I let me all male friend group to use me as a fucktoy in college after breaking up with my long term boyfriend.

When I first came to college in my Freshman year, I had just broken up with a long-term boyfriend. I knew nobody on campus aside from my roommate and was pretty desperate for friends. I tried to join a few clubs, but they all seemed to have established cliques already that I was too shy to break into.

Making new friends

Finally, I joined the anime club. Despite only being familiar with attack on titan and a few Ghibli films, everyone there was pretty welcoming. I became friends with four guys there and started hanging out with them outside of club meetings. Aside from being generally a bit awkward and inexperienced with talking to girls, they were all nice and seemed genuinely interested in being my friend.

One of the guys, let’s call him Jake, had a solo dorm with no roommate. We would all usually hang out there after classes and watch movies, anime, or play video games. One night we had all been watching a movie and drinking. Mostly just chatting over the movie, when one of them admitted he was still a virgin. This led them all to start talking about how none of them had had sex before. Then all of us talked about what we had done.

I of course had lost my virginity already to my high school boyfriend. After admitting that, it had gotten a bit quiet. Afterwards, one of the guys admitted he hadn’t even touched a girl’s boob before, which for some reason surprised me. It must have been the alcohol, but I offered right then and there to let him touch my boobs.

The touching lessons

Everyone looked at me a bit stunned, and then he asked if I was joking. I said no, reached under my shirt, undid my bra, and told him to go ahead. He tentatively looked around, then scooted over to me and started playing with my breasts through my shirt. All of the other guys were a bit shocked and just watched silently as he played with my tits. I told him he could go under my shirt if he wanted. Feeling brave, he took me up on it. Scooting me in front of him so he could watch the movie while I leaned me back against his chest and fondled my boobs.

After a few minutes, I could tell my other friends were getting jealous. I told them they could touch them too if they wanted. I was suspicious they also hadn’t touched a girl’s boobs before, and they seemed plenty eager. We spent the rest of the night watching movies while they each took turns playing with my tits.

Every other night we ended up doing something like this. Getting together to watch a movie while we drank, and then once we were all tipsy enough I would sit in the middle and they would explore my body with their hands. I’d say I’m pretty average looking and a little on the chubby side. They seemed to think I was irresistible.

Eventually, it got to the point where I would take my clothes off for them while they did it. Soon enough most nights they’d have me in just my panties while they groped my chest, butt, and thighs and occasionally rubbed my pussy. It made me feel really good and wanted. So I let them keep doing it and I could tell they appreciated it. Outside of these nights, our friendships remained the same.

The start of blowjobs

One night I was hanging out with just Jake in his dorm. We had been smoking and playing super smash bros. We were both pretty baked and he kept losing to me because he would stop playing to knead my breasts through my shirt. I bet him that he couldn’t beat me, and he agreed, on the condition that if he won I would blow him, and if I won he’d buy me Taco Bell. He upped his game 200% and kicked my ass.

I asked him if he was serious about the blowjob. That made him shy and he said I didn’t have to. I could tell he was disappointed because he thought I wouldn’t. Honestly, I didn’t want to let him down, so I got off the bed and onto my knees at the base of it and told him to pull his pants down.

He got excited, fumbled to undo his jeans, and let out a pretty average-looking dick, which I was grateful for. I’d never sucked any big cocks. I looked up at him and started working away at his cock. Taking it as deep as I could and making sure to make it sloppy and wet which my ex had liked. In under a minute he was moaning hard and bucking his hips into my face. He exploded in my mouth. I sucked on it a little bit more, then sucked on his balls for a bit as his erection went down. He spent the rest of the night cuddling me and thanking me again and again, which I thought was cute.

The next time I hung out with the whole group, everyone was a bit awkward and quiet. After we got drunk no one was touching me aside from Jake. I was a bit unnerved as I was used to the attention of everyone, so I asked them what was up. Jake had told them I sucked him off. They were assuming now that I was his girlfriend and thus off limits. I told them that I wasn’t Jake’s girlfriend, and they were still allowed to touch me. That made Jake pull away and look a bit upset.

I asked them if they were jealous, to which they said yes. They felt I had given Jake special treatment. So, not wanting to make my friends feel excluded, I told them I’d give them blowjobs too if they wanted. The room got really quiet again until one of them (let’s call him Darren) said he’d take one. I went over to the chair where he was sitting, got on my knees in front of him, and pulled his shorts down enough to let his dick out. He wasn’t hard yet, so I took his cock and started jerking it. Then once it thickened a little took him in my mouth.

I went a lot slower with him than I had with Jake. Slowly bobbing my head up and down and sucking, as he sat back and said “holy shit guys” and started laughing. I giggled as best I could with a dick in my mouth, then went back to sucking. In a few moments, I could tell he was going to cum. I cupped his balls in my hand and gently squeezed them as he started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed, then pulled away and asked the other guys if they were ready for their turns. They almost pushed each other out of the way to go next. By the end of the night, I had swallowed all of their loads and had quite a sore jaw.

Every night we hung out after that I’d act like a whore for them as we watched tv or played video games. Doing whatever they wanted for them. I gave a lot of handjobs and blowjobs and loved the attention. After a few weeks, I finally let them fuck me and took all of their virginities in turn.

At once, I would never fuck more than one of them. So they would all take turns with me while they hung out. I was on birth control for hormonal reasons so I told them they could finish wherever they wanted. Most of the time they would just cum inside of me or in my mouth.

The idea of taking all their virginities!

I first got the idea to take their virginities when we were all hanging out in Jake’s dorm room between classes one day. I’d only had about forty-five minutes before my next class so we weren’t drinking, smoking, or messing around that much. But at this point, I was pretty comfortable around all of them and we’d been fooling around for a few weeks.

It was pretty hot in the room that afternoon with all five of us packed in there, so I had taken my shoes, pants, and socks off. I had been laying in the bed on my stomach in just a t-shirt and panties. Jake was in the bed with me playing with my butt (which I have to admit is pretty nice) and chatting with the other guys as they all played Xbox together.

Jake had been kneading my ass in a way that felt nice for the past fifteen minutes. His thumbs kept drifting between my thighs near where my pussy was getting soaking wet. All in all, it felt pretty good. I was getting pretty turned on despite not wanting to mess around too much before I had to leave for class.

After a while, Jake started to pull my hips back in a way that I figured meant he wanted me to sit back in his lap. He was sitting up against the wall so I complied. He was wearing a pair of pretty loose gym shorts, so I figured I’d get back at him for turning me on so much. I made sure to sit right in his lap and rub my pantie-clad ass against his crotch, where I discovered he already had a pretty thick hard-on.

He let out a gasp as I did this. So far I’d never really let him get his cock so close to my pussy, even though they were separated by a few layers of fabric. This of course got the attention of the rest of the guys. They turned back to watch me grind my ass back onto Jake’s crotch and they all started staring intently.

I recognized in their eyes then that they wanted to fuck me and fuck me pretty badly. I’d been giving them a lot of blowjobs and handjobs whenever we would hang out, but sex was still a big step as I’d only previously had sex with my high school boyfriend and I knew they were all virgins. But I was craving being filled. So I told them that if none of them was busy that night we should all hang out and I’d let them fuck me.

They were used to me being pretty upfront with my body and what I wanted them to do to me, but this seemed to shock them. They all asked a chorus of “Really?”‘s and whatnot, which was all pretty cute. I told them of course, but they had to figure out what order they wanted to go in and be willing to stop if I had had too much. They all agreed to figure it out while I was in class. Afterwards I got myself dressed again and said goodbye. I went to class.

Becoming the real fucktoy in college

After class, I stopped back at my dorm to pick up a bottle of lube (I had it for use with my dildo) and a few condoms from the laundry room (my campus had a pretty progressive stance on safe sex). I was on birth control, knew I was clean. And knew none of them had been having sex with other people. So I was down with them not using condoms, but I wanted to provide them with the option if they wanted it.

I showed up at Jake’s dorm a bit late, wanting them to all be there already so I wouldn’t have to wait. I was starting to feel a bit nervous and didn’t want to chicken out). When I knocked on the door, Jake pulled it open. I could tell by the look on his face he was feeling super nervous too. He was a bit sweaty, his hands were shaky, and he looked a bit scared to see me.

I thought it was cute and told him so, and gave him a hug that I hoped would calm his nerves. Everyone else seemed pretty nervous too. All of them were struggling to act normal while they were playing video games. I went and hugged them all too and kissed them on the cheek. Letting them know I was a bit nervous too and that if they felt uncomfortable, they didn’t have to do anything.

They of course told me they wanted to go through with it. I asked them what order they wanted to go in since I was only comfortable having one of them at a time. They told me: first Jake since he claimed he had first dibs because it was his room, then Darren, then Sam, then John. John had the biggest dick out of all of them. I was kinda glad he had agreed to go last since I didn’t know if I’d be able to take the rest of him if he had gone earlier.

So, not wanting to waste any time, I told them to turn away while I got undressed and ready. I explained to them I bought lube and condoms, which I would teach them how to use. And that I was on birth control and clean so they didn’t have to use the condoms unless they wanted to. They agreed and turned to the tv. I went to the bed, took my clothing off, put the lube and condoms on the bedside table, and sat back on the edge of the bed before calling Jake.

Jake – the first one of the night

I put a bit of lube in my hand and started to massage his cock with it, which grew pretty fast. Then I laid back on the bed with my legs pulled back, exposing my pussy to him. I helped him guide his cock down to the entrance of my cunt, which was already starting to get wet. He slowly pushed inside, his face scrunching up as he entered me. He moaned as he pushed into me and I did too. It had been a while since I had anyone inside of me and I was a bit tight. I told him to take it slow.

He came over very nervously and looked a bit surprised to see me completely naked in front of him. I was a little embarrassed because I had a bit of a belly pooch. But he told me I looked beautiful which I thought was sweet. He came over and I kissed him on the lips, then asked if he wanted to use a condom. He told me he didn’t, so I said okay and told him to take off his pants.

Jake started to thrust in and out of me slowly, moaning as his cock disappeared inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him as he pushed in and out. I told him how good he felt, which made him stiffen up a bit. He paused and apologized, telling me he was already close. I told him it was okay, and that he could finish if he needed to.

“Where?” he asked.

“Wherever you want,” I said.

So, after a few more thrusts as he squeezed my hips, he pulled his cock out and started jerking it over me before. Shooting several thick, long ropes of cum across my belly. I was surprised by how much he came and giggled a bit as his orgasm finished. Leaving him smiling down at me. I told him to hand me the paper towels on his side table and cleaned myself up. He went down to sit with the rest of the group and they all high-fived him.

Darren – The pleaser

Darren came up next after I had finished cleaning myself off. He asked if I needed a bit of time. I told him I didn’t need any and that we could start if he was ready. I asked him if he wanted to use a condom and he said yes. So I helped him slide it onto his already-hard cock. Asking him how he wanted me, he said he wanted me laying back with my pussy by the side of the bed. He wanted to stand and fuck me as Jake had.

I got back onto the bed and pulled my legs back, and he grabbed my thighs as he pushed into me and started thrusting. Swearing to himself and muttering about how good it felt. I just smiled, relishing the feeling of being filled up again, and closed my eyes to take in the sensation of him pounding away at me. After a while, he started rubbing at my clit. I let him know felt good by moaning as he did.

He pounded into me, harder than Jake had. Holding my thigh with one hand while circling my clit with the thumb of his other one. Pretty soon I started to cum around his cock. As I opened my eyes after my orgasm subsided, I could tell he was pleased with himself. After about 15 minutes of fucking me, I could tell he was getting close. He had previously expressed interest in my feet (he was always rubbing them, setting them in his lap) so I figured I’d help him along and raised my foot to his face. Stroking my toes over his lips.

He caught on quickly and took a few of my toes in his mouth. Moaning as he sucked and licked them (which felt pretty good). I felt his thrusts get more erratic and his cock begin to thicken. I told him to cum for me and he did, pushing deep into me. Even though he had a condom on, I still remember feeling his cock pulsing inside of me as he moaned.

Sam – with the smallest dick but still made me almost cum!

The next of the group up was Sam. He was a bit smaller than the others. I could tell he was a bit embarrassed about it the first time I had sucked them all off. I think he was a bit more nervous than the other two had been about fucking me. So when he came up to the bed I kissed him and hugged him, and asked him how he wanted me. He told me he didn’t want a condom and wanted to fuck me from behind.

I told him sure, so I got up on the bed and explained to him how to use the lube (just a little goes a long way, lol). Then raised my ass in the air for him as he got behind me. I heard him rubbing the lube on his cock, then felt him use some of the extra on my pussy entrance (not that I needed it, as I was already pretty wet by this point). Then felt him nudging between my lips before pushing in all the way.

Even though he wasn’t the biggest of the group I could still feel him. Doggy style has always been one of my favourite positions so I was loving this. He started slowly, pushing his hips into me timidly. I encouraged him to pick up the pace a bit by throwing it back. Pretty soon he was pounding away at me as if his life depended on it. I had to grip the sheets for stability hahaha. He squeezed my hips and my ass cheeks so hard I felt like he was gonna leave a bruise.

I started getting pretty into it, throwing my ass back into his hips as he thrust forwards. As I was getting close he suddenly pulled out and started jerking himself off. As he started to cum I raised my ass for him. I felt spurts of his hot semen gush against my ass cheeks and asshole. He moaned as he came down from his orgasm. Rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks with his cum as he did. After he had gone soft I asked him to get me the paper towels and help me clean up. He laughed and thanked me, then helped me clean. I was a little disappointed I hadn’t cum again. But he looked pleased with himself, so I was just glad to make him happy.

John – the biggest, and the best fuck of the night!

The last up that night was John. He was a bit of a bigger guy and a lot taller than me (plus, I knew after sucking his dick that it was pretty big). I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure if he’d fit. I thanked him for waiting to go last. He said he didn’t mind and was just glad he was finally going to lose his v card. I asked him how he wanted to take me and if he wanted to wear a condom. He said no condom, and that he wanted to take me from behind at first.

The at-first phrasing kinda rung a bell in my head since none of the other guys had ever switched positions or lasted long enough to, so I agreed. I helped him lube up his cock while kissing him for a bit (basically, had him sit back on the bed and gave him a handjob for a few minutes while kissing him). Then I got into doggy position again, putting my ass up in the air for him. He positioned himself behind me, braced his cock at my pussy entrance, and pushed.

Now, I’d never had a cock this big before. So to say I was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. It hurt a bit as he pushed in and I winced, which caused him to stop and ask if I was okay. I told him it was fine, and to just let me ease back onto him a bit. He stayed still, and I slowly pushed my ass back. Probably he was only around 7 inches long, but as I pushed back it felt like his cock went on forever.

He was thick too. I had never felt so filled by a cock before. When I had him in all the way I couldn’t help moaning. I started to rock my hips back and forth on his cock. Just easing myself into it, as he held onto my hips and moaned along with me. Eventually, I felt comfortable with his size and told him he could start thrusting whenever he wanted.

He started slowly again but pretty soon was thrusting into me at a pretty steady pace. I was still pretty turned on from getting fucked by Sam in this position. So John’s big cock pounding me doggy send me over pretty quick and my legs started shaking as I came. I felt myself falling flat onto the bed and was helpless to stop it. But John just kind of went with it until I was prone and he was laying on top of me, pinning me under his weight.

At this point things are kinda blank lol, I remember it feeling good and orgasming a few times. At one point John’s thrusting got more erratic. His hips were slapping into my ass from behind as he laid on top of me and held me around my middle. I felt his cock start pulsing inside of me as he grunted. I could tell he was cumming in me. The warmth of his cum in me combined with the twitching of his cock made me cum again.

After he finished, he didn’t pull out. He just stayed inside, slowly thrusting in and out with his softening cock until he got hard again and kept fucking me. I realized we’d been fucking for a while, but I had been cumming too hard to pay attention to what was going on. When he flipped me on my back, hooked his arms under my knees, and started pounding away at me in a mating press position, I couldn’t say anything to stop him.

For a few more minutes, he fucked me this way. His balls slapping against my ass, before pushing balls deep into me again as he started to cum again. I lay folded under him with my legs back over his arms as he came in me, not able to do anything but shake and moan. When he finished, he slowly pulled out of me and I felt his cum start to leak out of me. As he got up, I used some paper towels to wipe the sweat off his face. He turned to the rest of the guys and got his high-fives. I just laid there for a bit. Leaking cum and holding a paper towel between my legs to catch it, before I was able to muster enough energy to look at the clock and see he’d been fucking me for about 45 minutes.

A group of satisfied boys!

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys had been playing Xbox again. All of them with huge grins on their faces. When I started to move again they turned and thanked me for taking their v-cards. I had a hard time mustering words after the fucking John had just given me (which, for a virgin, was pretty unexpected).

I slid some gym shorts on and went to the bathroom to clean up, before coming back and hanging out with them for a bit to watch them play games together. We shared a few jokes, mostly about how long John lasted. He promised he wouldn’t use me up so much next time and that he just wanted to make sure his first time had been “good for me”. They played with my boobs a bit more that night, but I was too tired to do anything else and they respected that – only after I inferred that they’d be able to get more at a later date & time.



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