I Got Fucked During Boudoir Photoshoot by the Photographer. She knew how to press the correct buttons!

I had been texting Amy for 2 weeks before we set our set date to do a boudoir-style photoshoot. She is the cousin of one of my teammates who does wedding photography but is trying to expand her portfolio. I’m laughing now because I believed I would never be brave enough to do something like this. You know being naked and posing in front of a camera, held by someone who’s a stranger to me. But Amy just has this effect on you. You’ll see.

Her looks are intimidating. Tall, skinny, gorgeous. Jet black hair with the bluest eyes that you can’t stop staring into behind a big ol’ pair of hipster glasses resting on her face. One of the reasons she looks so badass is because other than her face and shins there isn’t a whole lot of skin that isn’t touched by the tattoo ink. Her body is like a canvas with so many beautiful designs and pieces of art. I was fangirling about her socials before I met her. Also, HER BODY. Fuck. It’s honestly not fair being that hot. She’s slim with curves, a toned flat stomach and legs to die for. Her booty is round and tight with flowers on both cheeks, I loved spanking it and watching it jiggle. Whew…okay…

So we text, then meet up for lunch a couple of days before the shoot. Despite her tough-looking exterior, Amy is a complete sweetheart. I felt at ease talking about everything and she showed me pictures of 2 other boudoir shoots she’d already done. I was excited and optimistic about her work. And if she could make me look half as good as those girls I would be ecstatic. We laughed over cocktails but I had to get some school work done that night so we left before I got too tipsy. I was giddy like a kid looking forward to seeing her again on the weekend.

On the day of the shoot, Amy texted me the address to one of her friend’s places that double as an Airbnb. Also her go-to spot for photos. She met me in the lobby wearing the famous SKIMS dress looking incredible. Pierced nipples poked out and her ass looked phenomenal. It was cream-coloured and her tattoos were visible under the dress. She gave me a big hug and took me up to the condo. I was nervous and she picked up on that. She promised she would make this a fun and positive experience for me. Amy was there early in the morning to set up her equipment and had some surprises for me. It was a condo on the 19th floor, Downtown, with exposed brick and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home. I was in heaven.

Amy had a couple of bottles of wine, champagne, edibles, lingerie, fishnets, chocolate, and candy all on the kitchen island for me. Her studio lights were set up and backdrops in the living room. She helped me with my duffle bag stuffed with my lingerie and lacy underwear putting it in the bedroom.

“Let’s have some wine and go through our itinerary for today”

“Yes, please! I’m going to need A LOT of it”

We poured ourselves an appropriate amount while we looked at all the outfits I had brought and some from her collection. I’m not an expert at all when it comes to lingerie or sexy underwear. Everything I brought was from Victoria’s Secret which looked good on my body type. But Amy’s collection was legit; Agent Provocateur, Fenty, Myla, Dr Harness. Expensive brands made with wonderful materials that I didn’t know existed.

We started playing some good music and she took some practice shots while I got into my first outfit. It was a sexy bodysuit that my ass looks great in. I received a warm reception when I walked to the living room where she was.

“Woooooo! Girl you look hot, this is going to be funnnn!”

I had a slight buzz, but my stomach still felt like it was in my throat. Honestly, I can say that if it wasn’t for all her words of encouragement and feeling so safe there was no way I could go through with this. I know, I know.

So I decided that if I wasn’t feeling confident, I was going to fake it until I was.

She passed me my glass and I touched what was left, then assumed the positions on the couch. She coached me on how to get into the most flattering angles. How to look sexy, where my legs and arms should go, and directions to look at. She snapped away and showed me what I looked like through the lens. I had to do a double-take to make sure it was me.

I looked fucking hot!!!!!! Obviously with the help of her expensive equipment and lighting but those nerves and hesitancy I had previously, ya they were gone.

We did close to 10 outfit changes. Sipping wine periodically and I took a couple of hits from her weed pen. I’m such a lightweight when it comes to weed so once I started feeling it I stopped, but I felt really good. Amy would fix my hair, and lingerie, and apply coconut oil to make my skin glisten. She kept it professional throughout the whole shoot. Meanwhile, I was holding back moans when she was on her knees applying oil to my legs and glutes. After slipping out a sigh I apologized and admitted to her that her touch felt nice on my sore muscles.

“It’s ok sweetheart, I like making you feel good”

Innocent, yet still so hot.

She turned my body around and started applying the oil on the front of my legs. Her face eye level with my pussy which had butterflies. I wasn’t going to fuck this up and make a move but I wanted her to so badly. She lathered up my quads, up to my hips then her hands made their way back down to my adductors and I whimpered. Oh no.

I stared at the ceiling embarrassed. I didn’t want to look down and acknowledge the fire that was burning between my legs because of Amy.

“Sorry that just feels good” I confessed while covering my face.

“Good. Now let’s go to the bedroom”

My horny brain associated that with something else. I almost forgot I was in a bra and thong because of a boudoir shoot. I think I said something stupid and she lead me to the master. I was staring at her ass the whole walk.

For the last shot, I got completely nude and lay in the massive king-size bed with the softest satin sheets wrapped around my body. At this point of the shoot, I channelled my inner model and enjoyed all the feels. I was hitting such provocative poses, pretending I was about to be on the cover of Playboy or something.

Amy’s attention was a large contributor to my confidence. She always said the right things to make me feel so damn sexy. I was showing off for her, she loved complimenting my ass and I never tire of hearing that. In a moment of passion I had my legs completely spread and my hands covering my nipples. Not realizing she could practically see inside my vagina.

“Wow! You have a beautiful kitty Emma”

I started blushing and closed my legs. She let me know that it was fine and she would edit all the photos to make them appropriate. It’s not like she hasn’t been looking at my vagina for the last 2 hours, fuck it. I spread them without worry.

When it was all said and done Amy joined me on the bed. I sat cross-legged and covered myself with the sheet as a courtesy since the shoot was done. Amy leaned over and we went through hundreds of photos, still in awe that it was me in them. We had a laugh when photos exposing my pussy and/or asshole came up. It felt naughty seeing that on her camera.

“These are so fucking good Emma, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for letting me take these”

“Ummm I should be the one thanking you! I never thought I could ever do something like this, I had so much fun”

She stood up and told me to hug her. I stood up and tried to wrap the sheet around me but it fell onto our feet as soon as I put my arms around her. She hugged me tight, her hands on my lower back and her boobs pressed against my chin. I felt howfit and lean she was, our hug lingered and we exhaled into each other’s necks. Her breath gave me goosebumps and my pussy was throbbing, holding her did something for me.

When we broke away we stood still, looking into the eyes of each other knowing what was about to happen next but waiting for the other to make the first move. My hands rested on her hips as she ran her fingers up and down my thighs. Her touch felt so good. I was past the point of desperation and leaned in, Amy reciprocated and held my face as we kissed. It was incredible, I’ve never been so turned on by someone by simply making out with them. Her lips were so full and soft, she opened her mouth and put her tongue in mine. We swirled our tongues around and would take breaks to gaze into the eyes of each other, I melted.

“Is this ok?” I asked her, knowing it was way too late to ask.

I wanted this to happen for so long” she replied.

After getting the green light our hands started exploring each other’s bodies. Her nails traced along my back until she grabbed handfuls of my ass. Amy spread my cheeks and buried her lips against my neck, whispering into my ear.

“I want to taste you so badly Emma, can I?”

There was now a waterfall starting between my thighs. I’d never been with another girl before so I was in unfamiliar territory. There wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in my body and I nodded yes. I was in awe that this beautiful, jacked, the bad-ass tattooed woman wanted me so much. I helped her slip out of her tight dress, revealing her inked skin and lean physique. She wore a matching white, lacy bra and g-string. Could she be any hotter? My hand immediately pressed against her covered pussy and my contact made her moan into my face as if our foreheads touching.

Pushing her onto the bed, I climbed on top of her. I quickly grew an obsession with the way we kissed. I never experienced such passion from swapping spit. Amy is the best kisser with 2nd place not even close. I undid her bra and sucked on her nipples which she loved, she sounded so cute whispering into my ear.

Amy sat up and we kissed more with me in her lap. She liked shaking and squeezing my booty and I loved it more. She instructed me to bend over so she could taste my pussy, uh yes, please. Her tongue was pushed inside me. I laid my head on the mattress and my moans echoed through the condo. She parted my lips and lapped up my juices up to my clit, sucking on it gently at first.

This wasn’t the first time she’s gone down on a woman. She was the best oral I’ve ever had. Amy suctioned her lips around my clit and continued to masterfully use her tongue. I remember my body spasming and I was involuntarily semi-twerking on her face. I came so fucking hard from this and still can’t believe someone could be so talented with their mouth. It wasn’t just her tongue people. She used every part of her mouth to bring me to orgasm.

“I…Ummm…how…I think…wow…”

I couldn’t form a fucking sentence. I just started laughing. Partly because I came so hard I was now stupid but also because I was left unable to move. My body was in shock, Amy made me cum bent over with nothing inside me. It was pure sorcery!!

I hope I’ve conveyed to you just how comforting this bombshell is. She sensed I was still coming down from euphoria and peeled me off the mattress to hold me in her arms. I laid back in her nook and looked up to see her perfect smile. Amy looked down into my eyes and politely asked

“Did you like that baby?”

“Do you want to cum for me again?”

I wasn’t raised to be selfish but after what she just did to me I immediately nodded and told her she was amazing. She liked hearing that I could tell. Her nails were doing little scribbles across my chest and she caressed my cute little nipples. Well, I think they’re cute. I started whimpering because my whole body still felt so sensitive. It felt nice but it was overwhelming to the point of me spasming again.

“Sit up for me baby, scooch back here”

She cupped me under my armpits and pulled me into her body, leaning on the headboard. Holy shit she was strong and assertive. Her tough exterior was a total reflection of how she is in the bedroom. Amy was in complete control of me and my body. She kissed me behind my ears, how she knew that was my favourite erogenous zone is beyond me. Then she started putting her fingers in my mouth and without any thought, I started sucking on them, I must have looked like a possessed slut as she coated her fingers with my spit.

“Get them nice and wet, they’re going inside you”

Anytime she spoke I moaned, I was so into her. So into everything she was doing to me and the way she made me feel. Having sex with a woman for the first time unlocked something deep inside my body that changed me.

Amy put one hand around my throat and the other spread my legs, again I could feel her strength when she held me in position. She slid her two middle fingers inside me and took me on an orgasm rollercoaster I’d never experienced before.

I wish she could explain. No matter how hard I try, I can’t explain what she did. I was too lost in the waves of pleasure and orgasm so many times that I lost count. I joked about sorcery before but what she does is magic, it is calculated. Truly intoxicating. I’ve cum from being fingered before, but no one has ever done it with that type of speed and accuracy. She knew how and what to do to my body like she’s finger fucked me for years, not the first fricking time. Like this was the millionth time she’s fingered me into submission. She held me so firmly I wasn’t able to squirm out of her control, my body was convulsing like I was having a seizure. Amy had me screaming out loud, I couldn’t control it so she covered my mouth so the police weren’t called.

That fountain I mentioned before that was between my legs needed to be released. My legs kicked straight out as I tried to free myself from her. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, every muscle in my body was flexing and I lost the air in my lungs. She was still too strong, too determined to overwhelm me and make me take it.

I closed my legs and sandwiched her hand between my thighs. She couldn’t fuck me with her hand anymore so she used her cum coated fingers to rub my clit fast and furiously. I gave up trying to escape and began squirting onto the bed. Again, I screamed but I’m not sure how loud because my ears were ringing and the tingling in my head and my toes left me lightheaded. She held me by my throat and called me hers. I loved that. Being dominated and controlled by her.

I lay lifeless in her arms for minutes, talking about what just happened and I could feel myself falling for her. But Something was on her mind I could tell. I didn’t have her complete attention.

She confessed that we had gone way over our booked time and she had another shoot, I felt sick that I wasn’t able to return the favour. I know I don’t possess the skills she does but like I said before I’m not a selfish person. I pathetically suggested she cancel her next client and I would pay, but she took her business very seriously and declined.

We started cleaning up the mess we made. The mess that I made. It was playful and we were in good spirits, she promised to send me the photos over the weekend.



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