Me and my roommate kept each other warm during a power outage by cuddling and finger blowing each other.

My name is Brooke, I’m 20 and in my junior year of college. I’m bisexual. Standing 5’5 heigh, I have short-ish dark brown hair and blue eyes which are large and innocent-looking. I’m relatively pale, despite my best efforts to tan. I guess have a little of an hourglass figure. I’m only 130lbs but I have decently sized boobs with wide hips and a big, round bubble butt! My butt is my pride and joy.

Layne, my roommate is gorgeous. She is 21. Physically she is quite different from me. She is taller by a few inches, with dirty blonde hair that she almost always keeps in a ponytail, and lightly tanned skin. She has a slightly more athletic frame, with large, natural breasts that form the perfect cleavage. Her butt isn’t quite as big as mine, but it still fills out her pants nicely, and she has long legs to go with it!

So this story happened last winter, just a couple of days before the start of Christmas break. I was in class when my phone started blowing up with texts from Layne. She told me the power had gone out in several dorms, including ours, and this meant the heat was out too. It is frigidly cold in the winter here, so I knew we were going to be in for a rough time if the heat wasn’t fixed soon. I told Layne to keep me updated, but when I was done with the class the only news was bad. So I made my way across campus, bracing myself for a cold night.

As soon as I entered our dorm room, Layne yelled “Come here and warm me up!” She was sitting on my bed. Our beds are bunked and mine is the lower one. Poor Layne, originally from New Mexico, does not handle the cold well. She was bundled up in her thickest hoodie with both my comforter and hers piled on. I couldn’t help but chuckle, even though it was noticeably cooler in our room and dropping quickly.

“I want to shower first before it gets even colder,” I told her.

“Well hurry and then get in here! I’m dying.” She did look like she was in her hell, so I rushed to join her. I grabbed my warmest clothes to change into and went into our bathroom to shower. Afterwards, I realized I’d gotten the wrong pair of sweatpants. I had an even warmer fleece-lined pair I meant to grab. I left the bathroom with my upper half looking like an Eskimo in a thermal top and hoodie, but with my bottom half only in my undies. As I started going through my drawers for my pants Layne screeched, “No, don’t put on pants! Skin radiates more heat!”

I sort of paused and gulped as I was very attracted to Layne. We’d seen each other casually nude or in our underwear many times while showering or changing. And we’d even cuddled together while watching movies in the dorm and things like that. But we’d never cuddled together while in our panties, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep calm in that situation.

“Are you sure? These are so fluffy and warm!” I held up my sweatpants, but Layne was wiggling around under her blankets, and a second later she revealed her pants she’d just tugged off and threw them onto the floor. “No, skin! Now! Please!” I could tell she was desperate, so after a second of mental preparation I put away my pants and went to join her. She pulled back the covers, giving me a brief glimpse of her bare, tanned legs before I cosied up beside her. As soon as I was under the blanket, Layne began entangling our legs. She wedged our thighs together and put her feet against mine. Since she’d been sequestered under her blankets for hours already, her legs were burning like fire.

“Oh..h..h..y..yeah….” She muttered through chattering teeth while nuzzling into my arm. My heart was racing at being so physically close to her, but I also felt really bad for the poor girl, so I wrapped my arms around her and warmed her up for a bit. We just sat, not saying much, letting our body heat intermingle. It was very hot, literally, and soon I could feel my upper body sweating a bit beneath my layers.

Eventually, Layne started shifting around a bit. I’m not sure if she was uncomfortable, restless, or still cold. Her legs and thighs were grazing against mine, creating friction as she shifted around. The sensation re-focused my attention on the intimacy of the moment, and faint, warm wetness was starting to creep into my pussy.

The urge to touch myself and release the tension was building like steam inside me. I could feel my fingers twitching because I was resisting the urge to reach between my legs, and there was pressure building in my chest and groin that was quickly becoming unbearable. And then Layne exclaimed “God it’s still so freakin’ cold!” and with no warning stuck her hands between my thighs. It’s a good thing she was leaning on my shoulder because my face was instantly red.

She wasn’t quite touching my pussy, but she was close, and the feeling of her cool hands against my burning, slightly sweaty thighs was like nectar. I couldn’t even think of anything to say. I squeezed my thighs together around her hands. She thought I was warming her up more, but I was trying to find some relief from the horniness that was threatening to get out of control.

“Mm, thank god for your thick thighs!” She said with a light laugh, but I still couldn’t answer. And then Layne started moving her hands further in. Layne pressed harder as I resisted not wanting to get caught. “Come on, open up, I’m cold!” She hadn’t meant it like that, but her bossy command made my heart jump, and almost against my will I let my thighs drift apart. Her hands glided up and came to a rest against the front of my panties, currently the warmest part of my body. And I was unmistakably wet.

Layne didn’t say anything right away. She continued to lay still for a minute. But then she started moving again. Layne was to my right, and throughout our cuddling, she’d sort of shifted onto her left side and wrapped herself around my right leg. She scooted closer to me so that my thigh was wedged tightly between hers. She was getting a little sweaty now too, but despite the friction, she kept scooting, until at last, I could feel a spot of extra-strong heat against my leg. Layne’s pussy was as hot as mine, and there was no doubt that she was subtly grinding against my leg.

The sensation, plus the knowledge that she was horny enough to want to hump my leg, broke the dam. A new wave of arousal rolled through me, and I could feel my panties getting even more saturated. Layne didn’t move her hands away though. On the contrary, she pressed them into me even more.

I made one last valiant effort to resist, but then I felt something faintly wet on my leg. Layne was wet too. It wasn’t stopping her from rubbing against me. So I gave up and started to move my hips in the same, subtle gyration that she was doing. The pressure of my pussy against her hands was immediate relief, and a little whimper caught in my throat, emerging as a sharp breath. Layne signalled that she understood by pressing her crotch into me harder, leaving no doubt that she was getting herself off, and nuzzling into my arm even further.

We spent several minutes in this silent grind-dance, using each other to alleviate the pressure in our aching pussies. But we were both holding back still, and our positions weren’t ideal. I was just wondering what I should say or do, when Layne finally found her voice again and whispered in a breathy, heady voice, “Touch me…”

“Are you…” I started to ask. “Touch me.” She said, more insistently. She half-rolled away from me. Her left leg was still draped over my right, but her other leg stretched out beneath the blankets. I let my hand crawl over her thigh to her panties. I started sliding down over them, but she grabbed my wrist to stop me. “Under them. Please.” I could hear the desperation in her voice. It mirrored my own, so I obeyed.

I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her panties and crept down. Feeling the heat radiating off of her immediately, I cupped her pussy. She was soaked. I knew from my occasional glances that Layne waxes herself, and she was, to quote our boy Tormund, “As wet and slick as a baby seal.” Her lips were swollen and spread on their own, her juices flowing freely. I let my fingers glide between her lips and around her clit. Her breaths were ragged and quick.

Her hand, which had been resting on my thigh, jumped to life and pulled urgently at my panties. I pulled the waistband out so she could enter. Her fingers went straight down to my hole, which was pulsing lightly, and she began to tease it. She pressed her fingers against it, nearly slipping inside of me but always pulling back at the last second. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. Layne did the same. My breathing was like hers now, stuttered and full of desire and relief.

I decided to mimic her movements. I found her hole and began pressing it as well, using the same pressure and motions. My plan worked quickly. Layne caught on, and realizing that what she gave to me I’d give to her, she slid two fingers inside me. I couldn’t help it, I moaned out loud. My hips bucked a bit against her hand. I slipped my fingers into her. She didn’t make a sound, but when I glanced over at her she was as tense as a guitar string, her face screwed up in delight.

She began fingering me, using a fast and steady pace while her palm pressed down on my clit. I did the same, and we were both in heaven. Our legs and hips were squirming, rubbing against each other as we got the other off. Neither of us cared even though we both soaked and leaked onto the sheets. We fingered each other for a couple of minutes until Layne pulled out of me and moved up to my clit. Her wet fingers were gliding in circles around me, and it was like a thousand bolts of lightning at once. I was so intense that it was almost painful. I copied her, and we both seized up, focusing every ounce of our energy on the pleasure we were both feeling.

Her free hand clamped onto my thigh, and I put my other hand on top of hers. We were rubbing each other rapidly, racing to the finish. Layne got their first. Her nails dug into my thigh and I could feel her toes curling while she screamed out in delight. Seeing and feeling her orgasm was enough for me. I felt the tidal wave of release pushing through me, and my muscles locked up as I gripped Layne’s hand and came all over myself. For about thirty seconds we kept rubbing each others’ clit, helping each other ride the wave of orgasm. When we’d both come, the tension disappeared and we sunk into one another.

My heart was pounding like a war drum. I wrapped my arms around Layne and could feel hers doing the same. We were both trying to catch our breath. Our legs and sticky thighs still woven together. We weren’t even slightly cold, and the heat and weight of each other’s bodies and the afterglow of orgasm helped us drift off. When I woke up about forty-five minutes later it was fully dark outside and we both warm.

I started to extricate myself from our messy nest. Our sweat-sleeked skin peeled apart. When I finally got out of the blankets I could see the massive wet spot we’d left on the sheets. Layne was groggy and punch-drunk, she eyed me sleepily and stood up to hug me. We swayed on the spot for a minute, and I drunk in the smell of her hair and skin. We broke apart, and Layne proposed we swap out her sheets with mine and put on a movie to distract us from the cold that would be creeping back in before too long. I agreed. We changed into fresh underwear and this time got our cosy pants and cuddled under the blankets once more. We slept together that night to be warm, but also because I couldn’t bear to let Layne go after what had happened.

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