I gave a free-use pass for a friend on his birthday and he used it to his full advantage with lots of risky raw sex.

So a close male friend of mine and I have both gone through recent breakups. I broke up with a girlfriend (I’m bisexual) and he broke up with his longtime girlfriend. We were out drinking the other week and he told me the reason they had broken up. They had a dead bedroom for the past year or so (her fault, he was miserable). It just wasn’t working out.

I, being sort of a sex pest, and having just gotten out of a lesbian relationship, was craving some dick. In a moment of drunken foolishness, I leaned in close and offered to make up for the years of low or no sex he’d suffered through on his birthday. He thought I was bullshitting him. But eventually, I managed to convince him I was offering and into it. We agreed to take that full Saturday to hang out at his place and have some fun.

I showed up at his place early that Saturday afternoon with an overnight bag, said hi, and hugged him. He was a bit nervous and asked me if I was sure about this whole thing. I thought it was sweet, but after I reassured him I asked when he was ready to start. He enthusiastically told me he was ready whenever.

I went to go change in the other room, as I’d brought an outfit to wear that I thought he might like. Some thigh-high striped stirrup socks since I knew he has a bit of a foot fetish. A black thong, a very thin crop top hoodie. And some cat ears since they had been part of my Halloween costume that weekend. I thought they would be cute.

When I came out, he was super surprised that I’d gone through so much effort. And, judging by the bulge forming in his pants, super turned on. He kept complimenting me and telling me how hot I looked. Going on about how his ex never dressed up for him once. I thanked him by going over to the couch he was sitting on, climbing in his lap, and making out with him.

I hadn’t kissed a guy in forever so I was getting super turned on by his stubble against my face. And I started grinding on his crotch while moaning. He was squeezing my ass as we tongue kissed and it got me so hot. When I finally broke the kiss I needed cock.

Of course, I wanted to take my time with him. So I asked him to put on a movie or play a game for a while.To calm ourselves a bit. He agreed and turned on his Xbox. After a bit of watching him play while I rubbed my hand on his crotch, I got down on my knees in front of him. I asked him if he wanted a head while gamed.

Of course, he was super enthusiastic and mentioned how he always had fantasized about that. So I spread his legs and started to pull off his sweatpants. I nearly came myself when I saw his cock pop out. His thing was beautiful. Average sized, maybe about 6 inches. But it was perfect and he had nice big balls (I love balls) so I got straight to work.

As I said, I’d been in a relationship with a girl for a while, so I missed sucking cock. I wanted to worship his. I started by giving it some nice, soft, slow strokes while I complimented him for having such a nice cock. Then took his head in my mouth and started slowly sucking and circling my tongue around his glans while I stroked him. He started moaning right away and audibly gasped when I took him into my mouth to start sucking him.

I meanwhile just got lost in it. Enjoying the feeling of a hot, hard cock between my lips. When I take it out to take a break I’m still stroking it and nuzzling against his big dick. Giving it little kisses as he plays his game and moans.

Eventually, I start sucking on his balls while I stroke him. This gets him super hard, he’s moaning my name. I see him put the controller down to focus on watching me do my thing. I meanwhile got super wet enjoying serving him.

After maybe ten minutes of sucking him, I ask if he’d be okay with me riding him. Or if he just wants me to keep sucking him. I’d honestly be fine with either since this is his present but I am SOAKING and needed him inside of me. He told me he wants to fuck me and asks if I want him to put on a condom. I respond by climbing up into his lap, pulling his mouth up to kiss me. Then I used my free hand to take his shaft and rub it. His cock was already wet from the sloppy head I gave him against my soaking pussy. Not breaking the kiss, I slide down onto his dick. We both moan as I’m sucking on his bottom lip.

His games have pretty much been forgotten at this point. But he doesn’t care as he squeezes both my butt cheeks and I start grinding in his lap. Getting my pussy used to having a cock in it again. It’s so hot and he’s stretching me and I’m loving the feeling of his rock-hard meat in me. Feeling all his veins and ridges as he twitches in me. Dildos can just never match the feel of a real cock.

At this point, I’m just full-on in slut mode. I’m moaning and bouncing on his cock as I ride my way to my orgasm. I lean in and start sucking on his earlobe and panting and moaning. I can tell this is doing it for him. He’s gripping my ass so hard and his cock is rock hard and he’s just slamming into me.

As I’m cumming I clench around him and start shaking and I can tell he’s about to cum too. He starts trying to push me off. I just locked my mouth on his and push myself hard onto him and grind as my pussy cums around his cock. It sends him over the edge. I feel him start pulsing in me. He’s moaning as he blasts his load into my pussy as deep as he can. It made me cum again because I fucking love creampies. So as I feel his hot load pumping into me, my pussy is squeezing around him and milking it out. We’re both moaning into each other’s mouths and fuck it felt so good.

After we both finish cumming, I lean back a little. We both start giggling as he goes soft inside of me. Both of us are breathing hard and he asks if it’s okay if he came inside. I say it’s fine and tell him I’m on birth control.

After I went to the bathroom to clean myself up, he asked if I wanted to watch a movie. So I sat on the couch with him. He put something on, and I laid back and put my feet in his lap. He asked what it was about. I told him not to worry about it and started playing with his cock through his pants.

Pretty soon he gets hard again and pulls his dick out. For most of the movie, I just tease his dick with my toes, while we chat and make jokes about the movie. Eventually, he asks if he can fuck my feet. I laugh and say of course. He’s already gotten enough precum on them. He grabs them and starts sliding his cock between my soles until he cums again. His cum was all over my feet. We both giggle. He tells me how he’s never gotten the chance to do that before. Then helps me clean up.

After the movie, we go out for some food and come back. Since I’m planning to stay the night I hop in the shower after we eat, and from there we move to the bedroom to watch another movie in his bed. I lay on my tummy facing the end of the bed, wearing only panties. His head is near my feet and spends the next hour or so alternating between massaging my feet, kissing them and sucking on my toes, massaging my legs and butt, and rubbing my back. Honestly it’s all super nice and making me feel like I’m the one being treated.

I ask if there’s anything I can do for him, and he asks if he can fuck me again. I tell him of course he can, and ask him how he wants me. He says he wants to “slide his cock between those thick cheeks” ( his words) and gets on top of me. Pretty much laying on top of me, he pulls my panties down. He started hot-dogging my buttcheeks with his head up near mine, his forearms on either side of me.

Of course, this starts to get me hot and bothered. So I start raising my ass so he can rub his cock against my holes better and feel how wet I am. I pull his hand close to me and suck on his fingers, which makes him moan. Soon he’s inside of me again, his big cock stretching me out as he pounds me into the bed. I love feeling dominated like this. I start moaning and he makes me cum a few times as he keeps up a steady rhythm pounding into me. Eventually, he cums inside of me again and I moan as I feel his cock painting my insides.

I come back after going to the bathroom to clean up. We finish the movie as he continues playing with my butt, spanking it, fingering me. Pretty soon we both were tired from all the cumming. He asks if he can fall asleep while sucking on my tits which I thought was so sweet. So I let him while I rub his head and pretty soon I fall asleep too.

In the morning, I woke him up by giving him head and letting him cum in my mouth. Then we had a quick breakfast and I had to leave for work. He texted me later the day thanking me profusely and saying it was the best birthday present he’d ever had. I felt lucky and almost like I was the one who got treated the whole time. Overall I went home that day tired and sore, but satisfied!

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