I let my lesbian friend fuck my boyfriend since she had never been with a man and was curious.

This happened recently. We (me, my boyfriend Dylan, and my lesbian friend Maya) have been chatting about letting her fuck my boyfriend for a while. But COVID got in the way and we haven’t met up for the past few months. Finally decided things had cooled down enough in our state to the point where we were comfortable meeting up. And I invited Maya over to spend the night at our place.

This all sprung from a conversation Maya and I had had a few months back. She’s lesbian and has always been, but admitted to me that she was curious about being with a guy. But she had never met one she felt comfortable enough to fool around with. I’ve always been pretty open sexually, and have spoken to her about some of my sexual experiences.

We have even sexted about them a few times, to get her off. My boyfriend is okay with this. One time I brought up the potential of her having a threesome with me and my boyfriend. We’re all clean, my boyfriend has had a vasectomy, so safety wouldn’t be an issue. She was timid but interested. I talked to Dylan who also expressed interest, and we planned it out tentatively. It’d be a threesome, with the primary focus being my boyfriend fucking her and letting my lesbian friend experience dick for the first time.

So the day finally came last week. Maya came over – she’s a short, cute, tattooed blonde girl with a petite build. Tight butt, not much in the way of boobs. But she has a very pretty face and the kind of slim tummy and hips. It make her look curvy despite weighing barely anything. After we have some drinks and smoke to relax, we all make our way into the bedroom where I sit on the bed with her. I start kissing her to ease her into things. Touching her, stroking her neck and thighs since I know those are turn-ons for her. Pretty soon she starts panting and whimpering into my mouth. I hear Dylan grunting a bit. Looking over, I see he’s already pulled his shirt off and undid his jeans. He let his cock out and stroked it as he watches us.

Maya turns and sees his cock and I can tell she’s getting a little nervous now. Dylan’s pretty big and has a girthy dick and, as funny as it is to say, huge balls. She had told me she wanted to try sucking his dick before he fucked her. Dylan was more than on board with it.

I told her to get down on her knees in front of him and, well, suck – so she did, albeit a little awkwardly. She was having trouble getting her tiny mouth around his cock. But he seemed to be enjoying the sight of Maya struggling with a dick for the first time. I think he got a little boost of confidence from being her first dick. I stood next to him and kissed his earlobe and neck as I used a hand to jerk his cock into her mouth. He was enjoying himself at this point. I felt him push against my hand a bit with his hips, trying to push further into Maya’s mouth.

After a few minutes, Maya asked if we could move on so we did. I helped her take off her clothes. A pair of high jean shorts and a tank top with no bra underneath – until she was standing there looking embarrassed in just her panties. I quickly undressed to join her and suggested Dylan do the same. Soon we were all there, naked except for our underwear. Dylan with his dick out and I started giggling at the awkwardness.

Soon everyone started giggling and that relaxed the mood a little. I kissed Maya on the mouth again, swirled my tongue around hers, and told her to lay back on the edge of the bed. She did as I told her, her perky little nipples tightening up on her bee-sting breasts. I slid her panties off her legs before positioning myself on the floor in front of her pussy. Figuring it might relax her a bit to have something she knew – a girl eating her out – and I went to town, licking and suckling on her clit and pussy lips.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I had eaten pussy but it had certainly been a while for me. So I took my time to enjoy it. Darting my tongue into her, sucking and nibbling her clit, and enjoying her taste. My skills weren’t too rusty. Within a few minutes I felt her start to tense up and heard her moan. Soon, her thighs were squeezing around my head, her hands running through my hair as she came. I kept on suckling her clit, drawing it out of her.

As she let me go, I drew back, leaving her laying on the edge of the bed, legs spread apart. Dylan soon took my place, pushing his hips between her thighs and resting his cock against her cunt.

“Ready for me?” he asked.

I went around the side of the bed and sat beside Maya, taking her hand and smiling down at her to let her know I was there if she needed me. She smiled back towards me and then looked at Dylan.

“Ready,” she said, and Dylan started to push into her slowly, inch by inch.

“Tell me if you need to stop,” he said, sighing as he wrapped himself inside of her cunt. Maya just moaned and looked back up at him, her eyes wide. I knew that look was one I must have on my face whenever Dylan fucked me.

Knowing that this was mostly between the two of them now, I stood up to stand behind Dylan and rub his back and stomach as he pumped into her. The two of them held hands. He squeezed her hips, and at several points, they made out as he fucked her. It was all pretty sweet and made me feel warm inside as well as… well, horny. I mostly just was on the sidelines, running my hands over either of them or taking one of them into a kiss when I had the opportunity.

After she had cum once or twice from Dylan fucking her this way, Maya asked if she could ride him. Dylan loves cowgirl so was super enthusiastic about this and laid back on the bed so Maya could get on top and control the pace. I loved the show. Watching the way she bounced enthusiastically on top of him was getting me hot and heavy too. I fingered myself and came while I lay next to them, watching my lesbian friend fuck my boyfriend’s cock for the first time.

Soon, I could tell Dylan was getting close by the way he pulled her down close to just grind on his cock as it was buried deep inside of her. I made my way behind Maya so I could see the action as Maya slowly milked him. Getting an idea in my head that I thought would blow my boyfriend’s mind, I spread his legs slightly and positioned myself so I could take his balls into my mouth and suck on them as Maya rode him over the finish line.

I heard him groan, then gasp out a “fuckkkk” as he drove Maya’s slim ass down onto his cock as far as he could. My face was buried in Maya’s ass as I sucked on Dylan’s balls and all I could smell was their sex as he unloaded himself inside of her. I heard her moan and she started quivering with her orgasm as he came in her pussy. After his cock had stopped twitching, I let his balls go and pulled away to watch Maya rise up and slowly let his cock slide out of her cunt. It was followed almost immediately by a gush of thick semen that fell onto his cock before she rolled off of him onto the bed.

Being the dutiful girlfriend I am, I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned him off as the two of them lay there, panting, before getting up on his other side and cuddling up against him. Maya snuggled in with us two and the three of us lay there giggling and kissing each other for a while before we got dressed and watched a movie together. We talked it out and Maya said she really enjoyed it, and that she’d be down to do something similar with us again in the future. Dylan was pretty enthusiastic about it and I told her I’d be down.

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