Slutty photoshoot help from friend’s brother while we were practising twerking and how he fucked my ass.

“Do you seriously not know how to twerk?” Vina my friend asked me incredulously. Her disappointment was so palpable I felt a flash of shame heat my face.

“Stop laughing, you whore! I don’t get it, what am I doing wrong?”

I had practised twerking a couple of times in the past because it seemed like a right of passage for my generation. But I struggled to get the motion down perfectly. And apparently, it just looked like my ass was having some kind of fit.

“Just stop and watch again, Katie. You’re overcomplicating it”. She removed her ripped old jeans. Now just in a purple lace thong and tank top to free up her movement and give me a full view of the muscles in action. She squatted low to the floor with her back arched, hands on her knees, and ass out. And very slowly walked me through the process.

“Arch your back and pop your ass out like this. Then straighten your back and let your butt fall.”

The combination of her skilful display and the painfully patient instruction had me feeling like I was the slow girl at Whore University who needed extra attention from the professor after class. Weren’t we supposed to be taking slutty pics of each other for our Tinder profiles? When did this turn into a “picking up guys at the club” course?

I grabbed my phone, never taking my eyes off Vina for more than a second as she picked up the speed of her twerk and started throwing in advanced moves. Was this bitch rubbing it in, or does she just genuinely enjoy being a slut? I had known Vina for years. She was one of my closest friends, as well as the only friend who I felt came close to my level of “whoredom”. If it weren’t for the fact that she refused to take anything up her butt, I might have even considered her my equal.

I opened the camera on my phone and started taking slutty pictures of her. The camera was Vina’s best friend. As if she hadn’t been slutting it up enough already, she craned her head towards me, bit her lip, and gave the camera a look that said, “bet you wish this ass was bouncing on your dick”.

“Perfect, Vina, now try being a little less of a prude,” I said, making myself laugh at my dumb joke. Vina’s face went from exasperation to resignation and she said, “Fine, get your whore uniform on”. Finally! I grabbed the matching bra and panty set I had excitedly wrenched from their flimsy Amazon packaging just moments before we got sidetracked with the twerking lesson, and hurriedly put them on. Perfect fit!

I assumed a knees-closed doggy-style position on the floor, arching my back hard and putting my face to the floor. A few guys I had been with in the past seemed to love me in this position. As it causes both my holes to point almost directly upwards in a way that calls out to them.

“Hey! Can you see us well enough from back there? Hurry up and pick one of us!”. It makes me feel sexy and slutty. I wanted to see how it would translate with my new outfit barely covering anything up.

Vina was doing her best to get some quality pics from different angles. But just a few seconds in I started to turn myself on a bit and found myself slowly wagging my ass back and forth like I would have been if I were beckoning a guy to come to rail me. “Katie, hold still, what the fuck”, she laughed.

“Seriously I am going to come over there and stick my finger in your ass if you don’t hold still”. Vina has wanted to fuck me for as long as I can remember. But she knows I’m super straight and, for the most part(lol), respects it. She likes to threaten me when I’m pissing her off though, which can be a little more fun than I care to admit to her.


The voice of Vina’s brother, Zach, caused both of us to turn our heads. Me still in my doggy-style position– toward the source of the sound. “Why are you home already?.” Vina said, not giving two shits about her brother seeing both of us practically naked and slutting it up in his living room.

“What are you doing?” He responded, ignoring Vina’s question.

Interestingly, he seemed much more comfortable looking at his half-naked sister than he did at my bent-over ass barely covered by a thin, and very strained piece of fabric. Something about that irritated me. Their relationship was not your typical sibling relationship, but I definitely wouldn’t call it flat-out incestuous. They were more so… uncomfortably comfortable with each other.

I assumed that Zach’s desire to fuck me, which he had made clear over the years, was causing him a bit of hesitation to overtly perv out on me too much at this moment. I wouldn’t call him shy, but he definitely suffered a bit too much from Nice Guy syndrome. And he had yet to make any kind of direct move on me. Maybe he felt he needed some kind of permission from his sister. Who knows.

“I’m teaching Katie how to twerk. And we are doing a slutty photoshoot”

I don’t know why she didn’t just tell him what we were doing. Drinking and taking slutty pics that we’d probably never end up posting anywhere. But I suddenly had a feeling that Vina was pimping me out to her brother. Did she figure that, if she told him she was teaching me how to twerk, he would want to help judge and have a reason to stare at my ass without feeling like a perv? The mind games these two played were hard to follow sometimes.

“Seriously? …Can I watch?” he asked. Failing to hide his excitement fully, but also seemed hesitant in getting involved while his sister was still there wearing barely anything. Well shit, if she had a plan, then I guess maybe it worked! I hid my grin from Zach and got back to a standing squat, playing the part Vina had decided to cast me in. Now wasn’t the time to make a fool of myself trying to twerk though. Instead, I decided I would put on my best stripper dance, and just throw in some twerk-Esque, ass-shaking moves somewhere along the way.

“Sit on the couch, perv” Vina instructed Zach. “Don’t touch your dick, I don’t need to see that”. Poor Zach was rev’d up already and trying to adjust himself without us noticing. But his sister caught him and would never miss an opportunity to embarrass him for it. I love getting guys hard at times when it’s uncomfortable for them. I felt my enthusiasm to put on a good show grow in tandem with Zach’s obviously hardening dick.

Vina queued up some club music on her Bluetooth speaker and instructed me to “get to work”. As the all-too-familiar feeling of a potential fuck session resulting from this escalating series of events hit me, I suddenly found myself committing to getting Zach to make a move on me before the night was over. If he doesn’t make a move tonight, I told myself, then he probably never would. I put my hands on my knees and started my best, twerk-free stripper dance for him. Vina already getting to work on taking pictures, and no doubt enjoying the show herself.

I knew if I glanced back at Zach too soon then he might feel overly vulnerable before his hormones had a chance to take control of his decision-making and thought process. So I kept my eyes forward and slowly escalated the sluttiness of my dance. “I thought you said you were teaching her how to twerk?” Zach said inquisitively. I was momentarily shocked that he would interrupt the dance I was giving him to remind us of this. But then considered that, since he is such a Nice Guy, maybe he was just trying to validate his presence there. Maybe he felt the need to remind me he was there for a “legitimate” reason?

Vina, not missing a beat in continuing with her pimp role, said, “naa this is way better, she can’t twerk for shit”. Thank God. Now I could just focus on what I was doing instead of making some half-assed attempt to pretend I was learning how to twerk. There was so much conviction in her voice though, that I briefly wondered if she wasn’t just manipulating me into giving her a show for her own sake lol. She’s done plenty of things like it before.

I didn’t care though. This show was for Zach, and she’s welcome to enjoy it if she wants (as long as she takes some good fucking pics as we agreed). I got back to work and came back down to the floor on my knees, bending over and sensually pushing my ass back toward him before sliding to my stomach and “stripper humping” the ground with my butt arched. I was tired of facing away though. So I figured if I’m going to give Zach a little more time, then I’d just look at Vina and the camera instead.

I flipped over to sit on my butt while leaning back on my elbows. Briefly pulling my knees up to my chest before straightening my legs out and spreading them like I had seen so many strippers do before. I wasn’t your average stripper though, and this was a special show, so I figured I should make it special. I firmly ran my fingers up my pussy over the fabric of my panties, motioned in quick circles over my clit, and then slapped it hard a few times while grinning wickedly at Vina and the camera.

“Okay seriously, bitch, why you gotta do this to me?.” Vina asked, seemingly even more worked up than her brother. I couldn’t fully tell if she was serious or still playing some part.

Maybe the separation of the camera between us allowed her to permit herself to perv out on me as if I wasn’t her very straight friend who had no interest in fucking her? Whatever the reason, I felt I could get away with sneaking a look a Zach at this point. I put my hand back on my pussy and looked over at him. Yup, Captain Hormone was officially at the wheel. He didn’t even pretend to look away, he was just staring directly at my pussy. With a blank expression on his face.

I gave him a smile that he most definitely missed, then took the fabric of my panties and pulled it hard against my pussy. Revealing my outer lips and scooting my ass closer to him as I did it. I was getting myself worked up again and I was really in the zone now. I put my legs together and pulled them back toward my head. Reaching my hands down to my ass cheeks and spreading them for him. Hoping to give him a view of the taught and slightly darker skin around my asshole behind my panties.

I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to see it, but I repeatedly pushed and then flexed my asshole to “wink” at him. His eyes went wide for a moment and he must have been searching for an excuse to distract himself from his sudden and uncomfortable lust when he said, “who are these pics for?”.

Vina burst out laughing and responded, “Katie’s just trying to get some guy to make a move and fuck her”. She pulled her phone in and started messing with it for a moment before Zach’s Rick and Morty-themed text alert suddenly went off in his pants pocket. “Wubba lubba dub dub!”. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Something about the alert so perfectly juxtaposed, yet simultaneously befit the scene we all found ourselves taking part in. Zach hesitated though, no doubt trying to decide if he should take the opportunity to check his phone and collect himself (he didn’t seem to realize it came from Vina), or if he might inadvertently deny a potential fuck partner by choosing to open up his phone at the moment.

The alert went off again, breaking his hesitation and causing him to reach into his pocket to check. He briefly glanced over at Vina with a furrowed brow when he saw who the message came from. He opened up it up, giving us a front-row seat of the pieces falling into place. I didn’t even try to hide my smile as I watched the range of emotions rapidly vie for dominance on his face as if he were a living emoji. First shock, then a bit of panic, followed by forced calm, a nervous smile, and finally, acceptance lol.

He didn’t know what to say though, as he looked back up at me and put his phone down. I crawled toward him while glancing back and forth between his eyes and dick. For a moment, he looked like he was considering escaping. He pulled it together with a noticeably deep breath. And readjusted himself on the couch into what I can only imagine he felt was a more confident posture. I couldn’t blame him, this was escalating fast.

“Um, are you about to suck my dick?” he asked nervously, his eyes darting between Vina and me. He must have been trying to figure out how this was going to work with his sister still in the room. “Do you want me to suck your dick?” I responded. Hoping he would confirm to fulfil my rule of physically or verbally letting it be known he wanted me before we could officially begin. “Seriously? Fuck yes!” he responded eagerly. Luckily, Vina is a good friend, and a good enough sister to not outright cockblock her brother.

“Ugh, FINE! If I can’t fuck you then at least someone in my family gets to” she said. Resigning to a vicarious role in whatever debauchery was to come. “At least take some pics for me or something,” she said. She set my phone down next to Zach and reluctantly left the room.

It was just us now, the music still playing, but a kind of silence filled the room. The anticipation was building rapidly now, and the familiar feeling of my heartbeat in my pussy was suddenly overwhelming. I was already worked up. But now that Vina had left the room, I could feel my inner whore burst from her cage. Ravenously hunting for the nearest cock to consume. Enter Zach, who had expressed wanting to take this further, but was now sitting there in apparent paralyzation. No matter, if he needed a bit of help, I was more than happy to carry the experience at this point. I just needed some goddamn dick.

I put my hands on his thighs and moved my head just inches away from his groin. Opening my mouth, sticking out my tongue. And looking at him with puppy dog eyes that said, “please feed me, daddy, I’m a good girl and I deserve a treat”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy take his dick out faster. And I almost wished I had a stopwatch to confirm. It wasn’t massive. Somewhere around 6 inches if I had to guess. But the girth stopped me in my tracks for just a moment, as I considered whether or not I would have to adjust my standard cock sucking technique to account for the limits of my jaw.

Learn by doing, Katie, learn by doing. The moment he placed the tip on my tongue I gobbled it up. I got to work like I had been trapped underwater and his cock was my only source of oxygen. I felt so complete with it testing the capacity of my jaw that I inadvertently let out a hungry moan. Forcing the entirety of it in my mouth and squeezing with my tongue to feel the blood pump into it. It still had a little growing to do. I briefly imagined myself stuck on his cock with the fire department rushing in to rescue it from my jaw.

With only slight hesitation I told myself- I can handle this, I’ve had worse. I pulled back just as I began to gag but immediately scolded myself for it. You’re a fucking whore, Katie, and you better slam this cock full force back into your throat as a punishment for letting up too soon, and so I did. “Fuck! This is the best head I’ve ever had”. Zach said with a sharp inhale as I almost broke my nose impaling myself on it with a fervour that was rare even for me. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or just trying to be nice. But his compliment encouraged me to break out my absolute A-game and use this as an opportunity to develop my skills even further.

I gagged and pulled back again. Opening my mouth to let the drool spill out into a sloppy mess on the cock I was now staring down like a rival I was intent on conquering. I was legitimately angry at this cock for intimidating me for even a second. And I demonstrated my frustration and commitment to defeating it by collecting the rest of the spit remaining in my mouth and angrily blasting his cock with it. You fucking piece of meat, I thought, I am going to swallow you with every one of my holes until you deflate in submission to me!

I grabbed the base and squeezed roughly with my left hand, trapping as much blood in it as I could to make sure it was giving me all it had, then wrapped my right hand around the shaft and began aggressively stroking it in tandem with my mouth and tongue. “Katie, hold on, you’re seriously going to make me cum if you keep doing that” Zach pleaded. Obviously making his best attempt to break the 2-minute mark before cumming.

“Think about dead puppies!” I growled back between stroking and sucking.


Whether from confusion, a disturbing image suddenly in his head or both, he managed to relax for another moment so I could finish proving my superiority over his dick. I continued working his drenched cock for another 30 seconds or so before I felt him begin to tense up again and decided I should show the poor dick some mercy. I had won, and I didn’t need to rub it in.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked. Apparently knowing he was at his limit and submitting to the inevitable orgasm I was mere seconds away from delivering him. I answered him by collecting the seriously impressive amount of spit I had managed to cover his cock in and slathering it over my already drenched pussy, as well as onto and inside my asshole. As I said, I was going to conquer this thing fully. And there was nothing he could do to stop me.

I climbed on top of him, pulled my panties to the side, aimed his cock at my dripping pussy, and just plopped down on top of it with such force that he may have required an ambulance if I had missed. It wasn’t anywhere near the biggest cock I had taken. But the fact that the girth had momentarily caused me to hesitate had my blood still boiling. And it seemed like it wasn’t going to settle until I had taken him in ALL of my holes. Only seconds after I began violently slamming myself on him like a crazed slut in heat, he pulled his hands up into fists and grimaced like he was about to give birth. “Fuck…Fuck…FUCK!!” He shouted so loudly the neighbours probably heard.

I felt his cum start to fill my pussy, but I didn’t let up in the slightest. I clamped down HARD and rode him like we were just getting started. His moans filling me with even greater enthusiasm. The sounds of my pussy slapping against his groin turned from filthy to downright grotesque as his cum began leaking and splashing between us. I was in an actual frenzy I hadn’t experienced in a long time. And I wanted to keep it going until one of us gave up and collapsed from exhaustion.

I momentarily slowed down my riding to scoop up a portion of the mess we made and force it into my asshole with my fingers. I wanted to feel this thing stretch my butthole, and I may only have a moment before it goes soft. Zach’s head was thrown back with his eyes closed. 

PERFECT, I thought, I’m gonna get this thing in my butt before he even realizes what I’m doing. In one smooth motion that, to this day, I’m still proud of, I lifted myself about an inch off his cock, aimed it at my asshole, and consumed it fully on my way down. Bullseye.

I couldn’t help but let out my signature, guttural “anal groan” that seems to always escape from me whether I want it to or not. Whether it was the tightness of my young butthole or the animalistic sound I made when it swallowed his cock, Zach suddenly lurched his head forward and let out a groan of his own. Seemingly trying to look down at his dick to identify the source of the pleasure. I almost snapped out of my frenzy for just a moment as I watched him hilariously try to figure out which hole his dick was now inside of.

“OMG is that in your ass?” he asked with a bewildered look on his face. Guess he figured it out. I answered him by pulling myself up into a squatting position, never letting his mildly softening cock fall out of my ass, and giving him the sluttiest possible view I could from this angle.

The excitement of fucking his sister’s friend’s butthole, along with the undoubtedly erotic view I was giving him, was successfully refilling the blood in his cock, as I felt him quickly grow back to 100% or more. Back to work. I bounced up and down on his cock like I was his porn star. Revelling in the feeling of fullness, and wondering if I could make him cum again if I pushed out on my way down, and then squeezed hard on my way up. He groaned again as the range of sensations overwhelmed him, but he wasn’t going to cum again just yet. Maybe a bit of encouragement could help get him there.

“Do you like the way my tight little butthole milks your cock?”. I said in my best and most earnest dirty talk voice. When I dirty talk, I do my best to try and not sound too much like a phoney. I find that authenticity goes a lot further with most guys. Zach seemed to confirm my theory when he grabbed my hips and started slamming upward into me as I hovered there just taking it. It’s pretty rare for guys his age to respond with their dirty talk. So I was caught totally off guard when he said, “you like that, you stupid little slut?”. Oh my fucking god… So long Nice Guy lmao.

For a moment I thought I might squirt on him. But my legs were starting to give out from the combination of the position and the explosive orgasm I was having. I collapsed on top of him for just a second before he lifted me off of him. He stood up, pulled my knees down to the floor and bent me over the couch, readjusting my panties to the side again. It seemed like Zach was the one in the zone now. He must have felt he was too close to another orgasm to slow down for even a moment. He pressed down on my lower back with one hand and found my asshole with his cock. Pushing it inside of me, resuming his pounding.

He moved his hands to my hips and started pulling me into him as he thrust (my favourite). No doubt fully focused on doing whatever it took to drain the rest of his balls into me. I started to cum again almost immediately. And made it a point to squeeze as hard as I could while I did.

I can still hear the sounds he made when I look back on this moment. It was barely human – just a growl that would have traumatized any small child within a city block. He buried his cock inside of me and pumped my soft little butt with everything he had left. The girth of his cock allowed me to feel the expansion and contraction of each spurt. And the whore inside of me finally began to calm down as I took the moment in and realized I had more than succeeded in surpassing my expectations of myself. I had won this battle and humiliated my opponent.

He allowed himself to slide out of me, took a step back, and spread me open to admire his work. I was seriously proud of him at this moment. Most of the guys I’ve been with are ready to pass out after cumming twice in a row. The loss of their sexual energy tends to put them in something close to a catatonic state. Further sexual activity is the last thing on their minds.

Zach, on the other hand, actually had me wondering if he was about to fuck me again lol. He reached over for his phone and held my holes open as he took a couple of pictures of the mess we had made. Fuck yeah, I wasn’t the only one who was proud! “We’re gonna have to do that again sometime,” he said with a surprising amount of energy behind his voice.

“Only if you send the pics to your sister”.

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