Saving Cum for My Best Friend

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How I saved cum for my best friend after I was fucked by by a boy we both had crush on.

When I was 18 or 19, I and my best friend (Clara) had a big crush on a guy. Let’s call him Mat. He was a nice guy and extremely hot. He played basketball since he was a little kid. So he became a tall and fit dude by the time we were 19. Six-pack, wide back, firm butt, the whole deal.

We were both virgins by the time we met Mat so we used to fantasize about him being our boyfriend. We would borrow him for our fantasies because we knew he wouldn’t end his 4-year relationship. It was always platonic. By the middle of the school year I had my first time with a boy. I felt like an empowered woman. Like I knew it all. I was always very sexual but after my first time, I became obsessed with sex. So our made-up “boyfriend” fantasies with Mat turned very explicitly sexual. It became normal to talk about them with my best friend.

It’s important to note that we knew everything about each other. We even knew that we masturbated to Mat and our stories. But everything changed when he broke up with his girlfriend right before winter break. He started hanging around with my circle of friends. We were in the same classes but he was in group “B” and I was in group A. Since everyone in “B” was friends with his ex he had to look for friends in our group.

We became good friends during winter break. Once we got back to school, he asked me on a date in secret. He didn’t want to make it look like I was a rebound. And I didn’t want to be hated by everyone at school so we were very careful. On this date, he took me to dinner and then to the pier to watch the moon, all very romantic. So it’s fair to say I was ready to fuck him that day. Sadly it didn’t happen. Yet After the date a told Clara all about it and how wet I was the whole day.

I had his hoodie so I told my friend I had to masturbate smelling and wearing it. She came to my house. By the time she arrived, I was laying on my stomach with the hoodie as a pillow and grinding my hips on the bed. This was the first time I couldn’t stop playing with myself in front of her. She walked slowly towards me and asked if I was still doing it. Once she stood by my bed it was clear I couldn’t stop. Clara was always the shy girl and I was the loud and shameless. She was still a virgin. Because she grew up in a religious family she suppressed her sexuality until recently. She even stashed her first toy in my house because she was so afraid and ashamed.

But this day I could see the lust in her eyes as she watched me rock back and forth. We felt the tension and she left for the bathroom while I finished.

Jump to 3 weeks forward and I had already fucked Mat. Clara was up to date on all my sexual history. Somehow we weren’t jealous of each other when we talked about Mat. So this specific day she confessed she found a porn video with a guy that looks just like him and we watched it together. The video ends with the guy cumming on the girl’s pussy. She licks him clean while she plays with the saved cum on her pussy.

Clara and I agreed this looked like fun and I had to try it. I had a date with him at my house later that day. No one would be around so the plan was to fuck him then. I told Clara to come to the house by 11 o’clock and I’ll tell her everything and maybe even save some cum for her. Mat arrived and I cooked for him. We ate and sat by the pool because I had a surprise. He confessed that he always wanted to fuck outdoors. I wanted to fulfil that fantasy while he filled me(wink wink).

I stroked his beautiful dick over his pants.

He got hard fast and pulled out a condom as usual but I told him I wanted to feel him. We moved to the patio table and he fucked me from behind while we look out for nosy neighbours. I think he was nervous because he stopped more than usual. So we took our time. Finally, I decided to go to my room and lick my juices off of him while he got hard again. Then I got on top of him and slowly introduced his hard member.

I could feel it more than usual and I knew I never wanted to wear a rubber again. For some reason, it felt thicker without one and I was in heaven. The bad thing was that we had to do it slowly or he would cum. That backfired and we took longer than expected. So by 10:40 we were still fucking. My phone wasn’t with me so I rushed and told him to cum inside me. Without thinking twice he started going faster and shortly after he came.

I took a mental picture of his rock-hard abs tensing as he pumped rope after rope of cum inside me while I was spread open below him. Sadly I didn’t finish but I was still in heaven filled with delicious warm cum and this gorgeous specimen on top of me. We lay there for 5 minutes until I cleaned his dick with my mouth and told him to go before my family arrived. They weren’t coming but Clara would. I didn’t want to move and lose all the cum I had in me so I laid there fingering myself and tasting Mat’s warm cum. That day my breeding kink was born.

I heard Clara knock and I got my panties and walked clenching my legs to open the door. She immediately ran to my room asking for details and once in my room, she smelled the sex in the air. I told her everything and I could see on her face she waited just to hear the details. She was red and giddy.

We were sitting on my bed and I felt the cum drip out of me and told her I let him cum inside and I was touching myself and tasting him just before she arrived. She immediately looked down and asked what he tasted like and I got my finger inside my panties and tasted it. Her face got redder and her mouth was wide open in disbelief seeing me saving cum for later. So I got cheeky and got more cum on my finger and offered her as a joke. And she just moved her head saying yes and took my finger in her mouth.

I’ve never been more horny and wet in my life. We looked deeply at each other and knew the night was just beginning. That day we didn’t sleep and was our first time trying stuff with each other. And saving cum for her become a regular thing.

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