My obsession with cum drives me to do stupid things. It is dumb and a risky, this time with three surfer boys.

When I first became sexually active, as a teen, I asked guys to use condoms as I was not on the pill. I hated condoms more than anything, but I didn’t want to get pregnant. A bit later, I started on the pill. It was such a relief to say bye-bye to condoms. But I noticed a drastic difference in how sex felt for me. My vagina was drier and I wasn’t as horny anymore. Some women report an increase in sex drive. Unfortunately for me, I had the drive but not the internal juices to go with the drive.

So at some point in college, I decided to stop the pill for a bit. I learned about the rhythm method and decided to give it a try. Sex started to feel incredible again. My juices were freely flowing. When a guy came inside me, the cum would feel so good in my vagina. Before it was kind of desensitized. The problem was that guys freak out to know that a woman is not on the pill. They would decide to pull out last second, instead of giving me the cum I hankered for.

So due to my obsession, I would simply not mention anything to the guys about pills or no pills. They would make their assumptions, and not ask. They were carefree again. And they were happy again to fulfil my desires, and cum over and over again inside me. Win-win.

Now, the real problem is my fertile days. My juices are flowing stronger than ever. I feel ‘in heat’, and I am constantly thinking of guys, and their dicks, and their cum. I am horny from morning until night. So, many times it has been impossible to resist and have some risky sex.

Once, my calendar had a bright red circle around a weekend. My methodical calculations indicated that this particular weekend I’d be ovulating. So I planned to hide away in my room, and study. However, my surfer friends decided to throw a giant party that weekend at their house. The kind of party that no one wants to ever miss.

All my friends would be there. All of them. So I decided I’d go early, with my girlfriends, have a couple of beers, and come back home. No big deal… but sure enough, I was ovulating. I was horny as fuck. I tried to dress conservatively. But I kept thinking of ways I could get fucked and bred. I ended up wearing some black yoga pants that made my ass look amazing. And a tank top that left little to the imagination.

My friends Justin, Rob, and Eric were hosting at their house. All three were surfers in their 20s, with random jobs around Honolulu, that allowed them to be beach bums. For full disclosure, I had already fucked Justin once. Rob was a regular fuck buddy. I would have let Eric fuck me any way he wanted, if he wanted, but he had a fiancee. So there was some history.

The party started mild, with chill music, and slow conversations. Fast forward a few hours, and I was drunk and high, laying down in Rob’s bed. My yoga pants were nowhere to be seen. He was eating my pussy, and I was begging for his cock. My pussy was overflowing with juices, and he was having a field day, constantly remarking how wet I was. I had not seen him since I had dropped the pill. So he had never seen me in my all-natural, hormone-free state before. I kept begging him to fuck me. I knew it was trouble, but I felt a heat inside me that I just couldn’t put out on my own. And I needed his cum.

He turned me around, and with my stomach on the bed, he jumped on me. While pinning me down, he spread my legs and slowly started sliding his dick inside me. I wanted it all and I wanted it deep. It was excruciating to feel his tip, only for him to pull it out and rub it on my labia, and clit, and then put the tip back inside. I just kept insisting “fuck me fuck, fuck me now pls”. In my high mind, I could see clearly that my cervix was wide open and full of juices. Impatiently waiting for the guy’s cum.

Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer either and penetrated me balls deep. He hit the cervix and I screamed as loud as I could in pleasure. That was ok because the loud party music drowned my screams. He continued to fuck, grabbing my arms. Meantime I had some weird drug-induced visions of dicks and cum, and more cum. I imagined I was being fucked so hard that his dick had entered my cervix, and it was coming out of my mouth. So I started blowing his dick in my mouth as he continued to fuck me.

I gagged on his dick, and I snapped out of it. And I saw that I was indeed sucking a dick, but not Rob’s. Justin had joined us, and his dick was in my mouth. Rob kept fucking me hard thanks to his marijuana-enhanced performance.

Justin (and the rest of the party) had heard my screams, and he entered the room to check on me. I motioned him to join us and started sucking on his dick. Now everything made a bit more sense. I was so glad Justin was there too because his dick was amazing on many levels. Most of all in the amount of cum it could shoot out. So while Rob kept fucking the hell out of me, I was happy to prime Justin’s dick (as well as I could, given the banging on the other end).

Although I had a very nice dick in my mouth, I started paying once again more attention to the fucking. Concentrating on my cervix. Once again my intoxication made me think I could feel how wide open my cervix was. I wanted Rob’s cum so bad, I started to beg for it. I started to repeat over and over again “cum inside me, cum, cum, cum inside me… fucking breed me”. Those last words did it, and Rob couldn’t hold it any longer. With a massive jolt, he came a long thick rope of cum, and then another. Banging my ass loud and clear with his legs, with each push.

The fucking had felt amazing up to this point. Justin’s dick was fine, but the feeling of Rob’s hot cum hitting my cervix threw me into the most amazing orgasm. The drugs and alcohol prevented any filter or sense of composure. I screamed “fuck” and yelled, and spasmed. I came over and over again, until Rob stepped out, drenched in my juices.

During my joy, I had neglected to suck Justin’s dick. But do not worry, he was so hard his dick was hurting, just from watching the show. I had only two words for him: “fuck me”. He moved Rob aside, so he could now be behind me. Mind you, I had suggested this once, but Justin had said that “sloppy seconds are gross”. Now, he was drunk and high. And he was hard as fuck with precum on his dick and hands, and did not hesitate. I was on the bed, with my head on the pillow and my ass high up in the air. Contorting my body so not a drop of Rob’s cum would drip. So he got up and placed his dick inside me.

His dick was large and thick. But he had no trouble today, because of the insane amount of lubrication readily available and applied. His girth made my labia stretch. With his first push, he hit my g-spot right on, sending me down a spiral of moans and rapid breathing. In his second push, he went further in, and my vagina continued to expand to allow for his massive cock. I could almost feel Rob’s cum being compressed against my vagina by Justin’s dick. Finally, in his third push, his cock went all in. His swollen mushroom head pressed against my cervix, pushing Rob’s cum deeper into me. Justin accelerated his fucking, and I screamed a bit with each push.

I lost track of time and space, and Justin fucked for what felt like an impossible amount of time. Under other circumstances, I would have dried up. But my body knew it wanted all the cum it could get. So it kept rewarding the cock with more and more cream and juices, so it could go deeper and deeper. As if he knew, Justin would keep his dick deep inside me, and press it against me. This opened my cervix even wider, expecting his cum at any moment.

As before, I asked Justin to “cum inside me, cum, cum, cum inside me… fucking breed me hard… now, cum” and he did. He pushed himself hard once and kept the cock deep inside me. I could feel the cum travelling up his cock in waves. And cumming out on and falling inside my cervix. It felt tingly and hot, and threw me into a heavenly state of absolute pleasure.

The party went on, and the guys rejoined the party, but I stayed in bed. My ass was slightly elevated, so that the cum would naturally stay in me. After all that sex, I was still horny. I kept rubbing my clit, while I felt the cum inside me, making my insides contract, so that the cum would travel even further. And I fell asleep while rubbing myself.

I woke up a couple of hours later. The house was quiet. “Hey, are you ok?” I looked and Eric was at the door. I was naked in bed, and I nodded. He came into the room. “You sure you are ok?” he said in a very sweet voice. I turned a bit to my side so he had a full view of my body. He looked at me, and I nodded “I am ok yeah, thanks for checking on me”. He hesitated to stay or go. So I said “can you stay with me just a bit?”. He entered Rob’s room and closed the door behind him. “Can you spoon me?” I asked him, and he said “you know I can’t…”, and I said, “I know”. But he spooned me anyway.

He was shirtless and wearing shorts and laid down behind me. I brought his arm around me, placing his hand on my breast. He held onto it gently. With one of my hands, I tugged at his shorts, and he said “we shouldn’t”. I turned and said “I think we should”, and he removed them completely. Immediately, his hard cock found the wetness between my legs. I pressed myself back so that his dick was poking me hard. He said a slow and defeated “fuckkkk” and pushed slowly. Letting his dick embed itself inside my very wet pussy.

He grabbed hard onto me, but fucked me slowly and gently. Holding onto my ovulation-hormones-enlarged breasts, and kissing the back of my neck. He kept whispering “fuckkk” as he fucked me. Clearly enjoying the tight, hot, and wet space his dick was inside of. He announced he was about to cum. I pressed my ass against him, and fucked his dick a bit quicker. He squeezed my breasts and I could feel jizz filling me up, for the third time that night. He finished, kept his dick inside me, still hard as a rock. Kissing my neck again, he said “our secret please, not even Justin and Rob ok?.” I smiled and nodded like a good girl.

In the late morning, I woke up alone in Rob’s room. I got up and tried to dress up. No sign of my pants. Finding my tank top, I put that on and went to the living room to look for my pants. All three guys were up fighting their hangovers. And all three turned to look at my naked bum when I walked around the room looking for my pants. “Anybody has seen a pair of black yoga pants?.” They cracked up laughing and Rob pointed out they were somewhere under his bed.

On my way back home, I drove to a pharmacy and got a Plan-B pill. When I arrived home, I lay down in bed and touched myself a bit. Still then, their cum was mixed with my cream and juices. Perhaps I was just swollen from all the sex, but I felt as if I was full of cum. I enjoyed that feeling for a while longer, before taking the pill, and then an intensely long and hot shower.

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