really fine. It’s all ok, I just… I just gotta get out of here.” Dropping my drink on the nearest table, I hustled out the back door to the parking lot.

I was fumbling for my keys when I heard him calling my name and chasing after me. “Hey, let me drive you home,” he said, striding over and covering my trembling fingers with his steady hands. “I don’t want you to be alone right now.”

“I told the babysitter I wouldn’t be back until midnight. I’ll just… I’ll just hang out with her.”

“Why do you have a babysitter if your husband is at home?”

“Because he’s not at home. My husband is cheating with his girlfriend he thinks I don’t know about. She’s 20 and gorgeous and has perky little tits that have never been nursed on and… and… and you would rather be with her than me, too I’m sure.” I finished, wondering where the hell that came from.

He wrapped me in a hug, whispered soothing words, and rubbed my back while I tried to compose myself. Just that little bit of contact, a platonic hug and a pat on the back, was enough to arouse my stupid hormone-ridden body. I tried to pull away before he could feel my nipples harden through my flimsy bralette… a stupid choice for a woman with too-big tits that were already swelling in the early stages of pregnancy.

But he held me even closer, and then tipped my face up to look at him. “He never deserved you, you know,” he said, shaking his head. “You deserve someone worships you.”

I laughed at that. Worships me and my worn-out body? Yeah ok. “Thanks,” I said, shakily, and tried again to break the hug. “I’ll make sure my next lover prefers stretch marks and big swollen boobs.”

At that, I felt his body stiffen and his arms clenched around me even more. I was mortified by what I’d just said, and nearly burst into tears again. “Jesus, sorry that was gross. I don’t know why I said it, I’m… I’m sorry, I’m not myself lately. I gotta get out of here.” I pushed at his arms, trying desperately to get away, when I felt his cock against my thigh. He was hard. Like, really hard.

I stopped struggling and looked up at his face. His eyes burned into mine, and as I wiggled against his erection, they flashed even hotter. Slowly, his mouth descended on mine and I nearly burst into flames.

He kissed me like I was water and he was dying of thirst. Corny as fuck, but that’s the only way to describe how hungrily and greedily he took my mouth. His tongue ravished mine, thrusting and twirling and mimicking all the things I’d like him to do to my now dripping-wet pussy. I moaned into his mouth and clutched at his arms, kissing him like it was the end of the world.

He broke away, his breathing heavy and rough. “You’ve got until midnight, right?” he said, running his hands over my ultra-sensitive breasts. “Come back to my place until then.”

How could I say no? I nodded and followed him to his car, smiling shyly as he opened the door for me and then sprinted to the other side. He drove like a mad man, his concentration torn between getting home fast as he could and teasing my pussy through my jeans and my nipples through my sweater. I stroked his cock through his pants and tried to convince myself that this was really happening.

We pulled into his driveway and practically ran to the house. He pushed me up against the front door and squeezed my tits with one hand while he unlocked the door with the other. As soon as we got inside, he laid me down on the floor and started stripping my clothes off.

First my sweater went over my head. “I’ve been thinking about this for years,” he said, sliding my jeans down and caressing my legs. “Ever since you sent me those Snapchats, I’ve wanted to see you. Wanted to see these,” he growled, ripping my lacy bralette and releasing my engorged breasts into his hands.

He was straddling my hips and staring down at me, not saying anything. I began to panic, knowing how disappointing it must be to want my 21 year old pre-baby body and get my 28 year old pregnant self instead. My husband certainly had made sure I knew how much of a downgrade it was. “Sorry, they’re… they’re not the same after the babies. I can… I can put my sweater back on. Or… or I can just leave.”

He startled, like I’d broken his concentration. Then, as my words sank in he fiercely shook his head and reached for my breasts. “They’re perfect,” he groaned, “even bigger than the pictures. God, your nipples are just begging for me to suck them.”

His mouth on my breasts nearly made me cum right there on the entryway floor. He licked and kissed and suckled until my already swollen nipples were a deep red, puffy, and exquisitely sensitive. “I’ve jacked off to those pictures for years. But they were nothing compared to this.”

“How about an updated photograph, then?” I said, starting to feel bold and sexy for the first time in years. I laid back and put my hands over my head, knowing that this pose showed off the girls to their best advantage. He took out his phone and snapped several pictures, with and without his hands on my tits.

“Your pussy.” He said, his voice dark and kind of rough.

“What about it?” I said, feeling powerful and coy.

“Let me see it,” he groaned, almost begging. I nodded, and let my legs drift open. I could feel his breath on my cunt as he pulled my panties down my legs and threw them into the kitchen.

Slowly, so slowly, he ran a finger up from my slit, pausing to circle my clit. I moaned and wriggled on the floor, trying to remember the last time I’d been touched so gently. “You’re so fucking wet” he said, nearly breathless. “Do you taste as good as you look?”

I didn’t have time to think before his tongue was in my pussy. Thrusting deep into my hole, then trailing fire up my lips and then torturing my clit. He licked and kissed and flicked my clit, while squeezing my tits with both hands and moaning into my pussy. Then, just as my orgasm was building, he thrust two fingers into my cunt and sucked my clit. I came with a shriek, as my pussy clenched around his fingers and my thighs clenched around his head. He continued sucking and thrusting and squeezing my tits, prolonging my orgasm until I thought I might pass out. Finally he let me down gently, and I laid back against the cold tile floor, my legs feeling like jelly as they fell open again.

I heard him taking a few more pictures of my tits and my juicy, pink, throbbing pussy, and then I heard him taking off his clothes.

“Your turn now,” I said, opening my eyes and smiling.

“That was my turn,” he smirked, as he scooped me up off the floor and carried me to his bedroom. I perched on the edge of the bed and reached out to stroke his cock.

“You weren’t kidding when you used to make those big dick jokes, were you? This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” I said, eyeing his hot, hard, impossibly large erection.

“Actually, I’m only a little about average,” he said, trying not to look pleased about my revelation. He was inches longer than my husband, and much thicker too. Even after having two babies, my pussy was pretty tight. This rod was going to wreck me.

Ignoring the gush of wetness I had at that thought, I turned him around and pushed him to sit on the bed so I could kneel in front of him. I worked his cock with both hands, making eye contact while I slowly swirled the precum around the tip. His dick twitched in my hands, and I felt his thigh muscles tighten on either side of me. Without breaking eye contact, I pushed his cock through my puckered lips.

My husband rarely wanted to fuck me, but he never turned down a blowjob. And I was good at them, too. I gave this one my all, swirling my tongue around the head while stroking with both hands, licking up and kissing and down his shaft while gently squeezing his balls, then finally looking into his eyes while I took him deep into my throat. He groaned and threaded his fingers through my hair, swearing and whispering nonsense words. Jesus fuck, his cock was so much bigger than my husband’s. I thought my gag reflex was non-existent after years of marriage, but I choked on his rod before I could even swallow the whole thing.

When he heard me choking, he grabbed my face and pulled me up off his cock. “Are you alright?” he asked, looking worried. “You don’t have to blow me. I’d rather be inside you.”

I had been ready to dive right back into that blowjob, but the words ‘inside you’ made my pussy throb. I smiled and said “Whatever you say.” And hopped up on the bed next to him.

We laid down, side by side, and kissed each other while our hands explored. Between kisses and gasps, we whispered dirty talk through smiling lips, confessing all the unspeakable things we wanted to do to each other.

Finally, he dug around in his dresser drawer and took out a condom. I reached out and stopped him as he was about to open it, biting my lip and thinking about how to tell him I wanted him raw.

“Are you clean?” I asked, trying not to blush. “I mean, have you been STI tested lately?”

“Yeah, I get tested regularly and to be honest, it’s been awhile since I got laid too… but I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“I’m already pregnant,” I said, smiling and hoping he wouldn’t be disgusted by the confession. “I’m already pregnant, so I want you to cum inside me.”

I barely got the words out before he was on top of me, kissing and sucking my lips, my neck, my breasts, whatever he could reach. “Congratulations,” he said, smiling like a kid on Christmas. “I guess it’s my lucky day.”

He backed off to stand on the floor, and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He put my legs up on his shoulders, and began to rub his bare cock up and down my dripping-wet pussy, paying extra attention to my swollen, sensitive clit. I moaned and thrashed, begging him to fuck me.

And then he did. In one smooth thrust, he pushed his entire rod inside me. I screamed with pain and pleasure, and he gritted his teeth. “Holy shit you’re tight. I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be this tight.” He stayed still, balls-deep in my cunt, trying to give me time to adjust to his massive cock. He pulled out slowly, inch by devastating inch, leaving me feeling empty and needy, until only the head was still inside me. Then he reached around my legs and squeezed my breasts, roughly pinching my nipples while he thrust forward again.

I was in ecstasy, as he began to roughly thrust in and out. His cock was reaching places that had never been touched before. He was filling me up and hitting my g-spot like I’d never known was possible. I was moaning like a porn star, begging him to fuck me and use me and wreck my pussy.

He grabbed one of my breasts with one hand, and then pinched my clit with his other hand and I came like I had never cum before. I clenched around his thick cock, as much as my stretched pussy could handle, and let out a scream. I’d always thought that squirting was just a porn thing, but with his head rammed into just the right spot, I squirted all over his cock and balls. The orgasm seemed to never end. Every time he moved and nudged my g-spot again, the waves and spasms of intense pleasure would start up again.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry…” I said, looking at the mess I’d made on his bed sheets.

“Are you kidding?” He said, turning me onto my stomach and crawling up on the bed to take me from behind. “That was the hottest fucking thing that’s even happened to me. And I’m not even finished yet.”

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he thrust himself back into my soaking, stretched, sensitive pussy. He pulled my hair and kissed my neck, roughly pushing himself deeper and deeper as I struggled to take him all again. Keeping one hand in my hair, his other hand trailed down from my neck to my breasts, and began to cup and pinch them in the same rhythm as his pounding cock. Slowly he dragged his hand down my body until he found my clit, and I whimpered as he roughly rubbed it, trapping my most sensitive spot between his hard cock and his relentless fingers.

“I’m going to cum in this pussy.” He said, pleasuring himself with my cunt. “It’s mine now, and it’s going to stay mine.”

“Fuck yes it’s yours,” I said, thinking about how I’d never had a cock that big inside of me.

“Cum with me. Claim me while I claim you.” He commanded, sucking my neck, pinching my nipple, and circling my clit while he pounded me from behind. I felt another indescribable orgasm building, just knowing that he was about to cum in my pussy.

Despite a relatively lackluster sex life I ended up pregnant 3 times because I fucking love creameries. I just love the feeling of a raw cock inside me at that final moment. This was going to be the best creampie of my life, and that was enough to send me over the edge again.

I came on his cock, clenching with my whole body. I could feel his cum spurting deep inside of me, as my spasming pussy pulled it in even deeper. He groaned and bit my shoulder as my cunt milked his cock for all its worth, mixing his juices with mine.

We collapsed forward onto the bed, his hard dick still inside of me. He groaned when he pulled out of me and watched our cum leaked out and dropped down over my clit and onto his sheets. He took another picture on his phone, then smiled and kissed me again like I was something precious.

“This pussy is mine,” he said, staring into my eyes and stroking my ruined cunt. “Your cheating husband doesn’t get another taste. He doesn’t deserve it and he doesn’t deserve you.”

“Oh? And you do?” I said, feeling smug and sleepy, wondering how much time we had before I needed to get back to the babysitter.

“I do. And we still have an hour and a half for me to prove it to you…” he said as if reading my mind, until my mind when blank at the feeing of his mouth on my nipples again. And that is how we started our loving affair.

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