Invited a shy college freshman for a night of naked fun with friends. He came on my face and creampied me later.

This was a great night for a lot of reasons, not just sexual ones. There’s a little bit more backstory, but it gets incredibly hot. And I think it’s a cute story.

I was probably 20 at this point, it was the start of my junior year of college, and I had been putting off my required math classes for the last two years; I hadn’t done a single one. I started in college pre-cal. Naturally, most of the class was freshman, since you’re not supposed to wait to take this class.

On the first day, I sat down next to a boy named David. Well, not quite “next to.” It was a large lecture hall so there were a few spaces between everybody. He was young, with dark hair. And super hot, like that cute, boyish kind of hot. He had a great, kind of prominent nose and these Ryan Gosling eyes. He was dressed nicely. Kinda professional vibes. The freshmen are always kinda try-hardy in those nice programs.

After about two weeks of never talking to him, I noticed he came in with a coffee-to-go cup one day. I decided to make some small talk. “Where’d you get that?” I asked. “Oh um, the engineering building has a little cafe. It’s fancier than the little dining hall mini cafes.” “Oh, cool. It smells great.” “You want me to bring you one next class?” he asked.

I was thrown off. I couldn’t tell if he was being awkward and confused, or smooth and bold. “Umm, yeah. I’d love that.” I tore a corner out of my notebook and wrote down my order plus my name and number. “I put on my number in case they don’t make that. Just text me.” He nodded and seemed dazed. I think he didn’t imagine this happening at all.

I get told I’m pretty a decent amount. Beauty is subjective and all, but David was smitten with me, if not completely intimidated by me. So you have an idea, I have brown hair down to my collarbones, have fairly average-sized breasts but a big ass, and I’m pretty petite with nice skin and big eyes. To class, I usually wear jeans and a crop top, with my hair up in a messy bun. That’s my go-to.

The next class, he brought me my coffee. “You don’t have to sit over there,” I said and gestured to the chair right next to me. He moved over to me. “I’m David, by the way,” he said. We chatted in the back of the auditorium under our breath for the rest of the class. Clearly, he was from a pretty sheltered background, he mentioned his parents were strict, but he seemed cool. He was incredibly nice, and he had such an amazing laugh when he smiled, which was constant. He couldn’t keep from nervously smiling all class.

After class, we each had to head off to different classes, but I asked if he wanted to hang out with me and my friends tonight. He said sure, so I told him I’d pop by his dorm at around 8. It was a Thursday, but our school didn’t do Friday classes except for seniors, so it was a weekend night. We each went off to our classes.

After my last class was over, I went to the library, grabbed a snack from a shitty mini-cafe, and killed some time. I walked over to his dorm, the all-boys freshman dorm on the edge of campus, and realized I never got his number. Some guys let me in when I knocked on the door. I told them I was meeting someone and chilled up at the front area where a bunch of guys were lounging around. At 7:55, he ran down the stairs and headed to the door, checking the time on his phone. I waved at him. He had changed into jeans and a black tee-shirt with his high school on it and messed his hair up a bit, clearly on purpose. It was cute.

I got up and hugged him. “I’m excited you were down to hang!” I said. “Oh yeah, totally,” he said. I took his hand and led him out the door and down the street with me. I tried to make it look as date-y as possible in front of all his friends in the dorm. We walked and talked for a while about movies and music and our majors. Normal “getting to know you” conversation. “I live in one of those tiny houses about a half-mile down this street,” I said, “But I and my roommates are going to hang out at our friend’s house, they’re like a few houses further down.”

We got to the house, and I opened the door and went in. “Hey everybody, this is David,” I announced. They all said hi. For some context, the house was kinda falling apart, and full of craigslist furniture. There were a bunch of pillows and beanbags thrown around. This is where most of the guys in our little clique lived. Our clique consisted of what I’d call the kinda cool artsy kids. A lot of us were in the arts, or were queer, or were involved in the school radio. We weren’t the full-on alt kids, or the punky or crusty kids, but we weren’t like a sorority or fraternity types. Just mild hipsters. That being said, I was more sorority-girl looking than the rest, but I fit in with this group better.

The boys were playing Smash Bros while the girls were talking in a corner. They all introduced themselves. There were three guys (Aidan, Max, Derek) and two girls (Sarah, Olivia) and then the two of us. We were all fairly good-looking, in my opinion. The guys quit playing Smash and offered us some beer. I took a hard apple cider. I realized from looking at David’s face, he’d probably never drunk before. Not really. I told him there is no pressure. He asked for an apple cider anyway.

After stepping outside for some of my friends to take a cigarette break (also clearly new to him) we came back in and put on a movie. I think it was “Saved,” which is a movie I love. We didn’t pay much attention though. We headed back out to the porch about 20 minutes into the movie to pass around a joint. I don’t really like smoking, so I took a tiny little hit. David also took a hit, but it was way bigger than he should have taken. It was his first time, so I don’t think it had much effect on him. The group spent a lot of time talking to David and getting to know him. He mentioned that he hadn’t found many friends in college yet. I let him know he was welcome anytime.

After the movie was over, it was around 11 and we were all getting hungry. Aidan suggested we head across town to this old, retro, drive-in-style burger place. It was like 30 minutes away, but it was so good and it was open late. And it was a small college town, and if you’re from a small town, you’ll know that driving around for no good reason is a very popular activity. Olivia chimed in, “Are you guys down for a round or two of the yellow light game?” David turned to me and whispered, “What is that?”

My college friend group is pretty intimate and we have a thing for edgy, sexy little party games. I should probably explain how this one works. Anytime you see a yellow light in the distance, you have to touch your hand to the roof of the car. The last one to touch the roof of the car has to take off an article of clothing. Shoes or socks don’t count individually, jewellery doesn’t count, and once we decide we’re playing, you can’t add layers. Once you’re down to your underwear, if you touch the roof last, you can either get out of the car and run around it in a circle and get back in, or take off a piece of underwear. The driver usually only half-plays or waits until the car stops. It was a favourite of mine when I was young.

I explained to David and he nods and says he was down. Everybody was into it, but Max said he was heading to sleep, he smoked too much. Derek hadn’t had anything to drink or smoke, so he volunteered to drive. We headed out to his car, squeezing four people, the three girls, and David, into the back row of seats. I squeezed in the middle, with David on the side of me.

It was dark out, but it was beautiful. I called aux and put on a playlist of some of my favourite moody, alt, dream pop, and new wave kinds of stuff that’s perfect for night driving. I still remember so many of the songs that played so vividly. David kept asking me about the music, song after song. I realized I was opening his eyes to an awful lot at once. It was one of those nights that felt dreamlike, especially in hindsight, even though we had done such similar things so many times.

First yellow light and our hands shot up. “Fuck!” Sarah took off her jean jacket. We talked for a while, and David’s hand shot up. Everyone followed. This time I took off my shoes. We talked and listened to music. David was from out of state, so I’m not sure if he had ever really driven around our town before. It was on a river and really kind of pretty. It didn’t take too long before we were all out of our shoes, socks, and jackets. The next person was going to be the first to have to strip. Hands shot up. It was Olivia. She opted to take off her shorts, wiggling down to her panties. David’s eyes focused out the window now. He didn’t want to stare.

Derek was taking the longer, scenic kind of route, no highways, cutting through neighbourhoods. The game is more fun that way. It didn’t take much time until all the guys had their shirts off, and all the girls had their pants off. At the next light, I was last and became the first to get all the way down to my bra and panties. “How’re you holding up?” I asked David. He looked at me, trying to maintain eye contact, but his eyes kept shooting down for a second here and there. “Good! This is fun.” He said. He was getting red, and I sat there giggling at him, my hip right up against his. “You don’t have to play, you know,” I whispered. I’m sure this night was a lot all at once.

“I’m fine,” he insisted. Just then hands shot up, and he, still caught up in our talking, and my tits in their bra, was last. He took a breath and slipped his pants off. I made sure to scoot a tad closer, pushing my hip and thigh up against his boxer briefs. Olivia and Aidan and Sarah were down to just underwear before long. We were getting closer to the drive-in. During this phase of the game, everyone always starts focusing super hard. The stakes were higher.

Olivia lost first. She took off her bra and quickly crossed her arms over her chest. David’s eyes went wide and he realized that we weren’t kidding. I don’t know if I was jealous of Olivia getting the attention, or just distracted, but I missed the next yellow by a lot. This yellow was on our road, and as it turned red we came to a stop. I opted for a run-around, slipped over David, rubbed my ass across his lap, and jumped out his door. I made a little dance around the car, trying to attract some attention since there was another car at the stoplight opposite us watching. David opened the door for me like a gentleman, and I hopped back in, the other way this time, mounting him for a second and looking him dead in his eyes before falling back into my seat.

At this point, his hands went into his lap. I don’t know if he was worried about getting hard, or already hard, or just nervous. It made him lose the next round though, and he opted for a run-around as well. He sped around the car as fast as he could. Right as he got back, I locked the door. He tried to open it then made these little puppy dog eyes and I immediately opened the door for him. “That wasn’t funny,” he said. “It was a second, David,” I said, tickling his side. He grinned but tried to hide it.

Aidan circled the car. Sarah’s bra came off. Then I lost a round again. This time, I opted to take my bra off. I let it fall to the floor, and decided I wasn’t gonna cover up with my arms like the other girls. I set my hands in my lap and looked over at David and smiled. He was getting more comfortable. He gave me a quick up and down, then smiled back, before turning forward and giggling. His eyes shot over now and then of course.

We were about a minute from the drive-in when I lost a round again. Everybody else was really on edge and being so careful. I was looking at David now and again and listening to the music. “Are we stopping, or are you stripping,” Derek asked. “Fuck it, it’s just for a minute.” I dropped my panties down around my ankles, covering my lap with my hands. I had seen some of my friends get this far but on less public roads. This was edgy for me, and my heart started beating. I guess David noticed because he lightly set his hand on my knee. It was such a sweet, comforting gesture, but now all of a sudden my heart beating turned into my pussy beating. He was so hot and so sweet. I needed to fuck him so badly.

The drive-in popped into view, and David reached for his clothes. “Wait for just a second,” I told him. The exact moment the front wheels hit the parking lot, Olivia shouted, “Now!” and we all scrambled to put on our clothes as fast as we could before we got far enough into the parking lot for people to see us. “The almost not making it is part of the fun,” she explained to David. He stared at her, his shirt on backwards, and I cracked up laughing at how not-fun he found it. Soon we were all laughing, David, included. We pulled up in one of the parking slots and ordered some burgers and fries.

The drive back was simpler, with no games or anything, just some fries and shakes while we listened to music. I leaned on David, eventually taking his hand in mine and holding it for the rest of the ride. We got back to the boys’ house a bit after midnight, and, after another joint, we all ended up cuddling with each other in a big mess on the floor while we watched The Next Generation on Netflix. After an hour, Olivia was falling asleep, so the girls all got up to go. “Can you walk us home, David?” I asked.

He held my hand as we walked down the street to our place. The walk was just a couple of minutes. We got to the door and the other two girls went in while David and I paused for a second. “Ummm,” David said. “Just stay the night, David, god,” I laughed. Taking his hand, I led him inside and to my bedroom. I put on some music lightly, since our walls were paper thin.

He sat on the edge of the bed and I climbed onto his lap, and took his face in my hands. I kissed him gently, over and over. He moved his hands to the small of my back and kissed me back harder. His tongue swirled around mine, and one of his hands made its way to my ass. Pushing him down onto the bed, I laid on top of him, making out, while he moved his other hand to my ass and grabbed as much as he could. I rocked my pelvis back and forth on top of him until I felt his hard cock through his jeans.

Sitting up, I peeled my shirt off. I reached down and unzipped his pants. He pushed them down to the ground and I sat back down. I moved his hands to my tits. He rubbed them. “Squeeze,” I all but ordered him. I bent over to kiss him and his hands struggled with my bra clasp. “Have you never taken off a girl’s bra before?” “No I have,” he said, “just not a lot.” I decided to be gentle with him. Pushing my pants off, I sat on his cock, my panties a little wet. I sat up straight, playing with my tits with one hand, and rubbing my clit through my panties with the other while I rocked in little circles on his cock to the music.

Getting on my knees on the ground, I licked at his balls through his underwear, letting his underwear get soaking wet. I worked my way up the shaft, massaging it through the fabric with my lips like a bunch of little kisses. As I got to the tip, a little spot of precum showed up. I licked at it while I worked his balls in my hand, running my other finger around his side. I finally pulled his boxer briefs down, revealing his cock.

It was probably 6 inches, but incredibly girthy for that length. He was cut and his pubes were trimmed down short. I licked up the whole length of his cock. “You should’ve whipped it out in the car; you’re so big,” I said. I took the head in my mouth and sucked my way down the shaft to the base. He was so thick it made my jaw hurt. He ran his hand through my hair lightly and moaned.

I kissed around his cock again, then spit in my hand and gave him a sloppy handjob. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock again and went up and down, hand and mouth, applying just enough pressure for a few strokes, then letting the pressure go for a few. “What are you doing?” he asked. “That feels so good.” I kept stroking him with my hand and moved my tongue down to the base of his shaft, licking my way down to his balls. Taking them in my mouth one at a time, I then made one big lick back up his cock. I sucked the tip as slow as I could, lightly biting it as I pulled off. And I stayed there and looked him dead in the eye.

I moved up and ran my tits over his cock, setting it between them. Not having a big enough boobs to give a real tit-fuck, I put my hand on the top of his shaft and shoved my tits together with my arms. I gave him something between a tit-fuck and handjob for a while, then pulled back and rubbed his tip and his precum all over his nipples. “I’m gonna cum soon,” he said. “Stand up,” I ordered him. I sat on my feet, knees together, back straight, tits out, and stroked him, going back and forth between slow, torturous strokes and super fast sets. “Okay, okay, okay,” he said. He grabbed his cock and stroked it while I opened my mouth up and stuck my tongue out. “All over my face, okay?”

He came a ton. The first shot hit my tits, but the next few went across my nose and cheek, my lips and chin, and one went perfectly down my throat. I was coated in his cum. It was thicker and whiter than I had seen before. I looked him dead in the eyes and swallowed. He stared for about half a minute. “Umm, do you want me to help you clean up?” he said eventually. “Oh I’m not cleaning up,” I said. I got up. “You’ve eaten pussy before, right?” “Umm, no.” “That’s fine, I’ll tell you exactly what to do.” I walked up close and pressed my tits against his chest. He looked down at the cum on my chest. “You’re not gonna get all freaked out by your cum now, are you?” “No.” “Good,” I said, kissing him, making sure to get him messy.

I lay down on my bed and put my legs up. “Come here,” I said. “Start by kissing my pussy, okay?” He does. “Keep doing that around the whole thing. Now tease my clit, get me wet. Do you know where that is? Just lightly flick your tongue on it.” He does. “Now run your tongue down my lips. Lick the outside, then the inside.” He does. “Keep licking that and work your way back up to my clit. Flick up and down a little harder and faster.” He does. “Oh, that feels so fucking good. Now work your tongue in little circles around it.” He does. “Oh fuck. Yeah. Yeah just like that.”

“Here’s the trick, don’t let me get too excited too soon. Try licking right around my hole.” He does. “You can also play with my taint and my asshole if you want.” He licks down my taint, then runs his tongue around in circles around the outside of my asshole before flicking up and down on it a bit. “Oh fuck, you’re good at this. Now come back to my clit. Wrap your lips around it tightly. Suck on it and get kind of a vacuum. Then just do whatever, press with your tongue, move your tongue around, squeeze with your lips, press your nose into me. Whatever. If I like it you’ll know.”

He took to it naturally from there. I eventually began grinding my pussy into his face, harder and harder. He moved around, keeping me on the edge. “I’m getting close,” I said. “Can I finger you?” he asked. I nodded. He put a finger in, and I grabbed his hand and turned his palm upright so his finger would curl up. “Like that,” I said, “Curl and straighten.” He got his head sideways so he could keep eating me out. He sucked on my clit hard, moving it around with his lips, while his finger massaged the inside of my pussy. It felt so amazing.

Meanwhile, I felt the cum drying on my tits and face. I sucked on my fingers and ran two of them over my nipples. David noticed and went faster. “Oh fuck,” I said, “I’m about to cum.” He kept going as I shoved my pussy into his face, grinding it up against him. “I’m cumming for you, ” I said. I gushed on his face as he kept going. Soon I was clenching and convulsing. He gave one last lick up and down the whole thing, then crawled on top of me and kissed me again. “How was that?” He asked.

We cleaned up and ended up falling asleep spooning, naked. After a couple of hours, at like four AM, I roused up. I noticed that David was still holding me tight, with his cock rock hard between my ass cheeks. “Are you awake?” I asked. “Yeah, sorry,” he said, “I had a dream about you and woke all hard up against your ass.” “Well,” I said, “We better do something about that.”

“Yeah?” He said. “Yeah, but this time I need you inside me.” He nodded and began breathing harder. “You’ve had sex before, right?” “Once,” he said. “You’re just getting kinda flustered.” “You’re just really hot,” he said. “We don’t have to,” I said. “No, I want to.” I got on top of him. “Wow, such a big boy. You are eighteen, aren’t you?” I said, teasing. “Yes,” he said, “bitch.” He grabbed my ass and smirked. I sat straight up and my jaw dropped. I got so wet all of a sudden. “I’m so sorry,” he said, “I was trying to be playful. You were being tease-y and I was trying to be tease-y back. You aren’t…”

“No, tell me what a bitch I am David. Tell me what a whore I am.” I bent over and made out with him hard, biting his lip. He growled into my mouth as he dug his nails in as hard as he could, pulling me close. “Is that what you want, you little slut? You want me to be mean?” “You don’t have to if you’re not into it.” “No, I think you need to be taught a lesson,” he said. I’m not naturally that much of a sub, but he was hot, and he was so nice, so it was kind of fun getting to see him fulfil his fantasy, even if it was a little pretend-y and cute.

“Get on all fours for me,” he barked. “Make me,” I said. “Umm,” he took a breath. I squeezed my face lightly with my hand to give him a hint. All of a sudden he wasn’t nervous and cute anymore. He grabbed my cheeks and squeezed my lips together, the perfect amount of pressure against my jaw. He stared into my eyes, panting, then whispered, “Do as you’re told, whore.”

I got down on all fours, ready for doggy. He kneeled behind me and rubbed the tip of his cock down from my asshole to my pussy. I helped him inside and he started thrusting. “You can go hard if you want,” I told him. He thrust in as hard and as deep as he could. His cock was stretching me out, and I could feel all the pressure against the top of my pussy. I’m sure I was tighter for him than I’d been for basically anyone else. He was so thick. It felt amazing.

I handed him a handful of my hair, which he took. “I’m such a little whore for you,” I moaned out. “Yeah, you are. You like that, you fucking whore?” “I love it. I love feeling your giant cock inside me, rearranging me.” He moaned a little under his breath. “You feel so warm,” he said. “I’m just a warm little cunt for you. I’m nothing more than a cunt for you to fill up.” Moaning again, he wasn’t gonna make it much longer and pulled out.

“I wanna see your pretty little face when I cum,” he said. He said it all tough, but it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard during sex. We switched to missionary and he pushed in. My legs curled up as he bent over and thrust into me.

He kissed me and kissed me and kissed me, and my nails dug into his back. “You wanna cum for me you little whore?” he asked. I moved my hand down and moved my clit in little circles as he pounded into me faster and faster. I was getting close and could see he was getting close. “Cum inside me,” I said, looking into his eyes. He closed them and immediately came, thrusting in harder. When he thrust again, I was cumming. My legs shook as he kept cumming. He pulled out and kissed me again.

“That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt,” he said, “You’re so fucking sexy.” After some more cleanup and splitting a glass of water, we fell back asleep, naked and cuddling again. We went on a few proper dates and ended up dating for about four months. Even though we liked each other and all, neither of us wanted something that serious, and so four months in, it became clear that there was nowhere to go from here. We spent those four months exploring our kinks together, though. It was a lot of fun. But this first night, and the feeling of being with someone you’re crushing on, is unbeatable.



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