Cheated On My Husband Like He Wanted

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I cheated on my husband like he always wanted and it was the best decision I have ever made.

By all appearances, I’m a proper, professional, educated, shy, kinda nerdy girl from a respectable family. I do enjoy a drink now and then and I have a couple of tattoos that I can always have covered up, but that’s about as wild as I get.

However, I’ve changed a lot recently and I’m dying to share my recent experience. I have a lot to explain – but the sex starts about 1/4 of the way through.

My husband Rick and I have a fun, almost entirely conflict-free marriage and a fairly active sex life. He’s handsome and funny and he worships the ground I walk on. I was a 20-year-old virgin when we met through a friend. He was 30, and married and divorced once.

When we first got together, Rick had an amazing body and worked out all the time. However, he’s kinda let himself go in the last few years. He’s tired all the time because of work and hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in 4 years. He’s also been having performance issues and erectile dysfunction for the last year. But we get through it, mainly with him getting me off orally. He’s amazing at eating pussy and ass and I consider myself lucky for that.

But then there’s Rick’s insecurity about his penis. I love him and I love it – but he’s OBSESSED with his perceived inadequacy. He is just barely 4.5” long and maybe the girth of a roll of quarters. I’m very petite down there myself and I’d always thought his dick felt good. I’d only messed around with one guy before him and honestly, he wasn’t that much bigger. I truly didn’t think about it too much – at first.

Rick also has a lot of Cuckold fantasies that he’s expressed for years that I never took seriously. He’s always talking about how I deserved to experience sex with a hot-hung guy because I married him so young and I am inexperienced. He says I’m too hot to keep for himself and it would be a sin to deny me my sexual freedom.

He would always say, “We should find you a big dicked boyfriend.” or, “I think it would be hot if you went on a dating app and found a hung rando to hook up with.” or “You should take a hall pass vacation with your girlfriends.” or “You can just do it one day and send me a snap, or tell me afterwards when we’re fucking.” It always sounded like a trap to me, and I never allowed myself to seriously consider anything like that.

I guess 5 years of him trying to talk me into it combined with the fact that I’m legitimately horny 24/7 finally got to me. A few weeks ago after yet another failed attempt at actually getting fucked by my husband, it all became clear as he was going down on me: he and I did want the same thing. His messaging has been consistent for years, I’ve been the hold-out. Now I did want to get wrecked by a big strong man with a huge dick. I’m only 25, have no kids, I’m hot, I’m NEVER satisfied anymore, and he’s right – I do deserve it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get fucked properly. That night, when Rick brought up me getting some side action again, I told I’m I would consider it if the opportunity presented itself. He was elated.

So, My older brother’s best friend, Ben, is the biggest asshole I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’ve always hated his guts. I’ve known him since I was a kid and he’s been actively trying to get into my pants since I turned 16. He’s tall, handsome in a square-jawed perpetual 3-day beard kind of way, athletic, and comes from a wealthy family. Scumbag asshole fuck-boy all the way.

He’s also got a big fat cock he brags about all the time. He “dated” one of my brother’s wife’s friends briefly, and she said that Ben is hung like a horse and was the absolute best lay she’d ever had. That’s saying something coming from this particular girl. Rick despises Ben because he’s always condescending and demeaning him in addition to just being a general asshole.

Ben has always made me wet, but I could never stomach the thought of giving him what he wanted. Besides, a gigantic dick was not a selling point for me in the past. Truthfully, I was scared of the idea of one and I didn’t think I could do it.

So, I’m a clerk at my family’s small law office, and my Dad/boss informs me that Ben needs help getting his terminally ill uncle’s affairs in order and that he wanted me to work with him on it. At first, I gave the obligatory “but I hate that guy” protest but he didn’t give me a choice. I didn’t push it.

Ben was flirting with me over the phone when I called to set up the appointment. Asking me what I was wearing and if my husband was taking care of my needs etc. He was always like this, and it always turned me on despite myself.

I had already decided I was going to let Ben have me at this point. Asking him if he could come by and drop the paperwork off the next day after office hours, I told him I’d be the only one there and asked if he’d be a gentleman. He told me “No.” and that I’d “better be ready for him.” Sploosh.

That night I told Rick I was going to be at the office after hours tomorrow night because a client needed to drop something important off. He made some predictable joke about me having sex with the guy. I told him this particular guy would be interested and has been very forward with me.

“Oh really? So, is he fuckable?” Rick asked, sounding genuinely curious and excited.

“Ummm….yeah, he is. He’s kind of a giant asshole though. He’s handsome, great shape, perpetual bachelor type…really big bulge…” I said nervously laughing.

“Oh, shit, ok. Sounds hot to me, go for it.” Rick chuckled.

There was a long pause, and I finally broke it by asking, “Baby, are you being serious? Would you let me fuck this guy if I wanted to?”

“‘Let you? I’ve been talking about this for years. You know I’m serious. If you want to fuck this guy, I think you should.” Rick said excitedly. “So who is this? What’s his name? Have I met him?”

I knew this was coming. Bracing myself, I took a deep breath. I couldn’t lie to my husband about this but I was terrified of how he would react. But god damnit, if I’m going to fuck another guy for the first time I want it to be who and what I want. I wanted that arrogant big dicked bastard that’s been dying to get into my pants since I was in high school to fuck my shit up.

“Yeaaaaaah…it’s um….it’s Ben,” I said quietly.

I saw the emotional process play out on Rick’s face and held my breath.

After a very long pause, Rick erupts, “HIM? Seriously? That fucker that’s friends with your brother? I thought you hated him?!?”

“I mean, I do….but he is hot and he…umm…” I stammered in an attempt to explain myself.

“He ummmm has a giant fucking dick and has been trying forever to stick it in you?” Rick laughed “Oh my god this is so fucking hot! Please don’t tell him I know, he’d never let me hear the end of it but oh my god wow.”

I was so relieved I could have cried. I didn’t understand why he was even more excited for it to be Ben. But I didn’t interrogate him about it, because his dick was rock hard and we fucked twice that night talking about it. As for rules, Rick just said, “Go wild, have fun, just come home and let me fuck you when you’re done.” I was so excited I had to masturbate after Rick passed out just so I could fall asleep.

By the time Ben showed up the next night I’d already been getting into my dad’s office bar to calm my nerves. I removed my panties and bra and touched up my makeup as I waited. I wanted to look “available”. When he arrived I let him in through the locked front door and he gave me a big hug hello. He was dressed nicely and smelled incredible.

As usual, he slid his hands down the small of my back onto my ass. For the first time, I let him get his handful without pushing him off or slapping at him. Instead, I leaned into his embrace and pressed my breast against him. Scratching my French tips slowly down his back and nuzzling my nose into his collarbone.

He froze momentarily, as I must have shocked him with my blatant receptivity after years of the cold shoulder. He nuzzled the top of my head, smelling my hair like a pervert and just went, “Mmmmmm” in a low hungry grumble and I snapped. This was it – I looked up at him and gave him the old irresistible lip bite.

He looked down at me and just said, “Oh, yeah?”

I nodded silently and he kissed me. It was electric. Within seconds and without a word it turned into heavy making out as we shuffled over to the big leather couch in the waiting area while taking each other’s shirts off.

“I knew you’d give in eventually. Don’t be scared, kid, I’ll be gentle.” Ben said smugly.

“Shut the fuck up, Ben. If you tell ANYONE I’ll fucking kill you.” I threatened as I pushed him down onto the couch.

“Oh, this can be our little secret, little Ricky never needs to know. We can do this any time you want, and I’m not about to fuck that up by getting us caught. I’ve been waiting patiently for this.” He said, kicking off his shoes and unbuckling his belt as I shimmied out of my tight knee-length skirt.

I dropped down to my knees in front of him fully nude and nervous as hell. When Ben slid down his pants and his dick came springing out half erect I gasped. It was twice as long as Rick’s with a beer bottle thick shaft and a big fat juicy plum of a head. It seemed enormous to me compared to what I was used to. As it pulsed and grew thicker it seemed to have a life and mind of its own. On top of that, it was just, well – pretty. He was very tightly groomed with big shaved balls that were moving actively. NOTHING like Rick. Like their bodies were just existentially different things.

I leaned forward slowly, cupping his balls and placed a kiss on the underside of his head and he twitched. He stroked my long blonde hair and stared hard at me.

I can’t describe how excited, scared and wet I was. It was almost embarrassing. I was fucking giddy and felt like such a shallow slut. Wanting this so bad, my pussy was aching just looking at it. I could feel myself blushing and I couldn’t stop staring as I stroked him hard. When I jerked off Rick, I would always use two fingers and my thumb. I had my whole hand wrapped around Ben’s shaft and my fingertips barely touched. It was so warm. I was in awe.

I figured he knew so I asked for his measurements.

“8.5 long and 6.25 around – you ever had anything like that? Why don’t you show me how much you like it.” He said proudly as he grabbed his cock by the base and bopped me on the face with it.

I rolled my eyes at his audacity as I pulled my hair into a high ponytail, which he immediately wrapped around one of his fists. With his other hand at the base of his cock, he squeezed out a glistening pearl of precum and smeared it on my slightly open lips. I didn’t resist him at all. I was already entirely his.

He made me slurp on his fat head, which I could barely get in my mouth until my throat was coated with precum. Then he got aggressive. He push my head down making me gag and I tried my best to open my throat, but couldn’t take him the way he wanted me to. He slapped me in the face with his wet cock and made me beg and worship it to punish me. I licked and slurped all over it like a melting popsicle. Nobody had ever treated me that way before, and I felt so natural and turned on being a hungry slave to this hot asshole and his giant dick. I never wanted to fuck someone so bad in my life.

When he’d had enough of using my face as a toy, he stood up, towering over me stroking himself. I was panting and fingering my wet slit as he stroked his thick pillar of a cock. I stared up at him with my best puppy dog eyes.

“You want me to fuck you? You want this dick, baby?” he said, sounding again like a cheesy asshole.

“Yes, I need it. Fuck me, Ben. Fuck me with your big fat cock.” I said with a hint of sarcasm, but meaning it as much as I meant my wedding vows. God, I needed it.

“Are you going to make me wear a rubber? Come on, you’ve known me forever. I get tested – It’ll be better and you know it. They’re so uncomfortable, please?” he said, breaking character a little and almost pleading.

I almost forgot he’s wanted this longer than I have. Little did he know I’m violently allergic to latex and on the pill. I already knew he gets tested regularly, so I was always going to let him bareback me.

I leaned up, elbows on the couch, resting my breasts on the sticky leather cushion and popped out my ass. I’d just had a Brazilian a week ago and I take pride in my ass. For the moment, I was in control.

I looked back at Ben as he stroked his now, rock-hard, dark red and soaking-wet dick, looking entranced. I wiggled my ass, giving myself a spank. Then I reached back and pulled apart the smooth lips of my tight little innie, exposing my aching wet pinkness and said, “Ok, but try not to cum in me.”

“Oh please, you’ll be begging for it,” he said as he got down behind me and started eating my pussy and ass like a pro. I was not expecting a guy like him to be good at oral or foreplay. But there he was, breaking big-dick-fuck-boy stereotypes.

I was too turned on I came quickly. Without a word Ben sat up and rubbed his slick, plump, head directly onto my aching hole, mixing his precum with my juices. I was nervous. But I had NEVER wanted to get fucked so badly in my life. I wished we had some lube, but there was something about the struggle to get him inside me that turned me on so much. Looking back over my shoulder, ! watched Ben’s focus on his face as suddenly the head of his dick entered me with a pop making me yelp.

“Hoooooly fuck you’re tight….” Ben hissed through his teeth as he spits on his dick, slowly and patiently working himself inside me, massaging my asshole and clit gently. He took his time, stroking my back and ass, petting my head and calling me a “good girl”. I was in another world of sexual experience. It was such a tight fit I could feel his pulse. And I was not prepared for the new world of sensation that was about to open up to me.

The stretching, the aching, the fullness, the pressure, the indescribable pleasure!. It felt like my pussy was on fire and I was going to lose control of my bodily functions when all of sudden I realized what I was experiencing. I tried to relax and let it happen, and I had the deepest, wettest, most profound orgasm of my life. It was my first vaginal orgasm ever. This bastard gave it to me in a matter of minutes our first time together. And apparently, I’m a squirter.

I wailed and clawed at the couch as I felt the flood of wetness and my pussy go slack. I didn’t even realize Ben wasn’t inside me. Because Rick has never gone that deep until I felt him now easily push himself much deeper in. As he plunged into my previously unexplored depths, again a wave of new sensations washed over me.

Once I was broken in, warmed up and soaking wet, Ben started fucking me. He spanked me, pulled my hair, manhandled me, choked me, stuck his thumb in my ass, bent me backwards so he could shove his tongue into my mouth, called me a whore, rode me like a beast and railed the fucking hell out of me for what felt like a tingling, disorienting eternity. It felt like one continuous, full-body orgasm as I came over and over, absolutely soaking both of us and the old worn carpet below. My whole body was flush and aflame and mascara ran down my cheeks.

Ben was unphased by me having my first sexual out-of-body experience as he continued to use and abuse me as if he was just used to women reacting to him like that. His focus was so intense as he worked away at my quivering body. This fucking jerk was the best thing I’d ever felt in my life. And I was just a conquest to him. I hated him but loved what he was doing to me.

When I could no longer physically hold myself up and was face down whimpering into the couch cushion, he picked me up and tossed me onto my back on the couch like I was a rag doll. He spread my legs wide and dropped his enormous cock into my now sloppy and gaping pussy, hands-free. I felt his heavy, warm balls moving on my ass.

I felt so small and weak beneath his large frame as Ben arranged himself on top of me. One arm pinning my right leg back spreading me open and the other hand firmly around my throat. I was fully at his mercy now. He fucked me deep and hard with long strokes, pulling almost out and gliding back in skillfully.

I could feel him tensing up and knew it was coming. He squeezed my throat, pushed himself firmly even deeper inside me, stared into my tear-filled eyes and growled, “I’m gonna fill you up now, are you ready?”

All I could do was whimper and nod, feeling another orgasm building up. “Tell me you want it,” he said.

“…..fill me up….please baby fill me up….cum in me…” I gasped. The thought of telling him no never crossed my mind. I’ve always just “dealt with” cum before but I NEEDED Ben’s inside me. It was like an instinct. He did say I’d be begging for it.

Almost immediately I felt Ben tense up and pulse deep inside me over and over, unleashing the flood of his load. The sensation pushed me over the edge. I spasamed on his dick again as he planted his seed deeper inside me than any man has ever been.

I took a moment to thank God for birth control because I’d never taken a load that big, that deep, in the middle of an orgasm before. Fuck, I’d never had anything that deep inside me before. Or that kind of orgasm for that matter. It was an evening of firsts for me. It was exhilarating and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. I felt like a bred animal for the first time in my life and it felt right.

We made out hot and heavy as I tried to squeeze all the cum out of his cock for a few minutes as his swelling subsided. Ben kissed me tenderly on the forehead and said, “There, was that so bad?” as he slowly pulled his massive deflating cock out of me. I could feel his cum already starting to leak out as he quickly got dressed, leaving me on the couch in my sodden mess. It was going to be a minute before I could get up, and all I could do was lay there and giggle, stroking myself idly.

“The file is on the table. I’ll be back next Thursday night, same time, so you’d better be ready,” he said, tucking in his shirt. “And you’d better clean yourself up before you go home to your husband, you nasty little cheating whore.”

“Ugh, fuck you, Ben,” I said. “But yeah….I’ll be ready for you on Thursday.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He said, walking out the door, leaving me there in my shame.

By the time I cleaned up the office and finally got home it was 9:30. I had to flip over two of the couch cushions and cleaned the carpet the best I could. I tried to get as much of Ben’s cum out of me as I could too. But I was still leaking on the drive home. I had a couple of high-maintenance texts from Rick, but mostly he was excited. He’d been edging all night. We fucked immediately when I got home even though I was already really sore from what I’d just gone through. He didn’t even let me take a shower first.

I gave him the graphic details while he fucked me. He was rock hard and came quickly, adding his load to his enemy’s. My used pussy felt amazing for him. And surprisingly I felt him just as much as I usually did. He was so hard it felt better than normal. I was honestly worried about getting “ruined”, but that didn’t happen.

Ben has trying to talk me into taking a half day so we can get a room and go at it for hours this week. I’ve been making him work for it but I’m probably just going to take the whole day. Rick has been rock hard non-stop and fucking me several times a day ever since it happened. If I’d have known this would be the result I would have done this a long time ago. I suddenly feel like a whore and a goddess at the same time, and I think I like the new me and my new life.



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