Losing Anal Virginity in the Shower

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Losing my anal virginity in the shower when I was 18 years old with my boyfriend and loving every bit of it.

No matter the circumstances I had no interest in ever getting a cock near my asshole. My teenage years were convinced. I heard unpleasant stories of friends who told me that it hurts, was not pleasurable in any way. And that they only did it because their boyfriends pressured them into it. I never got why I would want my asshole fucked, when my pussy was right next to it. I was afraid and told myself that I’m not interested in trying it. Pretty much ever.

Fast forward to when I’m 18, have a boyfriend and a drawer full of sex toys on my bedside table. By then I got introduced to some kinds of anal play. During doggy, I loved to get my asshole massaged and have a finger inside. I loved to even wear a small plug while getting fucked. Getting to that point already took a lot of trust and time, but it was well worth it. I started enjoying whenever my asshole was involved.

I was never pressured into it. So I could always enjoy it on my own accord and got all my wishes respected. I still hadn’t changed my mind about anal sex by that time. It wasn’t ever talked about and I was happy with the way things were. As far as I was concerned, they could stay this way. That was until I slowly started to have all kinds of fantasies…

I started to fantasize about more than getting my asshole played with. I fantasized about getting it fingered and stretched. Even started to imagine what a cock would feel like inside. Around the same time, I was getting into submissive roleplay. One of my fantasies involved me getting tied down onto a bed and my asshole forcefully stretched, fucked or fingered.

I was fantasizing about it so much, I started playing with my asshole when I was all alone. Shoving as many fingers inside as possible while rubbing my clit and having the most amazing orgasms. Whenever my boyfriend pushed a plug inside my tight asshole, I imagined it was his cock. Whenever he slipped his thumb inside during doggy, I thought about him switching holes. I was craving for the very thing I always told myself I never imagined doing. The thing I said I wouldn’t need in my sex life.

One Saturday evening, my boyfriend and I were hanging out at home. Even though it was late spring, it was already hot outside. Despite our best efforts to keep the curtains down and the windows closed, the sun was heating the room. Because of that, I was wearing nothing more than some panties and a loose top. We spent a good portion of the day eating ice cream on the couch and watching Netflix while talking about awesome summer vacations or any places we would rather be. We were about to start another episode of some silly but mildly entertaining Netflix reality show when I hopped off the couch. I told him that I needed to cool off in the shower and if he wanted to join me.

“Just get in and I’ll join you in a minute, just let me tidy the place a bit!”

I was undressing in the bathroom with the door wide open. Getting rid of my panties first and my top afterwards. I felt the warm air in the apartment touch my skin and probably thought about why I concluded that wearing anything at all was a better choice than just staying nude on a day like this. After a little dance routine, shaking my boobs in front of the bathroom mirror, I hopped in the shower, closed the curtains and let the cool water drizzle all over my chest and back, running down my tummy over my pussy and down my sweaty thighs.

I like cool showers. But my body could never get used to the sudden cold. So my showers usually started with me standing for a couple of seconds under the running shower head. Feeling the goosebumps come and go, my nipples hardening. Letting the water touch every part of my body before I do anything else. After some time, I washed my hair and the rest of my body with soap. Spreading it all over me and rinsing it off under the water stream. The shower curtains pulled back I was just about to finish and get out. He entered behind me, grabbing me and asking me to stay for a little longer.

“Sure, as long as you let me take care of that…”. I said while pointing at his cock, which was growing in size since stepping foot in the shower with me.

He pulled me closer, grabbing my ass and smiling. While my breasts were pushing against his chest, I looked up into his eyes. There are few feelings I love more than the instant affirmation that someone is so attracted to you that you can feel their cock grow. And I felt it grow against my tummy, getting harder and harder until it touched my belly button.

While still looking up into his eyes I slid my fingers underneath his balls, up his shaft until I touched the tip. Grabbing it in my tiny hand. The water was running over my tits, onto his cock. While I started stroking him with one hand, my other hand was grabbing and massaging his balls eagerly. As if I wanted to make sure there was a big reward waiting for me inside.

After a while of stroking his hard cock and kissing, I couldn’t take it any longer. I dropped to my knees to get a taste. I wrapped my lips around the tip and started sucking, my hand still tightly on his balls. Tasting his precum oozing out, I glazed my tongue and my lips. Every time I sucked a bit harder on his tip. I felt his hands on the back of my head and instinctively took his cock deeper until I could feel him hit the back of my throat.

Back then it had been a challenge for me to deepthroat. But that never discouraged me from giving it my best shot. After some pressure, I felt his cock slip down my wet throat. He turned the shower off and kept gliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Pushing it in until he could hear me gag and he was all slippery and covered in my spit.

I kept my hands on his balls and my mouth wide open every time I got to catch a breath. Ready to swallow his precum and feel him stretch my tight throat again and again. I loved every second of it. He could see it on my face, sucking and stroking his cock eagerly, smiling up at him. Letting my tongue glide along the underside of his shaft, down to his balls, I started sucking on them. While my hand kept enthusiastically stroking him. My pussy started to feel dripping wet. I was getting needy to be fucked.

“Can I turn around for you…?”

I wanted him inside of me, so I got back up and leaned against the cold shower wall. Still soaked in water and some left-over shampoo from head to toe. Drool running down my tits and dripping from his cock. I could feel my tits squeezing firmly against the tiles as he grabbed me by my hips and pushed his cock against my pussy. Spreading my pink lips apart. Sometimes the feeling of excitement, right when I feel the tip of a cock on my pussy is enough to make me shiver. That’s how I felt. My hard nipples pressed against the cold wall, ready to get fucked from behind, goosebumps all over my back. And right before he could push his cock inside my dripping pussy, I hesitantly told him to wait.

“Do you maybe wanna use my other hole…? I think I wanna feel your cock in my ass…”

“Are you sure?” “Yeah…” “You want me to fuck your tight little asshole?” “Yeah, please!”

I could feel him slowly pulling his cock away from my pussy. Sliding it between my lips and moving it up between my soaped-up cheeks towards my asshole. One hand was pulling my ass cheeks apart while the other was feeling up my tight hole pushing one finger in and massaging it slowly. I couldn’t wait any longer. My asshole was aching for something bigger. I finally wanted to experience what I’d been fantasizing about for so long, I wanted to be that girl that gets her ass fucked in the shower from behind until I shake in pleasure and feel my ass getting filled up with cum.

“Please give me your cock, I promise I can take it!”

My ass was aching back, my hands were over my head, resting against the shower wall, ready to have a cock stretch my asshole for the first time in my life. The sensation of his smooth, sloppy tip pushing against my hole felt amazing. My whole body got excited for more, as he pushed it deeper inside of me. It felt so good, getting it stretched slowly by a hard, wet cock. It was like nothing I ever felt before. I loved playing with fingers or plugs, but it was nothing compared to a warm meaty cock entering my tight, unused asshole.

My pussy was dripping wet as his tip entered my ass and I started moaning through my teeth, while he grabbed ahold of my hips and pushed deeper inside. It started to hurt a little, but at the same time, it felt amazing. My asshole was getting stretched even more. I wanted to take him all, feel every inch of his cock inside of me, but I started to worry if I would be able to do it. Leaning back over my shoulder, his tip still inside of my ass, I started to kiss him intensely. Took his tongue in my mouth and let him suck on mine all while I was slowly moving my ass into his crotch. I knew that I wanted to keep going.

“Oil your cock up and fuck my ass from behind while I’m on my knees!”

His cock glided out of my ass easily. I could feel my hole becoming more relaxed after having him inside. I quickly hopped out of the shower. Drying off and still naked, took him by the hand towards the bedroom. Kneeling on the bed on all fours, with my ass up towards him, I could hear him open a bottle of coconut oil and soon had my ass covered in it. Shiny and glazed. After my asshole was relaxed and oiled up, I was ready to take his cock again. I was so horny by now, I started playing with my pussy. Sliding a finger in and out and spreading my juice over my clit. Rubbing it while expecting his cock to slide back into my tight hole.

“Fuck me! I want to feel your whole cock inside of my ass, I need it!”

He immediately spread my cheeks. I could feel him pushing against my asshole again while I continued playing with my pussy. My ass was already warmed up this time. It felt even better being all oiled up and slippery. I was pushing my ass back onto his cock, with him squeezing it against my hole until it slid inside. He instantly went deeper than before. Instead of hurting as it did in the shower, I felt like I was melting from pleasure.

I’d never moaned like this before and all I wanted was for him to shove it all inside. I needed his cock balls deep inside of my ass, no matter if it hurt. I finally wanted to be the anal slut I always fantasized about. My tight ass was getting fucked and it felt so good. Begging him to fuck me deeper, I wanted to feel his balls push against my wet pussy. I wanted him to use my ass like it was supposed to. He grabbed my hips and started to go in a bit faster, a bit deeper. Every inch felt more amazing.

I loved getting my ass fucked. I wanted this, I needed it. Without expecting it I suddenly felt my body contracting. I let out a scream of pleasure and my asshole started to contract around his hard cock. While still rubbing my wet clit I had the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had. I came for what felt like a minute. With his cock buried deep inside of my oiled-up ass, squirming and feeling my entire body shake. It was unbelievable. I instantly knew that this was the first of many times that I’ll be cumming with a cock inside my ass. After orgasm, I collapsed on the bed. He kept fucking my soft, used asshole for a couple of seconds longer before he pulled out and spread a huge load all over my ass.

After a while, I got up, back in the shower and cleaned myself up. I couldn’t wait to do it again! To this day I love to masturbate thinking about the first time getting fucked in the ass. I still have the most amazing orgasms with a cock in my asshole!



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