How I made my husband and best friend had sex to settle their differences. It worked!

My husband has always complained about how he does not like my best friend. There were various reasons. The most common one is that she doesn’t interact with him outside of a greeting. I always explain to him that because she is a shy person, she is just shy around him.

My bestie is currently having marital issues with her husband. They are living apart and co-parenting. They have been working on things and dating each other. She has been hitting me up for advice and one of the things I told her to do was to make a sex tape. To me, making a sex tape is fun to make and watch. A few days later to my surprise, she sent me videos of the sex tape she made. I guess she was desperate for my feedback on her performance.

The sex tape with her husband

I was in bed with my husband and thought it wasn’t a big deal to show him one of her giving heads. While we were watching it, he got aroused. Hmmm, I thought that was interesting but I didn’t say anything. How are you aroused if you don’t like someone? I just jerked him off as we watched and he critiqued it and I passed on his pointers.

So later in the summer, my friend comes to visit for the weekend. We go to the zoo, eat out and go shopping. We decide to go take her to an underground lifestyle adult club.

A visit to the adult club

Anyway, it was a dead night with not many couples or prospects so we just ended up sitting around drinking, talking and occasionally dancing to twerk songs like Juvenile’s “Back that Ass Up”. The sex tape came up in one of the conversations and my husband who was looking bored and disengaged most of the night, suddenly became an expert on how sex tapes are made. I tipsy and horny from dancing decided to try something.

I told them it was loud and hot, we should move to one of the playrooms. In the playroom, we sat on the bed and kept talking about the sex tape and other things she could do to spice up her marriage.

Threesome in the playroom

At first, I massaged my husband’s dick and got him aroused. Then I pulled it out and started sucking him off. He asked me what I was doing. I told him to keep talking I would demonstrate. My friend sat quietly looking. I pulled down my husband’s pants and told him to take off his shirt. I took my clothes off too. He leaned back and I sucked him off. He was looking at her and she was shifting her legs sitting on the edge of the bed. My friend was wet and turned on.

They wanted each other.

I reached for her hand and pulled her over to us. She giggled and moved over.

Grabbing her hand, I put it on my husband’s dick. I moved her hand up and down until she started jerking him off. “Jack him off” I commanded. She did it.

I moved behind her and I pushed her head down onto his dick. “Suck my man off” I commanded. She did. My husband moaned. He liked it. “You like that baby?” I asked. He nodded and said “this is nice” I was getting turned on just barking commands at them.

I pulled her shirt off from behind and removed her bra exposing her breast to my husband. He touched her. She touched him. I took her pants and panties off. Then we sandwiched her between us. She sucked my husband off and I massaged her shoulders and kissed her neck and down her back. I tasted her from behind and she went wild. She came.

We both took turns sucking my husband off pausing in between shifts to kiss each other. A scene that just made my man more erect.

By then we were so into the threesome that I moved her onto his dick and let her ride my man raw. It was the first dick she had beside her husband in years and she was riding my man like it was an amusement ride. Not going to lie. I was jealous because my man was ramming his dick into her like the pussy was really good. But I was even more jealous to see she was creaming his dick.

Then while she came, he grabbed her ass cheeks and pounded harder. The two people I loved the most in this world were fucking and pleasing each other right in front of me. The jealousy was making me so wet. I fingered myself as I barked orders at them.

He moved her into a missionary position and put me on top of her. We rubbed pussy lips and got into kissing deeply. Not since our teenage years in high school have we hooked up but that night I and my bestie went for it. I came with her and my husband started fucking me from behind on top of her. I sucked on her breasts and kiss her lips and neck. He flipped us and fucked her from behind On top of me. She sucked on my bigger breasts. We finished with me sucking off my husband until he came in my mouth. My friend sucked him off a bit and then we kissed.

After that night the two have been cool as fuck!



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