Husband Fucked Neighbour While I Listened

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Husband fucked neighbour who hasn’t had sex for years. I fingered myself to orgasm listening to him fuck her brains out. 

My husband and I have an amazing relationship. We both have sex with different people as well as with each other. Telling each other about our adventures with other people turns us both on.

We have known one particular neighbour of ours for years, “Pauline” who lives across the street from us. Years ago, her husband passed away due to complications from a long-term illness he had. We would chat with her now and then whenever we saw her around to make sure she was doing okay. To this day she still lives alone. Due to Covid though, we hadn’t properly interacted with her for a year. So it was a really pleasant surprise when I saw her down the street walking her dog the other week.

Pauline is in good spirits because of her dog. Her children called her regularly, which I was very glad to hear about. She invited me in (we have both been fully vaccinated for Covid) and we had a great catch-up about a whole range of topics. We were talking about the past lockdowns and she said she envied that I was able to spend them with my husband. I joked about envying that she did not have to clean up after him, and she replied that there are desires that only men can fulfil, and I understood what she was saying.

We discussed our marriages, and it was so incredibly bittersweet to hear about such a beautiful couple that was now separated. I guess she could sense that my husband and I are sexually liberated (and I could sense that her attitude to sex was surprisingly similar) because she began telling me a little less subtly about how much she enjoyed the physical aspect of her relationship and how those needs hadn’t been fulfilled since her husband’s passing.

Pauline is so sweet, both inside and out, and regardless that she is in her sixties now, I think she is beautiful. She is short, with blonde hair like mine, and she is slim with smooth skin. I decided to tell her about my husband and I’s relationship, and that my husband would have no problem with helping her out. She seemed surprised at first, but when I assured her that he is fantastic in bed and that I truly wouldn’t mind. I wanted her to do it if it would make her happy – she was excited at the idea. So we agreed that the next day, she would come over for dinner and my husband would help satisfy her years-long cravings. As expected, hubby loved the idea and was willing to help.

When she turned at our door the following night, I was surprised. Pauline usually wore unassuming, modest clothes. I don’t think I had ever seen her wear make-up or dress up before. That night her hair was done up, and she wore dark red lipstick, a tight dress that hugged her figure and stockings. Her baggy jumpers had been hiding her curves all this time! I told her honestly that she looked gorgeous, to which she blushed a little embarrassed, and said, “I hope I didn’t overdo it.” Telling her not to be silly, I asked her to go upstairs to my bedroom where he was waiting. I hugged her because I could sense she was a little nervous.

I had originally planned to prepare dinner while they were busy upstairs. But a few minutes in, I just couldn’t concentrate, I had to go and listen. Like a creep, I tiptoed upstairs and sat in the hallway outside my shut bedroom door, with my ear to the door. I couldn’t hear much at first until I heard Pauline moaning softly. I realised hubby was eating her out and my heartbeat started racing. As a regular recipient of his head, I can attest to it being great, and hubby was doing a great job as usual because I could hear Pauline moaning things in an approving tone now and then.

I slid my hand between my legs and slowly started rubbing along to the sounds of moaning, trying not to make a noise. There was a sharp cry and what sounded like heavy breathing, and I realised Pauline had just come. Fuck, that’s so hot. I started rubbing faster. My husband asked if she liked that, and I couldn’t quite hear exactly what she replied but it must have been positive. They said something else, there was some shuffling, and then there was a new, very soft noise that I had to strain to hear. I realised it was now Pauline who was giving head.

There were only sucking noises for a few minutes until I heard them have a short exchange of words. It was hard to make out what they were saying but I could tell it was dirty talk. The only sentence I made out was Pauline responding to something hubby said: “Your chocolate penis tastes delicious.” (Hubby is originally from Nigeria.) Pauline to be so vocal was surprising. That made me so wet, and I slid a finger in and started fucking myself slowly, imagining myself to be the one sucking on hubby’s cock right then.

There were more words, then more shuffling. There were now light thumps and heavy breathing. Hubby was now fucking Pauline. I was super turned on, touching myself and trying my best not to give my position away. The thumping picked up speed and I could hear hubby grunting deeply as he does when he’s fucking me. Pauline was moaning much louder now compared to before, and even if I hadn’t been directly outside the door, I probably would have been able to hear it.

Slap! “Urgh..” Slap! “Urgh..” Slap! “Urgh..”

Pauline was being lightly spanked and I could tell from her moans she was loving the whole thing. Hubby spanks and whips me a lot harder, but of course, he wouldn’t go so rough on her straight away. I was so close to orgasm now, my two fingers were sliding effortlessly in and out of my pussy. They changed position again, and quickly resumed the thumping noises, getting gradually harder and louder until Pauline was practically yelling in pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore, I went over the edge and came hard on my fingers. I let out a small yelp, but thankfully they didn’t hear it over the sounds they were making. Then it sounded like Pauline herself had orgasmed again from how the thumping had slowed down.

Another short exchange of words, then more slow sucking noises. I contemplated going back downstairs. But I was too intrigued, and I carried on gently rubbing myself. My husband said something. And then I heard spitting noises, followed by louder sucking noises than before that sounded wetter and sloppier. Then my husband grunted and groaned, and I knew he was cumming. Hubby has these fantastic loads, on some nights he can produce ropes and ropes of thick semen which I love. I guess this was one of those nights because I heard him say, “Fuck, I’ve completely just ruined your makeup.”

Pauline laughed and the two of them headed into the ensuite bathroom. Tiptoeing back downstairs, I continue making dinner. I put in earphones to make it seem like I had been here downstairs all along and hadn’t heard any of their noises. Hubby came downstairs soon after. He kissed me, squeezed and spanked my bum playfully, and started helping out with dinner.

When Pauline came downstairs after about twenty minutes, she had removed her makeup. Her hair was frazzled and her neck area was a little red. I knew instantly that hubby had put his hand around her throat and pulled her hair. That’s what hubby and I love doing, which turned me on again. We had dinner, and we invited Pauline to come back any time she needed to fulfil her needs. She still seemed a little cock-drunk by the time she left our house, bless her.



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