Consensual Cuckold By My Boyfriend

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How I was consensually cuckolded by my boyfriend with a women met on Tinder. It was super hot and arousing!

Late one night, maybe six months after my boyfriend Calvin and I started dating, we cuddled in bed after another round of furious fucking, idly chatting about some of our deepest, darkest fantasies.

“Your turn,” he whispered.

“Well…” I paused for a beat or two, or three. “I’ve, uh, always wanted to watch you…” I murmured, hesitating, right on the edge.

Calvin smirked, his hand squeezing one of my boobs. “Watch me what? I think you’ve seen me do pretty much anything.”

I nudged his side with my elbow. “No, silly, not this.” I paused again.

“Watch you fuck another girl.”

This caught Calvin off guard. Hard to do. “A threesome?” he said quizzically.

“No!” I spurted, burying my face in my hands. “It’s okay,” he said quietly, squeezing me against him. “You don’t have to explain.”

Comforted, I turned to face him. “No, really, it’s alright…” A deep breath. “I don’t know… you’re just so powerful, and it would be hot to watch you with someone else. And it would be humiliating – the good kind of humiliating – to have to watch.”

Mercifully, he seemed to understand what I wanted. “That could work, as long as everyone involved knew this was a one-time thing.” I nodded vigorously. “Because I would never, ever actually want to cheat on you…”

With that, I climbed on top of him, and the conversation ended in favour of more physical communication.

Boyfriend set someone up without my knowledge

I forgot all about our little chat for about two months, until one unusually calm friday afternoon at work when my phone buzzed with a message from Calvin.

“Jimmy. 9 p.m. Wear your best lingerie.”

It was less an invitation and more of a command, to show up at one of our favourite rooftop bars in downtown Manhattan dressed and ready to entertain. I couldn’t wait to see what he had planned. I rushed home from work and spent a truly embarrassing length of time trying on outfits, finally settling on a tight-fitting navy blue dress. Its plunging neckline would draw the eye to my tits, which I accentuated with my favourite black lace bra. Silky stockings clipped to a garter belt and a tiny black thong completed the look.

I admired myself for a minute or two too long in my mirror before heading out the door. I thought I looked irresistible: my blonde hair flowing over my shoulders, my full cleavage on display, my body framed perfectly by the dress, tall and powerful in my fuck-me heels… ugh, I needed Calvin’s cock so badly.

Calvin sidled up to me at the bar an hour later, his fingers lingering on my lower back as he pulled me in for a kiss. “You look stunning, Madison,” he whispered in my ear.

I bit my lip, deciding to tease him. “We could always get out of here now if you can’t keep it in your pants, Calvin…”

“No, I think we should stay for at least a few minutes.” And I could never say no to spending more time with my gorgeous boyfriend. The man knew how to wear a suit, that was for sure. We found a spot to look out over the city, chatting and laughing with our hands all over each other.

Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder. “Calvin, right?”

We pulled apart, and I looked this interloper up and down. She was relatively petite, maybe 5’2”, and maybe a few years younger than my 28. Her attire said that she, too, was here to get fucked – a classic little black dress that did little to hide how perfect her body was. Her hair was pitch black, and her face looked like it could be on a magazine cover.

Who the fuck did she think she was?

“Excuse me –“ I started, but Calvin cut me off by kissing her on the cheek. “Julia, so glad you could make it. This is my girlfriend, Madison, who you’ve heard so much about.”

Julia gave me a friendly hug. “Oh, I have heard a lot about you, darling.” There was a twinkle in her eye like she knew something I didn’t. I couldn’t muster a response and turned with confusion to my boyfriend.

At that point, he did something even more confusing: he handed me his phone.

“You know the password. Go to the bathroom and look at the last 10 or so pictures on my phone. When you come back, you can say either yes or no, and that will determine what happens next.”

“No hard feelings, either way, dear,” Julia said, with mischief in her eyes.

I practically sprinted to the ladies’ room, pulling out Calvin’s phone as soon as I shut the stall door. My breath grew heavier and heavier as I flipped through the pile of screenshots that my boyfriend had left for me.

The first was a note from Calvin: “I’ve been looking for a safe, consensual way to fulfil your fantasy, my lovely slut. I think I’ve found her.”

The next was a screenshot of a Tinder profile for Calvin. But the picture was one of the two of us, and the bio had changed from the one he had when I met him. “Looking for someone to help fulfil my girlfriend’s cuck fantasy. Kink-friendly, switch preferred, one-time only. Serious inquiries only.”

The rest were all screenshots of Calvin’s conversation with Julia. He laid out all the ground rules: they would have sex, I would watch, and then she would leave. She seemed eager and excited by the prospect. The two of them seemed to have quite a lot of fun coming up with their plan for this evening, down to exactly what Julia would be wearing. And they’d met earlier in the day for coffee, just to make sure neither was a complete maniac.

I won’t lie – it was a lot to process in a crowded bar bathroom. I felt grateful to Calvin for taking such careful precautions to fulfil my fantasy; scared of the prospect of this night going badly; worried about the long-term implications of my man fucking someone else…

But I felt one thing above all else: turned on. I wanted – no, I needed – to see where this night went.

I strutted out of the bathroom, attempting to cover up some nerves with a power walk, and found Calvin and Julia thick as thieves in the corner of the rooftop. They both looked at me eagerly. I looked them in the eyes, one at a time, and said one word.


Boyfriend fucked his Tinder date and I could only watch

I wish I could say that we all made out eagerly the whole way back to Calvin’s place. But the truth requires that I tell you it was a little bit awkward. No one was quite sure how to start.

Once we got into the apartment Calvin poured each of us a stiff drink and we settled into a somewhat childish game of “Never Have I Ever,” which turned out to be the perfect icebreaker. After a few rounds, it was my turn.

I sized up the other two people in the room: my effortlessly cool boyfriend, sipping whiskey in his shirt sleeves, and the young woman who was here to cuckold me, teasingly adjusting her dress to show off even more leg.

I downed my drink in one gulp and stared straight at Calvin.

“Never have I ever… watched my boyfriend have sex with someone else.”

Julia snorted adorably into her drink. I liked her. Calvin merely smiled. “We can change that, you know…”

I nodded.

“Okay, then: strip.”

I stood up and unzipped my dress. Julia wolf-whistled as I slid it down and stepped out, revealing my lingerie. The bra came off next, and I was left in just my thong and stockings.

“That’s enough,” Calvin said, standing before I could take off my garter. He took me and kissed me deeply, one hand on my throat and another brushing against my pussy. My knees buckled at his touch. “You’re so wet, slut,” he cooed in my ear. “Too bad you’re not the one getting my cock tonight.”

He marched me into the bedroom, Julia following behind him. I could tell she was enjoying the show. Calvin pulled my favourite pair of cuffs out of his sturdy bedside table. “Kneel, slut,” and I did. He chained my hands together behind my back, wrapped around one leg of the table so I could not stand or move from my new position.

“Now, Julia, where were we?”

They started making out furiously, barely two feet from where I knelt. Pants were unbuckled and dresses flew off as the two explored each other’s bodies for the first time. I now know that you haven’t fully lived until you’ve watched two people get naked right above you. I wanted desperately to join in – or, failing that, to push Julia aside and claim Calvin for my own. But instead, I watched, helpless, swimming in my arousal.

Julia sank to her knees and greedily started sucking Calvin’s cock. “Mmm, yes, good girl,” he breathed as he wrapped his fingers in her dark hair and guided her labour. “I’m sorry you don’t get to suck my cock tonight, Madison… but this mouth is so much better.”

I moaned in shame and lust as I watched another woman fellate my man. It was an undeniably sexy scene – Julia knew what she was doing, playing with herself with one hand as the other worked on Calvin’s cock. I could tell Calvin was close to the edge… and he stopped right there, pulling Julia up for another kiss before throwing her on the bed. He ripped her panties off and buried his face in her pussy, sending Julia into hysterics.

She let out little bursts of delight that became bigger and bigger as Calvin found her clit. “Oh, don’t you wish you were me, Madison?” she asked rhetorically. I groaned in agreement, as I knew better than anyone that Calvin had a talented tongue. “You just have to watch tonight, slut, yes, fuck, yes, come on, yes, fuck YES.” Julia’s talent for dirty talk evaporated as Calvin made her cum, hard, rocking the bed with her shudders.

Calvin came toward me, and I held out the faintest hope that he had had enough of torturing me. It was a foolish thought. “Duck,” he said, and I moved my head down just enough so he could reach into the table drawer and pull out a condom. He rolled it onto his cock right in front of my face. I strained to get closer to it, to suck it even a little bit… but my position was too well secured, and Calvin just laughed at my efforts.

“You’re the furniture tonight, babe, just accept it.”

He climbed onto the bed and on top of Julia, burying his cock deep into her pussy and starting to work up a rhythm. Where this once felt like a show directed at me, now the two of them had seemed to forget I was there as they started to fuck eagerly.

I cannot describe to you how much it turned me on to watch. I focused on Calvin’s powerful ass and legs with each thrust, the way Julia let out a little sound in sync with his cock, and the way the two began to sweat from head and friction. It was like having my little porno, one that I wasn’t allowed to participate in or get off from. I could feel my pussy growing wetter and wetter, but no release was coming.

Calvin pulled Julia onto her hands and knees, and now it became more of a performance. They both faced me as he started to fuck her doggy-style, the rhythmic slaps of his pelvis against her ass picking up steam as they both talked dirty to me:

“Good slut, take my cock while she watches…”

“Oh, fuck, mm, fuck me…”

“You like watching me fuck another woman?”

“Oh, fuck, your boyfriend’s cock fits me perfectly, it’s mine now…”

I stared, transfixed at the sight of Calvin pounding this girl I’d never met until two hours ago, in the bed where we’d made love dozens and dozens of times.

“You want me to cum, slut?”

Both Julia and I answered, overlapping and incoherent: “Yes, please, fuck.”

Calvin quickly dismounted Julia and flipped her back over on her stomach. He ripped off the condom with just a few strokes to spare and came, hard, draining his balls all over her. the way he always did with me.

They both caught their breath for a moment before, unexpectedly, Julia stood up, right in front of me.

“Do you want to clean me up, little cuck?”

I looked up at her from my knees and smiled, blushing. “Yes, miss.”

“Good girl,” she cooed and stepped close enough for me to lick my man’s cum off her stomach, chest, and tits. Calvin undid my cuffs, stroking my hair gently he did. He guided me up and down Julia’s front, making sure I got every last drop of his seed.

I joined both of them in bed, my head swimming with what I just experienced, feeling like I had never been happier.



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