Six Close Friends Fucking in a Dark Closet

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Six close friends fucking in a dark closet and no one knew who fucked whom, including me!

I’ve had a small group of friends for a while – we’ve all known each other since high school. We’re all very chill, and open. And we have had a lot of fun “experiences” with each other over the years. Both one on one and all together as a group.

Our group adventures are my favourite. They all started one night when we were all back home for winter break during our sophomore year of college. One of my friend’s family is wealthy and had a nice house near the water that we’d all sometimes go. We all met up there for a weekend.

While at this point we had been friends for a while, and a couple of us had dated. We were just very comfortable around each other. We’d gone skinny dipping together, been naked in hot tubs, that kind of thing – though nothing overtly sexual yet.

The group that weekend was 6 of us. Me, the other girls Jen and Amy (It was Amy’s parent’s house), and the guys- Hank, Jeff, and Daniel. We were drinking the first night and playing dumb dare games, though nothing more than some flashing had happened.

Because this was a vacation house, it was huge but mostly empty. There was a large storage closet off the kitchen that had nothing in it. We were seated around the kitchen table playing when Hank dared Jeff and Amy to do the 7 minutes in heaven thing in the closet. So they did. After they closed the door, Jeff remarked how dark it was and that he couldn’t see anything.

This turned me on a little bit as I imagined being in a dark room and not knowing where the person I was with was, or what they might do nex., And further fantasized about the possibility that I didn’t even know who they were at all. I thought about all this as some light kissing and moaning noises started to be audible from outside the closet.

After a few minutes, Hank gets up to open the door. But instead of leading them out, he just went in and closed the door behind him. The rest of us continued to hear noises of people making out and some very light moans. Given what Hank had done, I decided that I wanted to be a part of this too. I got up and went into the closet. Not wanting to miss out, Daniel and Jen followed. It was a little cramped, but not too bad. Most importantly, it was pitch black and you could not see a damn thing.

At first, it was just all of us shuffling around next to each other trying not to trip and fall over. But then hands started to roam. I felt someone touch my face, and another hand pass by my breast. At first, it was light touches, but they slowly got more purposeful. I now had two hands on both my 34C cups, rubbing and squeezing when someone started to kiss me. Not knowing who was the absolute hottest thing in the world. I started reaching around and felt one of the other girl’s breasts. It seemed like her bra was on, but her shirt was off. I didn’t hear any movement of clothes but obviously, things were progressing nicely.

One of the guys came up behind me and started grinding against me. I felt a hard dick through his pants, and I grinded back. Getting really into it as I continued to make out with whoever was in front of me. I started getting extremely turned on, and as a result, had the urge to be far more daring. We shuffled around a bit, and I reached out my hands in front of me to find another pair of pants. I unbuttoned the jeans, unzipped the fly, and found myself a hardening cock. I grabbed it from inside this mystery man’s boxers and started to stroke it.

Someone else continued to touch my chest and a hand began to slide down my back to my thigh. The hand tugged on my shirt pulling it back up over my head. I stroked the dick in front of me harder, which now was hard as a rock. I wondered whose it was.

Even though we had all seen each other naked, I had never seen any of the guys aroused. I couldn’t figure it out on dick alone. Next to me, moans start to increase and I could have sworn I heard a slurping noise. Realizing that the group was continuing to push the line, I decided to turn it up to 11 and got completely naked. Taking off my bra, and then my pants and panties in one go. There was a lot of rustling and it seemed like anyone who wasn’t already undressed decided to follow suit.

We kicked clothes over to one corner and just kind of explored around for a bit naked. As I made my way through, there were just hands everywhere. I was being touched all over my body. Hands grabbed my ass and started to brush against my pussy. I came across another dick and lightly caressed it, then bent down further so my tits brushed by. Then I squeezed them together, the dick engulfed by them. This lucky guy realized what he was touching and proceeded to move back and forth. I spit onto his dick and rubbed it in to give us some natural lube.

Someone else stole him away as I moved to another area and reached my hands out and felt that someone still had their clothes on. Further touching revealed a major hard-on under one of the guy’s jeans. No one deliberately touched my pussy yet, so I grabbed his hand and put it on my breast. Then directed it lower and placed it below my pussy and started to rub myself with his hand. Using it as a toy for myself. I started to kiss him. He was hesitant, and I figured it was Daniel who was always the shyest of the bunch. I then reached down towards his pants to rub his cock over his jeans. He got nervous and then decided to leave. As he left and the door opened briefly, we all caught our only glance of everyone amid various acts of debauchery.

As Daniel walked out, I was afraid I had pushed things too far. But in that glance, I saw Hank’s dick in Amy’s mouth while Jeff’s fingers were in her pussy and he was making out with Jen. I knew the night was just getting started. Closing the door, I pushed everyone around a bit to “remix” us up so we wouldn’t know who was who again.

I had never really hooked up with a girl for more than a quick dare. As I came across a set of breasts again, I decided now was as good a time as any and started to make out with one of the girls, and touched her pussy. She then started to touch me back as one of the guy’s penises brushed up against my ass and began grinding up against me. A finger entered inside me for the first time. Rubbing blissfully against my clit and leading to my first audible moan of the evening.

I broke off the kiss, and then turned around and got on my knees. My hands waving around trying to find the dick that was behind me. Finally I got it and it felt very smooth and shaved. I guess this was Jeff, but I honestly hadn’t seen Hank’s situation in a while, so who knows. I put it in my mouth and began sucking. One of the other girls came up beside me and haphazardly found their way to his balls and started licking as I sucked. A few minutes later, behind me, I heard more moans and turned around, stole the other dick, and put it in my mouth. Now at least I knew I had sucked both Hank and Jeff, at least 😉

It was getting really hot inside at this point, which made it even more of a turn-on. It just smelled of sex, and I knew I had to get fucked. I turned around again, started touching everything around me, grabbed someone’s hands and put it on top of my pussy and they began to rub and finger me. A dick brushed up against me and I grabbed it and guided it into the hand of whoever was fingering me and whispered “put this inside me”.

It took a while to get into the right position, but eventually, it got in and I began to get fucked by one of the guys. I found a wall to lean against as he pushed me from behind. It felt incredible. I was no stranger to sex, but this felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. Two hands grabbed my breasts, who knows whose, and they began to play with my nipples, pinching them ever so perfectly as I got railed by one of the guys with increasing speed.

The fucking stopped as whoever I was with got taken by one of the other girls, and I searched out the other guy and “tapped in”. He was on the floor on his back and I motioned for whoever was riding him to move, which she did. I searched for the dick and guided him into me and began to ride like my life depended on it. We fucked hard as echoes of moans and panting reverberated around the room. I was on the ride of my life and wanted even more.

At that point, the door opened again, and though I was a bit distracted, I saw Daniel out of the corner of my eye as he walked directly towards me, now fully naked, and shoved his dick in my mouth as the door closed again and the light went out. Turns out he had a bit of a wild side after all.

I was now riding one of the guys, with Daniel fucking my mouth with his arms around my neck. I had always had a bit of a thing for him and was so proud he was taking advantage of this “opportunity”. That, combined with me still not knowing at the moment who I was fucking brought me to the brink as I released a huge moan and had the most intense orgasm.

I got up off the last fuck and just laid back down on the floor, waiting for my body to regain its composure, and hoping no one stepped on me. Hands started touching my feet, working their way up as a smooth cheek pushed between my thighs and began to eat me out. I figured this must have been Jen who had experimented with girls before, but it could have easily been one of the guys if they had a good shave recently! Whoever it was, they were incredible, as I twitched and moaned on the floor.

As I was getting close again, a pair of balls landed on my head. I guided them towards my mouth and began to fondle and lick them. My clit was throbbing as I was being eaten out and two fingers were thrust into my pussy, applying pressure in just the right places. Sending me into a state of pure ecstasy as I screamed with pleasure through my second orgasm of the night.

I must have been noticed because I could hear one of the other guys yell “I’m coming” just after I did. I wanted to make at least one of these guys come but didn’t want to know which one. So I released the balls in my mouth, and told everyone to move around a bit again. We did, and then I found a dick again and immediately guided it into my pussy. I bent forward as he fucked me doggy.

It felt different from the others, much larger and filling. Someone then crawled in front of me and started to make out with me vigorously (pretty sure one of the girls) as I got fucked. I pushed back harder and harder and eventually heard a loud grunt as I felt cum shoot inside me, which made me cross the line one final time again as I shivered in pure sexual bliss.

Exhausted, sweaty, and completely fulfilled I heard more sex in the background as what I’m pretty sure was Daniel yelling out “I’m coming!”. Damn — I wanted to fuck him. We all lay there for a bit on the floor, cracked the door open, and saw it was just a pile of clothes, sweat, and sex. We all walked out, questioning what we had done, who we had touched, and who we had fucked.

We’ve done this a few more times since, and varied the people some, but nothing was as hot as that first time.



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