How I set up my virgin co-worker with one of my regular FWB and watched as he fucked her in my bed.

I had a co-worker at work who I got super close to during my time at that job. We’ll call her Tori. She was 20 years old, straight, and a virgin. She was this really shy girl who was pretty average looking. I thought she was really cute actually, but she wasn’t “conventionally attractive” I guess. She was white with mousy curly brown hair, brown eyes, a slightly crooked nose, teeth that weren’t perfectly straight, lots and lots of freckles on her face and body, and tiny breasts — but had a nice, tight bubble butt. She was short — I’d guess around 5’3 or 5’4, and pretty thin as well.

I thought she was attractive and friendly. Tori and I became close friends and hung out at work and outside of work. She eventually told me that she hadn’t ever had a boyfriend, never had sex, and not even had her first real kiss. She was completely inexperienced with intimacy and sex aside from masturbation and porn. Tori knew I hooked up with people occasionally and said “I wish I could find something like that.”

Me: “I’m sure you could! Have you tried?”

Tori: “Yeah, I’ve talked to people on Tinder but I always get too nervous if we start to plan anything…”

Me: “Aw, I understand. Wouldn’t you want your first time to be with someone you’re dating though?”

Tori: “Nah, I’d like to have some confidence in bed when I sleep with someone I’m really into for the first time, you know?”

Me: “Yeah, I get that. You’ll just have to have the courage to go through with a hookup. Just make sure you find a good guy and be safe.”

Tori: “That’s my problem. I get too nervous that something will go wrong.”

Me: “I understand.”

Tori started to speak but stopped herself and giggled a bit. She looked down and fell silent for a second before looking back up at me.

Tori: “You have guys you fuck don’t you? Send one my way.”

She started laughing nervously like she was trying to play her comment off as a joke, but I could tell there was some true hopefulness behind her words.

Me: “I uh… I think I could do that if you’re serious.”

Tori: “What?! Really? Do you think that they would want to?”

Me: “I dunno. Probably. I’ll ask tonight and text you to let you know.”

She smiled widely at me and looked extremely excited. We continued our workday and that night when I got home I messaged one of my 3 regular FWBs and planned to ask him if he would be down for it.

I sent him a photo from Tori’s Facebook page and told him about the situation. He was honest and told me he wasn’t attracted to her and that he’d do it, but he was a bit uneasy about it but willing to give it a shot. I told him that he shouldn’t do it unless he wanted to, so we agreed that he wasn’t the guy for the job. His honesty was appreciated and moved on to the next guy.

I texted him the same thing and he asked if I could send a few more photos. After sending him some, he said that he was interested if Tori was. I then sent Tori some photos of that guy (who we will call Adam) and asked if she is down to hook up with him.

the following dialogue is the text exchange

Tori: “Yes!!! Does he seriously want to? He’s fucking hot lol.”

Me: “Yeah! He said he’d love to.”

Tori: “So how will this work though? Will you be there?”

Me: “Do you want me to be there or something? I can be if you want.”

Tori: “I think that would be good. If you both don’t think it’s weird.”

Me: “lol I don’t mind, and I’m sure he wouldn’t either. Are you talking about me just being there or are you wanting a threesome or something??

Tori: “No, I just want you to be there. I think I’d be more comfortable with that instead of being alone with him.”

Me: “Like in the room with you as you guys fuck?”

Tori: “Yeah maybe, if you don’t mind seeing me naked lol.”

Me: “Of course, I don’t! That sounds fun. Let me ask if he’s down for that.”

Me (texting Adam): “Hey so Tori wants me to be there in the room while you two fuck. You cool with that?”

Adam: “Like a threesome?”

Me: “No, just watching probably. We’ll see where things go lol. I don’t think she likes girls though so I probably won’t be involved.”

Adam: “Damn I was hoping you said yes lol. Yeah, that’s fine if you’re in the room. We’ve fucked plenty of times so I don’t care if you watch me.”

I planned a meeting between the two of them at my house for that weekend. Tori spent the night at my house the night before and we talked about everything and I helped her get over some of her nerves. The next morning we woke up, took showers, and got ready.

Tori put on just a thin fabric, plain black shirt and a pair of sweatpants with light makeup. I told her that there was no need to get all dolled up for him. I knew that Adam liked a natural look so I told her she should just be herself and not worry about impressing him with lots of makeup or a sexy outfit.

Around 1 pm Adam texted me and told me he was about to come over. We waited for him in my living room and when he arrived I let him inside. Tori was sitting on a couch nearby.

Tori: “Hey…” she said shyly.

Adam: “Hey Tori! It’s nice to meet you.”

Adam took his shoes off at the door and then walked over to Tori on the couch and sat down very close to her. He looked at her and smiled.

Adam: “You look nice.”

Tori: “Aw thank you!”

Tori perked up with a big grin on her face and dazzle in her eyes. She pulled her feet up onto the couch and turned to face Adam.

Tori: “You’re cute too.”

She was blushing but unable to contain her excitement. She kept glancing down unable to hold eye contact with him. I had sat down on a different couch nearby and was just sitting there quietly observing. Adam was told to take the lead but be gentle and slow. I was interested to see how this played out.

They sat there making small talk for a while and just lightly flirting. Tori had started to open up a bit more after about 15 minutes and Adam must have noticed she had gotten more comfortable so he made his move. He reached forward and brushed her hair back.

Adam: “Can I kiss you?”

Tori said nothing but nodded softly. Adam leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. They kissed lightly for about 10 seconds before Adam pulled back.

Adam: “Still okay?” he asked to reassure her.

Tori” “I’ll let you know if something isn’t okay. Don’t worry.” she whispered.

Adam smiled at her and leaned back in and began to kiss her again. He reached around her head and pulled her in deeper. They started to make out passionately and about 30 seconds into it Adam moved his left hand to her chest and grabbed Tori’s breast over her shirt. They continued to make out while he gently rubbed and grabbed her breasts until about a minute later when Adam pulled away again.

He looked over her shoulder at me.

Adam: “Can we go up to your bedroom now?”

Tori turned around and looked at me as well. I looked back at her and smirked.

Me: “Are you sure you’re ready?” I asked her.

Tori: “I am.”

Me: “Alright, let’s go up there.”

We all stood up and went to my bedroom. The two of them sat on my bed while I sat at my desk chair in the corner of the room.

Me: “So you both want me to stay?”

They both said yes and Adam lay down on the bed, looking at Tori.

Adam: “Come lay with me.”

Tori moved over next to him and lay down. He put his arm around her and gently pulled her onto her side until she was cuddled up close to him. They both started making out again and Tori pulled her leg up over him and their bodies and tongues were intertwined with one another.

Adam’s hand moved from her lower back unto her butt and grabbed it firmly. They kept kissing while he kept his hand on her ass, squeezing and rubbing all the while. They were so cute together and it was really hot seeing how passionately they were making out and they both squirmed around to press their bodies tightly into one another.

I could feel myself getting pretty turned on. Sliding my hand down my pants, I felt myself. I was wet. I wanted to finger myself badly but I didn’t know if I should. Pulling my hand out of my pants, I wiped my fingers on my shirt.

They made out for around 5 minutes straight until Adam pulled his head back and looked her deep into her eyes.

Adam: “Sit up.” he whispered.

He kissed Tori on her forehead and sat up. She did the same. Adam grabbed the hem of her shirt and started to lift it.

Adam: “Lift your arms.”

Tori lifted her arms and Adam slid her shirt up over her head until it was off. He tossed it onto the floor near me. Tori wasn’t wearing a bra, so she sat there topless in front of him, blushing.

Adam: “Wow.”

Tori giggled shyly as Adam reached forward and ran his hand along her bare breasts. He pinched and rolled her nipples gently between his fingers.

Adam: “Lay back down now okay?”

Tori hadn’t spoken a single word since we had moved to my bedroom. It was clear she was super nervous, but happily going along with whatever he told her. I thought Adam was doing a really good job of taking the lead and slowly guiding her. She moved to lie back down and he grabbed a pillow and moved it for her to lay her head on.

Once she had laid down, Adam moved over next to her and rubbed her breasts again. He moved his head down to her chest and licked her nipples softly. He started flicking his tongue across it and then began to suck it. Tori started to exhale sharply after a few seconds of him sucking her nipple. Adam lifted his head and looked at her.

Adam: “This okay?”

Tori: “Yes. That just feels good, sorry.”

Adam: “No, don’t apologize. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t in any discomfort.”

Tori: “No, everything is okay.”

Adam leaned up and kissed her again quickly before moving back down and beginning to suck her nipple again. She immediately started to breathe sharply again. Soon, she was squirming around and grabbing handfuls of the bedsheets.

Tori: “Oh fuck that feels amazing…”

She suddenly let out a long moan and squirmed around more and more.

Me: “I think you may have already found her sweet spot, Adam.” I teased.

She continued gasping and moaning softly with her mouth hanging open. His hand wandered down her body to rest on her inner thigh. She slightly spread her legs apart and he rubbed her pussy through the fabric of her pants for a moment. Her moans intensified.

He moved his hand away and slid it back down the front of her pants to continue rubbing her pussy. This all continued for just over a minute or so. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on with each passing second. Eventually, he pulled his hand out of her pants and sat up.

He held his hand in front of him and looked at his fingers. They were very wet. He spread his fingers apart and her juiced webbed between them.

Adam: “Wow. You’re so fucking wet.”

Tori: “Yeah…” she said shyly.

Me: “I am too. This is hot.”

Tori: “Aw! Really?”

Me: “Yeah, I know I’m not here to be enjoying it but…”

I reached down my pants and rubbed my pussy before bringing my hand back out and holding it up, doing the same thing and spreading my fingers so my wetness was obvious.

Me: “This has me turned on.”

I giggled and wiped my hand on my shirt again until it was clean. Adam turned to me and laughed. He stuck his index finger in his mouth and started to lick Tori’s wetness off of his finger. I watched him, longing to do the same thing to his fingers. I wanted to taste her. He cleaned off his fingers entirely and I sat back in my chair and sighed.

Me: “Hey Tori…?” I said nervously.

Tori: “Yes?”

Me: “I know you aren’t into girls but would you mind if he gets his fingers wet again and lets me lick it off?”

Tori: “What?! Why?”

I was blushing at this point but Adam was looking at me with a smirk on his face. He knew me. He knew that I loved to eat pussy and he knew exactly why I wanted that.

Me: “Because um… I just really like it and I want to. If you’re not okay with that it’s fine though.” I murmured shyly.

Tori: “It’s okay! I mean you can do that if you want.”

Adam stuck his hand back down Tori’s pants and gathered her wetness onto his fingers once again. He pulled his hand out and walked over to me, then stuck them into my mouth. I sucked and licked his fingers clean and loved it. Ridiculously horny, I needed to touch myself at this point.

Adam walked back to the bed and sat down.

Me: “Hey Tori… one more question.”

She looked over at me and laughed

Tori: “What is it?”

Me: “Um… would you be comfortable with me touching myself over here?”

Tori: “Of course! That’s fine.”

Me: “Okay good. Thanks.”

I was so nervous for some reason. Usually I don’t get nervous when it comes to sex, but my heart was racing. I stood up and slid my pants down to my ankles and pulled them off. My panties followed afterwards. I sat back down and raised my right leg into the chair so I could spread my legs enough and keep myself steady. Tori and Adam were staring at me.

Tori: “Damn girl.”

Me: “Don’t worry about me. You two should get back to it now.”

Tori: “We should.” She said, looking back toward Adam, “What now?”

Adam: “Lay back down on your back.”

Tori: “Okay!”

It was clear that Tori was getting a lot less nervous. She was chipper and starting to open up. She laid back down on her back and I ran my hand between my thighs and started slowly rubbing my clit while watching them intently.

Adam grabbed the waistband of Tori’s sweatpants and slid them down her legs. He then did the same to her yellow polka-dotted panties until she was fully naked. Tossing her clothes into the pile of her clothes next to me, he positioned himself between her legs.

He pushed her thighs apart gently and got down onto his stomach. He kissed her inner thighs and moved inward. I was excited about this part. Adam was fantastic at eating pussy so I was looking forward to seeing how Tori would react.

After a short delay of slow buildup as he moved inward, he wrapped his arms under her thighs and grabbed them tightly. He pulled her down toward him and began to lick her clit. Just a few seconds into him eating her pussy Tori moaned

Tori: “Ohhhhh fuck.”

Adam kept licking her and she continued to moan all the while. He started to eat her pussy more passionately before long and gripped her thighs even tighter. Tori arched her back up slightly and looked up at the ceiling with her mouth wide open, gasping in pleasure.

I kept fingering myself as I watched her. The squishing noises of my fingers moving around inside my soaked pussy were audible. Adam kept eating her out and about a minute or so later I felt myself getting close. I was shaking badly and having trouble keeping myself steady on the rolling swivel chair I was sitting on.

Putting my feet flat on the ground, I slid forward in the chair as I pushed myself over the edge and orgasmed hard. I moaned loudly and shook tremendously as my legs got weak beneath me and I tried to keep myself steady on the chair.

Quickly giving up, I slid off of the chair onto the floor as my body was rocked with convulsions and my moans filled the room. I squirmed around on the floor rubbing my pussy until my orgasm had subsided. Once my moans had died down I lay there on my back breathing heavily and Tori spoke.

Tori: “Did you just cum??” She asked through her heavy breaths.

Me: “Yeah…”

Tori: “Whoa. That’s amazing.”

I stood up and sat back down on the chair, relaxing for a moment as Adam continued to eat Tori’s pussy ravenously. About a minute later her moans and squirms intensified more than ever until she spoke up.

Tori: “Oh my god… I’m about to cum.”

She yelped and groaned as her body seized. Her thighs stalled close on the sides of Adams’s head and she rolled around and arched her back. She fell back down flat and lifted her head. Took a few quick, sharp breaths and then her head fell back down to the pillow. She looked up and snapped her eyes shut while letting out a deep and long groan.

Her orgasm subsided and she opened her thighs back up. Her whole body was twitching as she caught her breath. Adam sat up and crawled over beside her. He laid down and reached over to grab her shoulder and pull her onto her side. She turned over and cuddled him, breathing heavily with her face buried against his neck.

They lay like that for about a minute with Adam stroking her shoulder until Tori lifted her head and looked at him.

Tori: “I’ve never, ever come that hard before. That was fucking amazing.”

Adam smiled at her and grabbed her lightly by the chin and lifted her face to kiss her.

Me: “I’m going to go get a better chair. I’ll be back.”

I went to my living room and got a better chair that had more space and didn’t roll. It took a while because it was big and bulky and hard to move. Eventually, I got it back into my bedroom and rolled my desk chair out of the way and replaced it with my new chair. I sat back down and continued to watch them with my hand between my thighs and my legs up in the chair and spread apart.

Adam: “Welcome back” he laughed, “we were about to keep going but she wanted to wait for you.”

Me: “Aw, thanks! You didn’t have to do that though.”

Adam stood up just a couple of feet in front of me and unbuttoned his jeans. He took them off and did the same with his shirt, leaving him in only his underwear. Tori grabbed a pillow and got off of the bed as well. She dropped the pillow in front of Adam and dropped to her knees onto it.

She reached forward and grabbed his underwear and pulled them down herself. He stepped over them and kicked them backwards away from him. Tori took his hard cock into her hand and slowly stroked him. She looked over at me and giggled softly before looking back up at Adam.

Tori: “I’ve never done this before so if I’m doing something wrong let me know, okay.”

Adam: “I will.”

Tori smiled up at him, still jerking him slowly. She moved forward and stuck out her tongue, licking the tip of his cock. She wrapped her lips around him and started to bob her head back and forth, but pulled away after only a few seconds and looked over at me.

Tori: “Hey can I get some water? My mouth is dry.”

Me: “Of course!”

I got up and went to get her a bottle of water from the fridge. I brought it back to her and sat back down just as I was before. She took a few swigs of the water and moved back forward.

Grabbing his waist, she wrapped her lips around his shaft. She started to give him head but didn’t go too far down his shaft at first. After about 30 seconds Adam spoke up.

Adam: “Hey, you’re doing good — just try to not scrape your teeth so much.”

She pulled back and looked up at him.

Tori: “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

Adam: “It’s okay! It wasn’t too bad but I just wanted to let you know. Keep going.”

Tori kept sucking his dick getting more and more confident. Adam gently grabbed the back of her head as she bobbed back and forth.

Me: “See if you can take it deeper, Tori.”

Tori slid her lips back up to his tip and slowly pressed forward. She kept going and going until she reached the base of his roughly 6-inch, thick shaft with seemingly no problem.

Me: “Hold it there for a second.”

She held that position for about 5 seconds until she suddenly gagged and quickly pulled back. She gasped for air and saliva dribbled down from her lips onto her chin.

Adam: “You alright?”

Tori: “Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

Tori moved back in and kept sucking his dick, periodically deepthroating him for a few seconds at a time before pulling back and getting her breath. This continued for about 4 or 5 minutes until Tori pulled back one more time and Adam stopped her from going back in for more. I had gotten close to orgasm just before this happened so I continued to finger myself until I peaked.

Adam: “Wait, I want to fuck you now. Are you ready for that?”

Tori: “I am.”

Me: “I’m about to cum again.” I moaned.

Tori, still on her knees, turned her head toward me and Adam stood there doing the same. I made direct eye contact with Tori as I climaxed. She stared back into my eyes and quickly stood up. She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy before leaning over me and sliding her fingers into my open mouth.

I gasped and clamped my lips down onto them, sucking and wrapping my tongue around them. She held her fingers in my mouth until my orgasm ended. We held eye contact the entire time and it was hot. She pulled her fingers out of my mouth and dropped back to her knees in front of the chair.

Tori: “Is it okay if I touch you? I want to try something really quick before we fuck.”

Me: “Um… sure. If you want to you can do anything to me. I didn’t think you’d want to though.”

Tori: “I don’t know yet, but I want to try it.”

Me: “Okay, go for it.”

She reached forward and rubbed my pussy. She slid her fingers inside of me and slowly thrust them in and out for about 30 seconds. I was dripping wet, having just finished cumming. She pulled her fingers out of me and cautiously licked one finger. She smirked up at me, blushing.

Tori: “Maybe later on I can try eating you out?”

Me: “Oh yes, please! I’d love that.”

Tori: “I’m still not sure if I’ll be into it or not, but I’m curious and want to give it a shot. It was really hot to watch you cum like that. Maybe I am into girls — at least a little bit.”

She giggled and stood up and turned to face Adam.

Tori: “Okay, I’m ready. So… how should we do this?”

Adam: “Missionary first? On your back. Maybe try some other positions after?”

Me: “Do you guys need a condom?”

They both looked at each other, unsure of how to answer.

Adam: “Whatever you want, I’m fine with it. I’m assuming you’re not on birth control though right?”

Tori: “I’m not… but I kind of want my first time to be without one.

Adam: “Okay. I won’t finish inside of you though.”

Tori: “Okay. I know it’s risky and all but I’ve always wanted my first time to be raw. I’ll take the risk this time.”

Adam: “Sounds good. Go lie down on the bed now.”

Tori picked up her pillow from the floor and moved back onto the bed. She sat the pillow down and laid her head onto it, spreading her legs apart and swaying them back and forth nervously. Adam got onto the bed after her and positioned himself between her legs, looking down at her.

Adam: “Ready?”

Tori: “Yes.”

Adam got into position and leaned forward over Tori’s body. He steadied himself with his left hand as his right grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. He got it into her and slowly thrust inside.

Tori gasped and stared between their bodies, watching him slide inside of her for the very first time. Once he had inserted himself fully inside of her she took his right hand and wrapped it under Tori’s armpit with his hand on her shoulder, then did the same with his other arm. He cradled her and repositioned his legs and feet to get a better grip.

He started to slowly thrust his hips back and forth. His face hovered just above Tori’s face and they stared deeply into one another’s eyes as he took her virginity. She gasped every couple of thrusts into her and he began to groan in pleasure.

He pressed his face down until his lips were just barely brushing against hers. Tori stuck her tongue out and Adam did the same. Their tongues flicked and wrapped around one another in the small space between their lips. They fucked like this for about 30 seconds.

Adam: “I’m going to change positions now, okay?” he whispered.

Tori nodded and Adam pulled back. He climbed up next to her and grabbed her hips to flip her over onto her side. He laid down next to her and turned partially onto his side as well. Then he grabbed her leg and shifted her around with his other hand guiding his cock into her. Once he had it partially inside of her he pushed forward deeper into her and put one hand under her body and his other onto her butt.

Their bodies intertwined with both of them on their sides and arms wrapped around one another’s backs. They kissed deeply and passionately as he thrust softly in and out of her.

I started to touch myself again as I watched them. About 2 minutes into this position I heard Adam whisper something that I couldn’t hear, but I think he asked if she wanted to switch positions. She responded with “sure” and they untangled their bodies from one another.

When Adam sat up I saw that his cock was covered in a creamy white glaze of Tori’s wetness.

Adam: “Want to try riding me now?”

Tori: “Sure!”

Adam: “If I say I’m about to cum, get off me and finish me with your hands or mouth, okay?”

Tori agreed and Adam laid down on his back. She mounted him and sat on his cock with her knees on both sides of his waist. She sat straight up with her hands at her sides and slowly bounced up and down on him and ground back and forth.

Her breathing was shallow and she moaned continuously with her face scrunched up. She rode him for a few minutes with her pace picking up and movements becoming more intense. Her moans grew and she let out shuddering breaths before suddenly falling slightly forward and catching one hand on Adam’s chest and the other on his arm, cumming.

She trembled and yelped as she orgasmed. Her eyes were tightly shut. “Fuuuckkk” she moaned. She had stopped moving her hips and I could see more creamy white liquid dribbling out of her and I could see her pussy and pelvic muscles convulsing.

Her orgasm subsided and she sat back up and continued to ride him immediately. After another minute she climbed off.

Tori: “Let’s switch now.”

Adam: “Okay. Stand up and bend forward over the edge of the bed.”

She got off of the bed and bent over the edge of it right in front of me. Adam stood up and positioned himself behind her, grabbed her hips, and slid inside.

Adam: “Wait, where should I cum? Onto your back or do you want to finish me off in your mouth.”

Tori: “I don’t know, we can try in my mouth.”

Adam: “Okay, I’ll tell you when I’m close then quickly turn around and get on your knees.”

Adam started thrusting in and out of her, grabbing her hips firmly. I couldn’t see her face but I could hear her moans. Adam was moaning pretty loudly too. After a short while, Adam asked if he could speed up and Tori told him yes.

I was pretty close to cumming at this point but I was edging myself so Tori could make me cum later. I stopped whenever I got too close to the edge.

Adam had sped up and was ravaging her from behind. He was growling and moaning while she screamed with each deep thrust.

Adam: “I’m about to cum, get down.”

He pulled out as Tori quickly moved backwards and dropped to her knees. She took his cock which was covered in her juices into her mouth and finished him off. He moaned as he unloaded into her mouth and she slightly gagged as it filled her up. Once he was finished he pulled away and Tori looked up at him with her mouth still filled with cum.

Me: “There’s a trashcan behind you if you need to spit.”

She turned around and grabbed it, spitting it out. There was a ton that came out of her mouth. It must have been a massive load. Tori swallowed the bit that was left and turned back around.

Tori: “Wow. That was even better than I thought it would be.”

Adam: “I’m really happy I got to take your virginity. That was amazing.”

Tori: “It was. I didn’t expect you to cum so much though. I had planned to swallow it all but I couldn’t”

She giggled and stood up, sitting on the side of the bed. She laid back and spread out, relaxing and staring at the ceiling. Adam began to get dressed.

Me: “Do you still want to try something with me, Tori?”

Tori: “Oh! I almost forgot! Yes, I do.”

Me: “Let’s do it!”

Tori: “Adam are you staying or leaving?”

Adam: “I can stay for a bit, why?”

Tori: “Just wondering. You can watch us if you’re staying.”

I climbed onto the bed and lay down. Tori moved between my legs and got on her stomach as Adam sat down on the chair. She went right in and started eating my pussy. She was hesitant at first but started getting into it quickly. About 3 or 4 minutes into this, I started to get close. I grabbed the back of Tori’s head and pushed her in deeper as she licked my clit.

I came and she kept licking me. Once my orgasm had finished I let go of her head and she sat up.

Tori: “Do you want to do me now?”

Me: “Absolutely!”

We switched places and I ate her out until she came as well. Once she was finished I crawled up the bed and lay next to her, pulling her close to me.

Me: “So, how’d you like it?”

Tori: “A lot. I still think I’m mostly into guys generally but that was amazing.”

Me: “Well, I’d be down to do it again anytime you want.”

Adam: “Me too.”

Tori glanced over my shoulder at him and smiled, then back to me.

Tori: “I’d love that. Thank you both for this.”

I lifted her head and kissed her softly then pulled away.

Me: “I’m happy we made it happen.”

Tori: “Me too. I didn’t expect my first time to be like this but I’m glad it was.”

I sat up and looked over at Adam.

Me: “You were really sweet to her. I think you were a good choice. You’re both really cute together.”

Adam: “Yeah, I like her.”

Tori sat up behind me and moved off of the bed. She walked over to Adam and leaned down to kiss him.

We all got dressed and talked for a few minutes before Adam got ready to leave. He and Tori exchanged phone numbers and he left. About an hour later Tori left as well.

The two of them became pretty close and hooked up for a while. Tori and I hooked up occasionally as well. We had a threesome together once and eventually, Tori and Adam started dating. They dated for like 2 years and I stopped hooking up with both of them because it was a monogamous relationship.

I moved away while they were still together but I think their relationship ended on good terms because they still commented on each other’s Facebook posts and such. I talk to Tori occasionally and she seems to be doing well and has gained a ton of confidence. She has a fiance these days and I might attend her wedding but I’m not sure. She lives far away but I’d like to see her again.



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