Fucked By a Couple At a Halloween Party

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I was fucked by a couple at a Halloween party after I was seduced by them. My first threesome.

So, 3 years ago I was at a Halloween party. That year I went as a Vampire Vacuum Salesman, or Saleswoman, whatever. It was this thrift brown business suit, plastic vampire teeth, and a little vacuum. But carrying the vacuum around was annoying, so I dropped it, and my dorky costume got even dorkier because now I was just a vampire with poor fashion sense.

Costumes didn’t matter though. I was there to get drunk. And I did, surprise.

My whole time at this party, a couple had been eyeing me up. They were both very attractive and had much better costumes than mine. I think a couple’s costume of a demon and angel, guy and girl respectively. I thought they were looking at me and making fun of my bad costume. But when I looked back once, the girl bit her lip and waved a little wave. I blushed and looked away.

I was getting tired of socializing eventually, so I retreated a bit to the back porch of the house we were in. Played Tetris on my phone and sipped from my drink. I’d abandoned the vampire’s teeth. Now I was just this dumb girl in a dumb suit.

And then there she was the girl from the couple, without the guy along with her.

She was prettier up close. She had this big smile and introduced herself. I followed suit. She sat next to me and started some small talk. She did most of the talking. I’d reply with dumb jokes, and she’d laugh, and put her hand on my thigh.

I’d known I was bi for a while. Being around pretty girls had always made me nervous and warm inside. Every touch from her sent a little jolt through my body.

Her boyfriend came out eventually and introduced himself. We had some more small talk, and then there was a little lull in the conversation. Then she cleared her throat and finally got to the point- they wanted to fuck me.

She put it much more elegantly than I did. She was a much better salesman than me. Called me cute a lot. As she talked, she got closer and closer. Had a hand on my thigh that slowly slid up more and more. Slowly lowered her voice into a raspy whisper. Said she always loved a girl who could pull off a suit. I was so ready by that point. So I said yes.

They led me to a bedroom. She had me in the middle of the room and kissed me. They asked if I was ok with the door being locked. I said ok. She told me to say “No” if it ever became too much for me. I nodded. She kissed me again.

He came up behind me and took off my jacket. She took off my tie. She had her nail under a button and asked if it was ok if they took off my shirt. I nodded. I was too flustered to say words, but trust me, I was enjoying it.

She took off my shirt button by button. Dirty-talking the whole time, she was much more of a talker than her guy. He was kissing my neck. I liked that.

She had the shirt unbuttoned, and took it off for me. He unhooked the white lace bra I was wearing. And then there I was standing, no top. She traced over my body with her fingernail. He squeezed my boobs.

She pushed me towards the bed. Laid me down on it. She took off my shoes. Asked if she could take off my pants. I said yes, and she smiled at how desperate my voice was. She unbuckled and unbuttoned. Shrugged them off. Along with my matching white lace panties. Though I guess they’re not matching anything if I wasn’t wearing the bra, are they?

So there I was, laying fully nude, as they stood still all clothed. The dichotomy turned me on. She climbed into bed with me, drawing circles around my nipple with her finger. I liked it. I felt her man begin to rub at my pussy, which was so wet at this point. His touches were so slow and soft. I loved it so much.

She said a lot then, a lot of flavorful lovely words that I can’t remember. But she asked if I was ok with her man-eating me out. He had a spectacular tongue. I nodded, and whispered out an incredibly desperate “yes.” She smiled. And soon enough, I felt his tongue in my pussy. And god, it was incredible.

I can’t find the words to describe it now, but it was like he was trained just for me. He hit every spot. Some spots I’d never even thought of. She kneeled next to me, looking down at me, and I felt so helpless but so safe and ugh. It’s so much.

I came. I moaned loudly, shook, twitched and flexed. He kept going as I moaned and cried out in love and pleasure. She pet me as I slowly came down from my euphoria.

I lay there for a few moments, just recovering from it. She spent that time coming to me. And then finally it came time for her to ask, “Now, can my man fuck you?” And I nodded. Hearing his pants come off was a very hot noise. He started rubbing my pussy again, fingering it a little, making sure I was wet for his cock. I certainly was.

Then she asked, “Have you ever eaten a woman before?” I nodded. “Could you eat me out?” I happily nodded. She smiled.

As she got into position above my face, lifting the white dress of her costume to show her lack of undies, he entered me. He felt huge. And as I opened my mouth to make my O-face, she sat on my face. Well, not quite sat. But my mouth met her pussy. And I didn’t need to be told anything more to start eating her out.

I felt like I was in heaven. I’d never been in a threesome before. I’d never had a girl sit on my face before. It was the perfect night for firsts.

My legs were wrapped around him as he fucked me. He went hard, but not rough. It was more just a very steady rhythm. It was a very good rhythm.

I wasn’t a pro at oral at that point, but I tried my hardest to bring her pleasure. I could hear her little moans, and they egged me on to try to find and pinpoint those best spots in her body. Hearing her say “fuck yeah,” was so fulfilling.

He came first. He took his cock out and busted his load on my stomach, and I think some got on her dress, which I heard her chastise him for after when we were cleaning up.

She had a very loud orgasm on top of me, falling out of the position she had over me. Laying down next to me, she fingered as much orgasm as she could out of herself. She moaned and shook. My face was covered in her juices. I licked her off my chin.

We all sat there in heavy breathing silence for a few minutes. Then he got up and went to the bathroom that was luckily conjoined to the bedroom. He brought back some towels for me and her.

We all freshened up. I took a little shower, just to get the cum off my tummy. We talked for a bit. Then I got an Uber and left.

We didn’t exchange numbers or anything. That was the first and last time I got with them. And it was pretty good if I may say.

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