Loosing virginity to a stranger when I was 25. Pre-marital sex was difficult due to Christian roots, but I did it.

I was raised in a very sheltered/Christian family. My parents believe homosexuality is a sin, sex outside of marriage is a crime against God, etc etc etc.

I had planned to save my virginity until marriage. But life decided otherwise.

When I was 19, I met the most wonderful man in the world – or so I thought. Christian too, we were going to get married. At 22, we began planning our marriage, finally. Of course, we had never had sex, and I would lie if I said I didn’t crave it – badly, sometimes nonstop. Not long later, I found some homosexual pictures on his computer. He then broke down, explained he was homosexual (only dated me to please his parents), and that he had had some hookups with men in the last few years while he was with me. Glad to see at least one of us was getting it…

I was heartbroken. Apparently, in his interpretation of Christian doctrines, sex with men was fine. Only sex with women was to be kept after marriage or something like that.

Looking back at it, I was glad it happened before we were married, but it still hurt like heck. I should also say, I was quite a precocious child. I craved – and wanted- sex, badly. At 22, I was back at square zero.

I spent the next three years trying to find the “right” one. I had some relationships, and I did meet some men, but nothing worked. At some point, I started to fear I would remain a virgin all my life.

I told myself that if I wasn’t in a strong, committed relationship by the time I was 25, I would get an escort or something. Sounds ridiculous, but this is how badly I wanted it. Or I would go to a bar.

Well, the virus decided otherwise. Everything is pretty much closed around here and the only bars that are open, well, it’s only real groups of friends. No clubs, no mingling, etc.

And then, I just lost it. I was quite lonely, I have been fantasizing about sex for years, and how long would it be until I finally met the right guy – if I even met him at all? I decided it was time to lose my virginity. After all, I had made a promise to myself I would lose it by the time I was 25 at most, and I was already six months behind schedule.

I couldn’t go to bars? Fine, but I could still use Tinder. Creating a profile, I decided to be ultra honest:

“I Just turned 25 and I am still a virgin. Looking for someone here to lose it with. Looking for someone respectable, kind and open.”

Yes, it sounded dumb. I added a short description, and some hobbies, but that line struck up. A bit more about me: 5’7″, long brown hair that I keep in a braid. Kind of a nerdy look, glasses (which I should switch to contact), a small body, small frame. Not particularly pretty by any standard but I don’t think I’m ugly, but then again, how would I know?

Not athletic. About 110lbs. I wear 32B.

So anyway, as soon as I made this profile, I was flooded with messages. More than I could count. All the same: rude, vulgar, not particularly well-written, some outright angry. And the porn, the porn, the porn…

I pretty much gave up, but by Wednesday, I was too horny (and desperate) so I fired it up again. This time I had this message.

“Going to assume you’re Christian and were keeping yourself for marriage?”

This was the first message I replied to, other than a quick “no thank you” or “eww.” I felt obligated to reply to every person who wrote to me, at least at first, but quickly gave up. This man, though, had read me pretty well.


“That’s great. I’m Christian too. You should keep it until marriage. No sense losing it to a stranger here, and you might get to regret it later on.”

I didn’t reply all day long. I admit I didn’t like it at first… mostly because he was right.

Understand this: sex before marriage is against everything I was raised to believe. But I had given up on most of those beliefs – and how they had poisoned my childhood – the moment the one man I truly loved backstabbed me.

On Thursday, I was still very horny and mostly calm. “You’re probably right, but I’m 25, and I’m not going to wait all my life. I’ve waited long enough.”

“Are you still a lot into the Christian faith?” I was. Still read the Bible, still, pray, went to Church and all… But I admit I was much less of a Christian than I was before. I drank, masturbated, read pornography, etc.

“I am too,” he replied. “But there are some pleasures I can’t deny myself. Sex is one of them. It’s too good to be passed up.”

I was silent.

“If God didn’t want us to enjoy it, why did he make it so pleasurable?”

We chatted a bit longer, and eventually, he wrote: “Well, it was a pleasure talking with you Erika. I need to go to bed, but if you’ve thought it through and still want to do it, I’m more than interested. I’ll think about you my mysterious but fierce Christian woman :)”

Okay, the end was a bit corny, but it made me giggle. I spent most of the day not thinking much about it, but by 1 PM, I had taken my decision.

“I still want to do this.”

“Must I understand that I have been chosen among the many?” Yes, he wrote like that.

“Are you available tonight?”

“Tonight? That quick?” Then he texted back. “I am, yes.”

I took a deep breath. Finally, finally, I was going to, how do they say it – get laid.

“I want to invite you to a restaurant first. It’s the least I can do for that gift you’re giving to me.” Then he added: “Not a gift, but you get what I mean. I want to make it special for you. Not just a quick lay. I want you to remember it.”

“Only one condition,” I said. “If I do back down at the last moment – can you please be understanding?”

“Of course – no problem at all!” he immediately texted back.

I came back from work at around 4 PM (early job, yay!). Showered, shaved my legs, cleaned my place, washed my bed sheets, etc. I dressed up and put on some perfume, but deep inside, I was nervous as heck. Wondered if I would like it – if it would hurt if I would like it… I wondered if he would like me. He had seen my pictures of course, but it’s always different in person.

Then at 6, I went to meet him at the restaurant. He had flowers for me. He smelled good. Had a quick drink at the bar. He was nice. A businessman with many investments, very interesting. Very nice, very good-looking too. Tall, a bit overweight, and a bit of balding, but otherwise a nice face and a gorgeous smile.

I ate pasta and he got a steak. He advised me not to get too full, so we skipped the desert. I offered to pay and he shook his head, letting out some short “nuh nuh nuh.”

“If… If it doesn’t happen, I’ll pay my part. I insist,” I said. “But… I do want it to happen. We had had a glass (or two?) of wine during the supper, and it was acting.

“I’m gonna go very slow and gentle, I promise,” he said.

We both drove back to my place. I put on some music and dimmed the light. He had brought some candles and lit them. Slowly, gently, he kissed me and soon his hands were all on me. He didn’t touch my breasts and genitals – yet – but I felt them on my ass, on my back, on my belly.

He leaned down to kiss my neck, my chest, and then the top part of my breasts. I almost stopped him here as I felt it was going a bit quicker.

“Have you ever even… Seen one?”

“A what?” I asked.

“A man’s penis,” he said firmly. I had seen my ex a few times in the intimacy of our rooms, one or twice coming out of the shower – but never really in detail, or for too long. We had spent most of that time together living separately and the few times we did… Well, he wasn’t much into me, you know?

“Have you seen one… hard?” he asked.

“Hard?” Then I got what he wanted. “Only in pornographic videos.” He grinned and stood up.

Then, he unzipped his pants and dropped his trousers and boxers.

He wanted me.

It was then and there I finally got it, and I gasped. His dick was huge. Oh, you see it in porn videos, but when it comes to seeing one in person. Make no mistake: unlike my ex, this man wanted me.

I admired it for a couple of seconds. Then, he invited me to touch him. I did: it was soft yet hard, squishy yet firm. He showed me how to stroke it and I completely missed it.

“Spit in your hand,” he said. I did and moved the foreskin back and forth. “Very good,” he said.

“You like it?” I said.

“I do. Put it in your mouth,” he said.

I froze. I had seen it happen, of course, but… gross! This was where men, like, peed! I removed my hand from him.

“It’s going in you a bit later. I want you to get your first taste of cock,” he said. “C’mon,” he nudged me gently.

I finally gave it a little kiss. Just skin. “No, no, no,” he said. “Put it in. Taste it.”

I finally did, closing my lips around him. Lots of women did it, so there must have been a reason.

“There we go,” he finally said. “How does it taste?”

Didn’t taste much. “Suck it. Use your tongue. Give it a good taste, girl.”

I was feeling more and more nervous. My heart was pounding. This thing was going in me.

Maybe… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all? Maybe I was better off waiting and keeping myself.

I then started to realize just how wet I was. I had been so focused on “him” I hadn’t noticed I was dripping. Even when I touched myself, I didn’t get that well. I felt a stupid strong warmth between my legs and soon got that my panties were soaked.

I sucked him for about a minute, then stopped. There was a taste, after all. Not an unpleasant one, but not the best either. He, on the other hand, really seemed to like it.

“Okay, my turn,” he said. I didn’t get what he meant at first. I didn’t have a… you know.

He had me lie down on my bed. Spreading my legs open gently, he then breathed in once or twice near my crotch area. He started rubbing his nose on my private parts, over my pants.

Then, he went to unbutton my pants. I stopped him, nervous as heck.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to,” he replied. He removed his shirt and socks, and he was fully naked. He had some huge shoulders and pecs. No visible abs, but he looked strong overall.

This… huge thing he had, would split me in two, I thought.

“I’m just going to… taste you. Like you tasted me.”


This time I didn’t resist. He unbuttoned my pants and lowered my panties.

“Wow, you are so damn wet,” he said. “You must have liked it too, huh?”

I always thought my genitals were gross, but apparently, he didn’t. He went headfirst into it. His tongue was all over me, licking and swirling around, sometimes slipping in me. Less than a minute later, I was already about to orgasm. I told him so.

“You are so damn wet,” he repeated. “And you taste amazing.”

“I do?”

He put a finger in me – then two, then three. Even in my horniest single session moments, I could never slide three fingers in, and he had done it with ease.

“You’re ready,” he said.

“I am?” Stupid question, I know.

“If three fingers can get in, then my dick can too. No problem.”

“Okay,” I said, breathing heavily. “Do it. Wait – should we use it? A condom?”

“Never for the first time,” he said charmingly. “Skin on skin.”

I was on the pill and had told him so. “Okay,” I said, too turned on.

He got over me and started kissing me, making me taste myself. Definitely, grosser than he had tasted. I felt his dick prod at my clitoris and understood “he was there.”

“That’s my dick, rock hard, for you.” He was right at the entrance. “I’m going to rub it on your clit, then I’ll slide in you so suddenly you won’t know it happened. It won’t hurt, don’t worry. Now, look at me. In the eyes.”

“Wh… Why?”

“I want to see your face when I take it and you become a woman,” he said.

I did. He kept moving his dick around, at some point almost entering me, doing small thrusts that sent waves of pleasure over it. If he kept this up, I would come before he even penetrated me.

As he kissed and caressed me, always eyes in the eyes, all of a sudden, I felt his dick push inside me. I let a short “huh” in surprise as I felt his stick dick get in me. It did hurt a bit – like skin tearing – and I think I shed a tear or two, but soon, the pleasure was back, even stronger than before.

“Congratulations, you’re a woman now,” he said.

I giggled nervously, and he pushed himself inside me. It hurt a bit again, somehow I was tighter the deeper in he was, or maybe nervosity had gotten the best of me. Then he started thrusting in and out of me, never totally leaving me I think, but enough so that I could feel it.

Almost immediately, I orgasmed. I had dreamt of that moment for so long.

I normally don’t squirt much when I do it myself, but this time, I squirted so much that my body jettisoned his dick. He laughed about it, seemingly proud.

He took a nearby disposable towel and started wiping himself and me. I raised my head long enough to see a bit of blood. He told me to lay back down and not worry about it. Of course, I knew what it was and I knew it was normal, but it still spooked me a bit.

Finally done, he came back to me and kissed me again.

“Do you mind if I finish?” he asked.

“Not at all,” I replied. Back in me, he was, and again, the pleasure was almost unbearable, if that makes sense.

“Can I… tell you something? I always wanted to take a girl’s virginity,” he said. “Always.” He kissed me and thanked me. Can I… Can I fuck you good?” he asked. I didn’t know what this meant, but I told him he could, and that if it hurt too much, I would tell him.

Well, apparently, it meant him turning into some kind of wild, furious animal. He grabbed both my wrists and pushed them over my head, then really started to pound me with his dick. His huge dick was moving in and out of me, back and forth, as he fucked me with everything he had.

It felt the opposite of pain. I felt completely dominated – his, totally, his toy, to be fucked as he saw fit. I started moaning in pleasure. Sex was even better than I imagined. I had been so, so dumb to deny myself it for so long.

“You like it you little slut, huh?” he said.

That comment turned me on so much I felt myself about to orgasm. I had no idea I was into that kind of thing.

“I’m going to ejaculate in you. Fill you with my cum. How does it feel, knowing your pussy is going to be filled by some guy’s sperm?”

I orgasmed, my legs closing around him tightly, and again I squirted. It seemed to do it for him too, as he pushed his hips forward and dug his dick deep into me. He moaned gently, much more softly than me, but I could tell he enjoyed it completely.

Finally, he lay next to me, sweaty, with that huge smile on him.

“How do you like it?”

“I loved it,” I replied. We kissed.

“I… do have a favour to ask,” he said.

“What is it?”

“I… have my own thing, you know. I love seeing my cum drip out of a girl,” he said. At that moment I learned, well, that his cum would leak out. I mean, it had to go somewhere I guess. “Do you mind?”

He clarified that he wanted to see it. I said he could and he jumped up like a kid on Christmas. He had me spread my legs and I felt his gaze very closely on my private. He rubbed my clit gently, enough to turn me on again.

Finally, he seemed satisfied, as apparently, some white blob of cum was leaking out of me. I noticed he was hard again.

“Erika, may I… may I please use your phone to take a picture? Not your face – just your cunt,” he said.

I didn’t like the idea much, but there was something in his voice – he seemed so turned on.

“It’s gonna be on your phone. You can… send it to me if you like.”

“Okay, but be careful – my mom is on there.”

“Don’t worry.”

I unlocked my phone and he took what must have been dozens of pics of, well, his cum leaking out of me. Finally done, without a word, he got back on top of me and inside me so easily I thought something must have been broken in me, and started fucking me furiously again.

Thomas had something about coming in women. He loved it. And if I was to be blunt – I loved it too. But… Well, I had a few quirks of my own too.

“Can I ask you for a favour too?” I said. Sure, anything. “Can you please… Come on my face?”

“Wow, of course.” This was one of the things that turned me on the most in porn videos.

“And cover my face with it. Don’t… feel like you have to be careful.” That didn’t even make sense, haha.

He had a few good thrusts in me – even to make me orgasm, a silent one this time, but soon, his dick was over my face. He stroked it furiously and told me to close my eyes.

I felt some warm liquid on my cheek, on my nose, and my lips. I felt insanely turned on! Then, at last, it ended, and I opened my eyes.

“Take a picture,” I said. “Here is my phone, and take a picture. Take a few ones.”

He did and then showed me, giving me a good look at my cum-covered face. Several strings of cum, covered many parts of my face. “Look at you now. That’s what you get, you dirty cum whore,” I thought.

My mouth was attracted to his dick, now limp – and sad. I immediately put it in my mouth and started sucking.

“I wanna taste you,” I said. “Completely,” I said, completely into it.

I sucked him until he was hard, at first sloppily, but he guided me gently. It must have taken me a good ten minutes, but he was a patient teacher, and soon he told me he was close.

“Are you sure?” he asked, and I nodded.

I sucked a bit more and soon he started moaning, and he said he was going to ejaculate. I stopped sucking him and then started swallowing. Loads and loads of cum. Terrible taste, but it made me feel so slutty. “Look at you, you dirty cum-slut,” I thought, and it turned me on insanely.

I swallowed it all. Thomas was limp again, and seemingly frazzled. “You’re a very good little slut,” he said. “Did you swallow it all?”


He lay next to me and kissed me gently on my lips, hesitating a bit. “I just wanna fuck you again,” he said.

“Do it!” I said enthusiastically.

“I’m drained, Erika. Tired, tired, tired. I don’t think I can even get hard anymore…”

“I can try,” I said. But it was no use. As I sucked him, I touched myself, and my legs were still soaked in… going to call it liquid.

It must have been shortly after midnight. He said he had to go as he worked tomorrow (he did have some small business work tomorrow), but that we would see each other soon. “This was the best night of my life,” he said. Me too. “I’ll text you tomorrow.

Deep inside, I just wanted him to fuck me again and again. Fill me with cum, then watch it drip out. But then again, only after he left did I realize how tired I was. My place – especially my bed – was a complete mess. Semen, my juices – I would sleep in it like a good whore, but for the moment, I realized I was way past my bedtime, and exhausted myself. My private started to feel sore.

Soon after he left, I sent him the pics he wanted, and it was enough to put me back in the mood. I started rubbing myself, obsessed with the pictures of my face covered in cum, and even considered sending him that one, like the good whore I was. I just craved his dick in my mouth while I would be on my knees, and then his sperm explode all over my face.

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