Most humiliating sex with a stranger on my ovulation day. I was denied, fucked, and cummed on my face.

When I’m ovulating or near my ovulation day, I get crazy horny. I know it happens to all girls, but for me, it’s insane, it’s all I can think about. Often I have to miss work just because I can’t focus at all. I’ve missed days of work because I was too horny to think about anything else. I’ve gotten a bus seat soaked wet because a guy standing in front of me had amazing pecs. During those days, there is one thing that will resolve my problem- a dick, in me, huge if possible, in and out, over and over again, until I am sent over the edge. Nothing else will do.

I would do anything to get laid. At first, I had a few guys from my list, but they quickly became unreliable. They’re busy, working, tired, or a couple now. Likewise, it’s harder for a girl to get a sure shot at a bar than you might think. Often, the guys have to go someplace else, or they work early in the morning, or they have a magical girlfriend that pops out of nowhere, etc.

The best way to satiate my needs, I found, is a club. With a club, I rarely fail, if ever. Plus you get all the grinding and dancing and kissing to pump you up until you can take it no more. I’ve done things in cars just because I literally couldn’t wait for a second more. A problem is that clubs are only open on certain days, so if my “big day” happens on a Wednesday, well, too bad.

I should also say, to better present my story, that I’ve never achieved orgasm through vibrators or things like that. More of a vaginal girl, I need something in me, preferably moving, to achieve orgasm. I never orgasmed from masturbation – touching and rubbing the clit – or oral before either.

Likewise, I rarely achieve orgasm by myself and when I do, usually with a dildo, it’s one of those “small” orgasms that leave me wanting more instead of satisfied. You know, that little pull of happiness and then you’re hornier than before, you need more.

To have a good orgasm, simply said, I need a guy penetrating me. It’s… the way they hold me, the way they get in and out of me, the way they can’t control themselves and are trying to cum, to shoot their cum in me, it’s the way they smell, how they hold me, how strong they are and how they are gaining control of me (am a submissive girl) by fucking my pussy… No amount of plastic or metal can replicate that, not even close. To come, I need the setup that comes with it. Anyway. Maybe it’s like tickling and how you can’t tickle yourself: I can’t orgasm myself.

The day of our story, my ovulation caught me completely by surprise. It had been the fourth month without sex and the three ovulation before. I found myself absorbed by work, only able to achieve a mini-orgasm in bed with a toy here and there. I was horny all three times but still managed to do OK through it. A few plans fell through during that time. Once I did talk to a guy at a bar but he cancelled at the last minute, so I didn’t get sex.

Four long months of no sex. And the day my ovulation hit me, it must have been at least a week since I had anything at all, even touching myself. It hit me, and it hit me like a ton of brick. Big, horny, arousing bricks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist it.

I arrived late at work, trying badly to come to some porn with my fav dildo, but to no success. If anything, it made me even more aroused. I literally could not think about anything but sex. I decided to go to work to try to change my mind (flexible schedule). At first, it worked, but by 3 PM, I was so horny it dripped through my jeans, and I had to use a pad to block it. I used my phone to read some erotica to calm me down but to no avail.

Luckily, it was a Friday, so clubs would be open. Tons of very good-looking men. I like them tall, strong, in shape, larger than me, with big arms and pecs. Who look at me confidently, aggressively and lasciviously. I like them to grab me and get me to do what they want me to do. I like them well-dressed, groomed and dominant. So I calmed my raging womb by telling it we would go to a club that night.

Unfortunately, this one time, it didn’t work. I even had to approach guys, who would dance with me (get me even hornier), then magically vanish. They had something to do. They found another girl. None of them seemed interested in me.

At around 1 AM, with the action at the club dying down, I brought up my phone and loaded my online dating profile. At this point, I would have fucked any guy at all. I chatted with a few, but they were all going to bed or too tired. And I admit it’s weird getting contacted at such a late time by some hormone-crazy chick!

I stayed at the club until closing, basically trying every guy I could, and finally, I got one! Not too cute, not too ugly. He was nice enough to drive me home (it was 2:30 AM) and I thought it was a sure shot.

“You wanna come in?”

“Oh no, I saw you looking drunk and all and I was just worried for you. I wanted to make sure you got home safe.”

“Thank you, you are so nice. Come, let’s get a coffee.”

“No, sorry.” Nooooo! Since when do men refuse? I kept insisting, saying it was just a drink, to please come in, etc, until he said “Ma’am, I’m gay. I didn’t want you to get in danger.”


And worse, it was too late to go back to the club. It would be closed by the time I arrived. I was crushed.

So I walked inside and told myself that if I could just fall asleep, maybe it would go. Nope. I was so aroused and horny, still smelling some cute guy’s perfume. I kept reimagining some of the hottest sex I had had and after thirty minutes, I just got frustrated. God, I was horny…

“I’m sorry ms vagina,” I thought to myself, maybe not in those words. “I tried, I did. But I failed, I’m sorry.”


“I tried everything! I thought I had it”


“What do you want me to do? I did all I could.”



“Well, you could try Tinder.”

“It’s 3:30 AM, everyone will be sleeping… Ugh, fine, I’ll try.”

This is how badly I needed sex. After four months, at the peak of my cycle……….

So I cycled a few, basically swiping for every single man, without any success. All sleeping perhaps? Then I remembered someone I had matched with a long time ago. We had exchanged a few texts and that was it. I looked at him. To my luck, he was online now.

The guy was 33, tall, muscular, good looking and with a sharp look. He had that gaze that radiated intensity and looked like someone who had his stuff in order. The part of his profile that hooked me the most the first time (yes, during another of those “days”) read: “Only on Tinder for sex. Into rough sex.”

I texted him asking how he was doing (we hadn’t talked in weeks) and waited. No, no, surely he was sleeping. Not even a minute later, he replied:

“I am doing fine. Should we meet for a quick coffee?”

“Sure ;)”

“And maybe more?” he replied.

“Possibly ;)” I wrote as teasingly as I could, trying not to look desperate.

“There’s a 24h cafe near me, can you come?”

Now, it seems insane that I would leave my bed at nearly 4 AM to meet a guy I had never met before in a cafe… But I wasn’t thinking straight. You know. I felt my heart pump as my plan might finally work, and felt a rush of adrenaline, knowing I would finally get laid.

I drove a bit fast and arrived in 20 mins or so. He arrived shortly after, sat down, and looked me up and down. He was good-looking and muscular, he looked strong, pretty much like his picture. YES!

“You are so damn pretty,” he said.

“Thank you!”

We chatted for a few minutes and I tried to give hints I was interested. As he kept talking, I tried to get closer to him, moving my face forward near his.

I finished my herbal tea. Then he said:

“I live nearby and have drinks at home. Interested?”

Dangerous? Yes. Desperate? Yes. This was one of the more luxurious and safest neighbourhoods of our city, but still. You never know. The idea that he could be a killer never really crossed my mind, I think. I was a bit scared, but there was no way I was backing. Also, the barista seemed to know him he came there often. This reassured me.

“We can go for a walk,” I said.

He kept a nice place and during our walk, he held my hand. YES! As soon as we got in his place (a condo on a high floor of a large, expensive building), he asked me what I wanted, and I said I didn’t want anything.

He stood silent, approached me to kiss me and within a minute or two, our clothes were off. Yes, it was that fast. It was clear what we were here to do and I was so happy.

He whispered in my ear:

“You are one little horny slut, aren’t you?” and I quivered in anticipation.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I’m going to pound your pussy until you beg me to stop,” he told me and I grabbed his dick and stroked it until it was rock hard. He had a decent dick, long and large, too long for my hand. Oh my god, I was so turned on! And so happy! Nothing worse than not finding a dick when you desperately needed one, thankfully I had found one now :).

He led me to his bed and pushed me on it. Kissing me all over, he caressed my breasts, and hips, and slid his finger on my clit. He stood by the side of the bed and then brought his dick near my face.

Then, to my utter shock, he said:

“You know what? I’m not really into it,” in a disappointed tone.


“Not tonight. I am tired.”

“Did… Did I do anything?”

“Not at all. You are perfect. Stunning, gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. It’s just not the right night. Give me your number, we’ll set something up.”

“I want this as much as you,” I said, looking at his erect dick. GOD did I want this in me, fucking my brains until I cummed over and over.

“Please put your clothes back on and leave.”

I was crushed, demolished, and about to break down completely.

“No, please, wait. I’m turned on. I want this. Please, let’s have sex. Please.” I started to beg him, and he grinned.

“You want to get fucked badly, huh?”


“Then you are going to have to beg better than that.”

He stood over me, dominant.

“Please, please fuck my brains out. I’m a little slut who needs a good fucking, I need your dick in me pounding me…”

“Learn to beg correctly. Get on your knees first.”

God, I felt so humiliated. I resisted for a few seconds but then did as he asked. I felt tears building up.

“Please fuck the shit out of me, please fuck me until my pussy can’t take it, fuck me until I can’t take it anymore…”

“Not good enough.” He turned away. “Please pick your stuff and leave.”

I had a full, complete breakdown. It was the sum of everything that happened that day, how horny I had been and how long, and how badly I needed a man to fuck the shit out of me.

“Please, please, I’m just a pathetic little slut on my knees begging you to fuck me. I’m just a stupid whore begging you for sex like the little slut I am. Please please please please fuck me, please shove your dick in me” I must have begged him for a full minute in all the variations I could think of, crying. Then, he smiled.

“You know what? I wanna see how far you can go.” He brought out that huge dildo shaped exactly like a dick. “With how horny you are, I don’t think you’ll have any problems sliding it in” He reassured me that he had cleaned it the day before, and I immediately shove it into my pussy. I gave him a few strokes as he watched.

“Great, now clean it.”

I looked around for towels.

“With your mouth, slut. Show me how you can suck a dick you little slut.”


And then, without thinking, I pushed it into my mouth. It went deep and I cleaned it as he instructed me, licking it.

“How does it taste?”


He ordered me to put it back in my cunt. Then mouth. He had me do that a couple of times.

“Does it taste good?” “Keep it in your mouth this time.” On this, he brought some kind of strap to help secure it in my mouth. Mouth stuffed with that huge plastic dick. Then, he took another dildo, smaller this time, and instructed me: “Pussy, ass.”


“Lube for pussy, then ass. Do it or leave.”

I had never done anything anal before. Never insert anything at all. Wasn’t interested even one bit.

“It’s going to be in there while I fuck you.”

It was enough. I inserted it in my cunt to get it lubricated, which was easy at this point. Then in my ass. Took several tries as it didn’t seem to want to pass at first, but I finally got it in. He help push it in, until only the small handle, larger than the dildo so that it wouldn’t stay stuck inside, remained out of me.

Then, he ordered me onto the bed and tied my wrists and ankles to his bedpost. He clamped my nipples, not too hard but enough for me to feel them. Then he told me he would use a condom, and he blindfolded me.

“Do you know how slutty you look right now? Dick in your mouth, dick in your ass, tied to my bed, begging to get fucked. Damn you’re a fucking slut. You don’t even deserve my dick in you.”

I felt scared he would back off again. “How about I leave you there like that for the night and gently tease you with a vibrator?” I tried to pull from my restraints. They were tough. On this, I felt something vibrate on my clit and moan. Noooooooo! “You dirty slut, you are lucky I am in a generous mood tonight.”

I felt him get over me, and then I felt his dick enter me – very, very slowly. It was the slowest a dick could go into me. I felt a small pull as his tip passed my entrance and almost orgasmed right here and there, it was so good and I was so turned on. Naturally, I was completely wet and he had no trouble penetrating me. However, he entered me all the way so slowly it was killing me.

Then, he stopped moving. And stayed like that, immobile. I desperately wanted him to move, to fuck me, just a bit. When I tried moving my hips, he said “do this again and I get out and you leave.” I obeyed him and he stayed like that, perfectly immobile, for what looked like an eternity.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt the dildo in my ass start vibrating. Gently at first, then a bit more rhythmic.

“I’m not going to make you cum with my dick. You don’t deserve it you little slut. Instead, the vibrator in your ass will.” And he wasn’t lying. The vibrator, coupled with his huge dick in me, did its work immediately. I had never felt anything like that before. It was vibrating, and I don’t know what exactly, but creating tiny movements, tiny waves, that made his dick move just a little bit inside me, directly on the right spot. Slowly doing its work.

With my orgasm building, I couldn’t resist moving a bit. He immediately stopped the vibrator and remove his dick from me.

“We’re done. Get out of my place.”

“NO- mmph…”

I heard him leave the room, he came back a few minutes later. These were the most agonizing minutes in my sex life, not knowing what was going to happen.

“You have a nice pussy, so I’ve decided to give you another chance, you screw this up again, it’s over. No third chance. Get it?”


“No moving. At all. Perfectly still.”

He restarted the whole process of penetrating me slowly, very slowly, and then starting the vibrator. Again, it took what seemed like hours.

This time I did as he ordered, standing perfectly still. I could feel the orgasm growing with each little vibration; it was an insane sensation I have never experienced since. Overall, it just felt overwhelmingly… satisfying. His dick in me, not moving, this thing in my ass vibrating slightly, causing just a little bit of rubbing inside, through his dick, and building that orgasm little inch by little inch.

It wasn’t like a normal orgasm. Typically, you feel it build up, getting close, staying close for a while, and then losing control. This one came out of absolutely nowhere. I remember thinking “GOD This feels so good, I wish I could move so bad!” and then the next second the absolute peak of any orgasm I ever had overtook me – and it only kept growing from there.

I lost it and screamed even with the dildo in my mouth, I arched my back and screamed as loud as I could, and then it got even stronger and I felt the pleasure that I didn’t even know existed, even during my best sexual experiences. It lasted seemingly forever, I remember it being over a minute and that amazing sensation of orgasm that usually lasted for a few seconds at most was still there and as intense as in the beginning. As I came, he kept kissing and cuddling me, his body stuck on mine as I quivered and trembled from absolutely insane pleasure.

God, it was good. You have no idea. I had no idea so much pleasure was even remotely possible.

And then, after 2 minutes easily, it left me, leaving me feeling energized and euphoric. Not drained and relaxed, like most orgasms are, but electric and energized. He undid my restraints, mouth gag, everything, until it was just the two of us in bed, naked, cuddling.

“Very good,” he said. “Thank you,” he then added.

I cuddled with him, mouth agape, the last little waves of that orgasm still going through me. “How. How…” I managed to say. Cuddling him, I kissed him. I noticed he was still hard and wearing a condom.

“It… It was… The best… I ever had…”


We cuddled for a bit and he lost his erection at some point. For fifteen minutes, we cuddled and kissed and it was the best I ever felt in a long time. It was incredibly relaxing and just so good. Like yoga experts who reach peak relaxation or something. He was a good kisser and cuddler, very kind, caring and slow. I felt loved.

“I managed to make you cum with just one stroke. Two, if you want to count it,” he said, and I laughed.

Then, out of nowhere, he got hard again (ok maybe not completely out of nowhere ;0), put on a condom and fucked me, gently, slowly, caressing me, as a lover would. My pussy was tired after this massive orgasm so that loving caress was welcome. It was sore, very relaxed, and I would barely feel him as I was so wet and my pussy was so tired.

“I don’t want to cum in a piece of latex, can I choose where I cum?” I nodded immediately. Cum where you want, you’ve earned it 1000 times. “Mouth it is then.” He got out, removed the condom and had me suck him off until he came. “Show it to me,” he said before cumming, and shooting waves and waves of cum in me, filling my mouth so much I accidentally swallowed some. I did as he asked, extending my tongue out. “Very good. Now spit it in my hand.” I did. “Good, now lick my hand clean like a good little slut.” Again, I did without hesitation. He got hard again immediately.

We fucked again, this time he pinned me down in a corner of his bed and fucked me hard, deep and fast, as I liked it until I came. He was relentless: in, out, in, out, hard, deep and fast, repeatedly, non-stop, no break, almost mechanically, and it was clear he was not stopping until I came, which I did. It was nothing like the first orgasm, but still amazing.

Damn it was just so hot in my mind, the way he fucked me, determined to continue until I came for him. Then, he made himself cum in my hair, and told me not to clean it, and to send him a pic of it once I get home. “You get to walk home with cum in your hair like the little slut you are”.

I begged him to let me give him one last blowjob. He had me get on my knees, then made me suck him, and came on my hair again. By then the sun had risen but there were thankfully few people around. I sent him the picture he asked.” Excellent. May I get a picture of the pussy I fucked?” I did as he asked, took a quick shower, and then fell asleep within seconds.

The next morning, I sent him pictures of my breasts and my still sore nipples from the clamps. He replied “very nice” and said, “you know how to contact me.” I ended up “using his services” quite a bit; pretty much every time I was in my day, and sometimes as frequently as twice a week, I would end up texting him, and more often than not, we would have sex.

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