Gloryhole experience at fraternity recruitment. It was my first, and I sucked more than 15 dicks.

This story happened few years ago. I was a starry-eyed 19-year-old, entering college for the first time. One thing that remains true between both my past self and the current version, is that I love sucking cock. I adore oral sex in general but damned if there isn’t something just titillating about worshipping a glorious dick.

I had a friend who was all too aware of this. She was already a situated member within a campus Sorority. She invited me to the Fraternities’ Rush Week. For those who don’t know, rush week is essentially a recruitment week. It takes place right at the beginning of the school year. I learned that the Frats here have a tradition of bringing “party favours” as a way to try to encourage recruitment. The Sororities and Fraternities would team up to get the perfect blend of teenage horniness and bad decisions. I just attended my fourth Rush Week yesterday, and it reminded me just how fun they were. This is how it started.

My friend was two grades above me. She knew about the “party favour” tradition and invited me to be one. In High School, we have gotten along well. And she knew I was a person for whom the art of pleasure was almost second nature. I fucking love sex and she knows I’m a downright slut. I tagged along with her knowing there would be some sex involved. Without knowing the full extent. It may have been a bad decision. She was willing to buy me some drinks and help me get fucked. That was payment enough for me!

She showed me to the Frat house that her particular Sorority would always pair with. She knew I wanted to keep some distance between my personal and professional lives. So she offered me a job that would keep me hidden, but allow me to play with as many dicks as I could handle. The ever-famous Gloryhole.

I had never actually been on either end of a hole in the wall until then. It was frightening for the first time. But damn if I wasn’t already burning up with the potential to live out a fantasy I had. The Gloryhole was stationed in a bathroom. I would be inside the bathroom. A sheet of thick cardboard with a hole blocked the door. They would slide the cardboard out of the way so the girl could enter the bathroom. Then she would slide it into place and tape it to the doorframe so it would remain up and closed. This allowed the girl to leave as she wanted as well as clean up in the bathroom.

I took my place in the bathroom. My friend and her “planning crew” I guess had organized for me to be in there for maybe an hour or two. Soon as the door was taped shut and I got my first customer. Not the biggest cock you’ve ever seen, but I a pretty fun one nonetheless. I set upon that thing like a starved lion on a gazelle.

It wasn’t the best cock I’ve ever sucked, but damn if the Gloryhole didn’t make it somehow a thousand times more fun. I worshipped that thing like my life depended on it. I love using my tongue to trace the cock up and down to start. Teasing every ridge and vein. Treating like a lollipop that’s just too good to put down. Then I like to up the ante using my lips. Kissing and trailing across the shaft and head. Showing the man across that cardboard door just how much I appreciated the amazing gift he was giving me.

Then I get down to business. My blowjob skills have gotten much better, but I wasn’t too bad even then. Slowly taking more into my mouth as I stroked their base. If I got their balls, I gave them some love with my hand, mouth, or tongue. Alternating between trying to suck them off as fast and good as I could and stroking their cocks slick with my spit. I had just really gotten into deepthroating and facefucking then. I often tried to take them as deep as possible. Feeling their cocks slide into my throat and pulsate there as my warm throat milked them. Picking up the pace and facefucking myself on their cocks.

The first guy came quickly and without much warning. Lucky for him, I love oral creampies. The next guy took his place and the cycle repeated. I don’t know how many I pleasured that night, but I do know one thing. I came several times on my fingers. At some point, I had stripped myself both to masturbate and avoid getting cum on my clothes. I took a few oral creampies, but my favourite was stroking them and letting them cum on my face or tits. One hand speedily stroked their shaft while my tongue teased their tip, and the other hand had two fingers deep inside my soaked pussy. I think it made a few guys even hornier that I was moaning loud enough for them to hear while worshipping their cocks.

At some point, I got a text from my friend saying they were ready to switch me out if I wanted, but I flat-out refused. It was so much fun getting practically a buffet of cocks for me to feast on. The only downside was I kind of wished they could have reached in and forced my head down, but I was doing my best.

As I said, I don’t know exactly how many I pleasured, but I don’t think it would be incorrect to say I was getting into some higher numbers of 15+. I barely had time to wipe the cum from my face or tits and play/eat it before the next guy shoved his rock-hard cock through the whole. It was easily one of the nights when I had the most fun in my life. I wanted to try fuck some of the cocks, but didn’t have any protection which ultimately doomed that plan. In subsequent years I’ve brought condoms and that has turned out amazing!

I was by the end cock drunk and begging for each load. Crying out my thanks to the gentlemen who were blessing me with their hot cum on me or in my mouth. Pretty sure I even slipped into a very submissive state and started addressing them as “Sir” when they talked to me. If only my jaw and neck held out, I would have been in there for longer. But I had to tap out. Covered in amazing cum and feeling great from how many times I fingered myself to orgasm. I swapped out after a quick shower and rejoined my friend. I unfortunately didn’t fuck any of those studs after I swapped out, but my friend and I along with another girl from her Sorority) got into some antics in an upstairs bedroom where people would come and watch us.

Since then, I have been back three times. Each time there is a Rush Week I always try to be a very active part of the festivities.

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