Due to vaginal hypoplasia (a birth defect), my pussy has always been tighter. This has made sex difficult until now.

I was born with a very mild form of vaginal hypoplasia.

This birth defect can cause anything from being very tight to not having a vagina at all. Thankfully, I am the former. Life is fairly normal for me, except for sex being incredibly difficult. Because of this, I am still a virgin. Or at least, I was up until very recently.

I have had several relationships end because I was simply incapable of having sex with them. I know that relationships should be more than sex, but it’s a big part of them depending on the person. And I want to have sex. I just.. can’t. I’ve spent many nights naked, crying in bed because I couldn’t do the one thing that comes easily to most women.

Enough self-loathing. On to the good part!

So I’ve been working in a small office for about a year and a half now. Roughly a month ago, we hired a new guy in the IT department. Let’s call him Steve.

Anyways, Steve and I have been doing a little flirting for a few weeks now. I love his beard and he doesn’t tower over me. I’m 5’5 and he’s probably only an inch or two taller. It made me feel more comfortable around him. I know some girls like massive, muscular guys but that just isn’t me. I’d rather have someone I can wrap my arms around than someone who crushes me if they roll over in bed. I started dressing a little skimpier for work lately and he has noticed. Even though I may have been doomed with a tiny slit, I was blessed with an average bust at least. And it’s pretty easy to tell when a guy is looking at it.

I never noticed a ring but was getting a little sad that he wasn’t asking me out. I started to think I may have misjudged his attraction. But a few days ago, he finally invited me to dinner. Of course, I said yes.

The actual dinner was pretty normal. He talked about his position at work and what he did prior. We talked about our hobbies (I love reading and have been super into VR games lately). He told me about his ex-wife, which wasn’t a deal breaker for me or anything. I understand it doesn’t always work. Long story short, it ended back at my apartment.

We started fooling around and one thing lead to another. I ended up missing my shirt and he ended up in his boxers. Event though I can’t have sex, my head game is absolutely on point. I tugged at his boxers and he stopped me, his cheeks blood red.

“Uhh. I’m sorry if.. you know, there isn’t..” he stuttered. I was waiting for some kind of coherent thought. But failing that, I got impatient and tore his boxers straight down. It was at that point that I noticed what I believe he was trying to tell me.

He was most definitely not packing. I mean, it was probably average in length but was the thinnest tool I’d ever seen. He immediately looked away and started apologizing, his member already starting to soften. I didn’t miss a beat though. Gently caressing his balls and running my tongue from the base to the tip of his dick. That perked him right back up, immediately causing him to grow back to full length.

“This may surprise you, but I am so happy right now,” I said, not wanting to explain a complicated medical disorder in the middle of a blow job. He smiled, and that was the last time I would see his face as my mouth wrapped around his dick and I started showing off. His thickness made it much easier to deep-throat him than it normally is, even though his length was probably around 6 inches. I could feel the tip of his dick pushing down my throat, my gag reflex long since trained to accept it.

One of my favourite little tricks was to take it to the end and press my lips against his crotch, leaving lipstick marks surrounding the base of his dick, and so I did just that. I felt him reach behind my back and unhook my bra with expert precision. I wasn’t sure if he got lucky or was more experienced than he looked, as it fell to the floor. My nipples were rock hard, now swaying freely back and forth as I picked up my pace, drool dripping onto the bed underneath me.

Normally, I’ll try my best to have them finish with the blowjob but this time, seeing an opportunity to possibly have real sex, I slowed down as I felt him get close before finally releasing my iron-clad grip with a loud plop sound, an excessive amount of drool now forming a small puddle on my sheets.

“Wow.. fuck.” he said, his chest heaving back and forth as his lungs tried to catch up. Looking up at him again, I smiled as I quickly worked off my pants. I had a pretty pair of undies on in case I got froggy to try sex again. But I was in too much of a hurry to let him appreciate them as they flew off as well.

I slowly laid down on my back, spreading my legs for him. Now my vagina looked normal, you wouldn’t be able to tell I was different until you tried to insert it. As he was about to find out.

He seemed pretty eager to get started, understandably so, and quickly got on his knees and started to line himself up.

“Wait..” I said, reaching into my bedside drawer and pulling out a container of lube.

“You might want this,” I said, handing it to him.

He gave me the most confused look I have ever seen. Which, I also kind of understood, as he probably never really needed lube before.

“I don’t think…” he said, as I started to feel a strong pressure against my slit.

“Wow.. wow wow wow,” he said, finally beginning to understand. I was so sure he’d be the one, but my face was starting to grow red as it always did in this situation. I began to lose hope again. He grabbed the lube, which made me happy, and applied a pretty generous amount to him and to me, as he lined up and started pushing again.

“Gentle..” I whispered, my eyes half closed as I focused on relaxing my muscles to allow for what I hoped was easier penetration. At first, it was the same story as usual. I felt a strong pressure, and then panic began to set in. I was failing as a woman, again. At least, that’s how I felt until I heard a loud “Fuuuuuck” and finally felt the pressure release, as the tip of his dick pushed past my impossible barrier and into my tight slit.

My eyes went wide, my hands gripping my sheets so roughly I thought I’d tear them in half. He had a very worried look on his face as he stopped.

“Should I stop?” he asked, holding his position. It hurt, that’s true. But it was the pleasure that was overwhelming me. I looked at him in what I hoped was a less panicked expression, and shook my head from side to side. It took a moment, but he pressed on. It turns out that getting inside is the hard part, and although the rest of me is extremely tight, it’s the opening that is the hardest. He was, with great effort, pushing himself deeper one inch at a time.

When he was about halfway in, he leaned down and grabbed my breasts for the first time that evening, kissing me on the neck. His confidence had returned to him. Right as I thought he was stopping, he impaled me with the last 3 inches of his cock, causing me to form a silent scream as my legs scrambled on the bed. I’d later learn that this was my first-ever orgasm.

He grunted, holding still for the entirety of it, which was good because I feel like anything else would have overwhelmed me. Afterwards, he started thrusting again. The lube was starting to wear thin, as he was getting a workout out of it, but I didn’t mind, it still felt really good. Maybe even better now.

The problem arose when he got close to cumming. A combination of different things happened.

  1. He had gotten thicker than when he was pushing at my entrance. As it turns out, he had lost a bit of his confidence and ‘shrunk’ a little at the start, making it easier to enter me. Now, he was rocking full mast on the verge of finishing.
  2. The lube was running thin, and pounding me was getting harder and harder. He wasn’t stopping to add more because he was so close to finishing and I wasn’t in pain, so it was okay, right? and finally,
  3. When I orgasmed, I got tight. I would later learn that the reason he stopped thrusting the first time was that he couldn’t, and not because he was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it.


His breathing sped up, and I felt his cock inflate inside of me, growing even larger as he got closer and closer to the edge. I was really enjoying it too, my heart beating so hard I thought it would fly out of my chest.

“I’m gonna cum.” he said, very matter-of-factly. Upon hearing this, I reached the edge of my orgasm, once again grabbing the sheets as I proceeded to soak my sheets even more thoroughly. This is where the problems became apparent. Not to me, mind you, I was in bliss. But for him, it was another story.

“Fuck.” he said, as I felt him try to tug himself out of me. He got about halfway before I felt the first splash of warm goodness shoot inside of me. Then another, and another.

“Oooooh God,” he said, leaning back down and accepting his fate. He was pent up, as he came for another 15 seconds or so. At some point, I wrapped my legs around his back, not that it mattered. He couldn’t pull out anyways.

After several minutes, a combination of the fat load sloshing around inside of me and him slowly getting soft allowed him to finally pull out of me. There was a bit of blood from my first time, but not nearly as much as I expected.

After he returned from the bathroom, he asked me if I was okay and I informed him it was my first time. He wasn’t all that surprised after the previous events of the night and we cuddled. In hindsight, I probably should have cleaned myself up a little bit, but that wouldn’t have mattered as about an hour into our movie, he asked if I wanted to go again.

And ooh boy, did I.

The second time we had sex, I had him cum in me on purpose. The plan was to take a morning-after pill the next day, so what’s a bit more fun gonna do? It didn’t take much convincing, as I’m pretty sure he loved doing it. I also learned that I have a massive fetish for creampies.

After he pulled out the 2nd time, I nearly came again at the thought and feeling of all of his seed floating around inside of me. At one point, I felt it start to seep out of me and lifted my butt onto a pillow to try to hold it in as long as possible. He noticed this, and I felt kind of silly about it until he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“You don’t have to take the pill if you don’t want to,” he said.

The idea of getting pregnant turned me on so much, I turned right back to him and started passionately kissing him. There was no way he was going a third time, but I kept my butt raised on those pillows all night long. It gave me such a massive high knowing the risks, even though I was pretty sure he was just saying that as a joke and I was probably going to take that pill the next morning anyways.




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