How I got fingered to orgasm by a nurse midwife when I was 33 weeks pregnant and super horny

I am 33 to 34 weeks pregnant, super horny, can’t feel satisfied and want more and more…Finding joy in other adventures as my husband was not pleasing me at all..

Ever since I orgasmed soo hard on the ultrasound table(a story for another day), I’m hooked on these kinds of medical procedures and stuff. It’s a fetish I developed. I think at this point my caregivers already know I’m a dirty pregnant slut and I don’t even mind.

This time, I had a very good time with a nurse who is also being my midwife for the time being. It’s a bit of a long story, so hold on tight:

It started back when I discover the pregnancy. We had some appointments prior, and right after we discovered I was pregnant. The idea was to start exercising very soon so I could have the best and smoothest vaginal birth ever. She’s a specialist in pelvic floor and this kind of preparation. On one of the first appointments, she had mentioned already: she would have to “touch” me to feel how the pelvic muscles are from the inside. I was thrilled. I’m bi and she is a super cute redhead, with long hair, and firm boobs, on her 25’s.

I think I was already super wet (and embarrassed) when she laid my legs open on the table. She put the gloves on, skipped the lube for reasons, and inserted a finger slowly. “Does it hurt?” she asks. I said not at all. She inserted two. “Now?”. I said a little bit. Then she starts doing some movements inside to feel the walls of my vagina. “You have a lot of tight muscles here…” That was the diagnosis. A.k.a – very tight vagina. She looked at my husband with a curious face. I’m pretty sure the reason for this condition is because my husband has a super small dick that does not “stretch” my muscles properly, leaving me with a tight pussy, tight muscles. Not ideal for childbirth. Especially now that he does not even fuck me properly anymore. We booked a lot of sessions to exercise this and prepare me.

Now, these sessions started last week. And I’m over the edge horny. So I went to our first session. My husband stayed home. On the way, I was wondering what would it be, hoping that she would touch me just a bit… Got there and we talked a bit. During pregnancy, we got close, so I felt a real connection with her. I was a bit wet already since I was fantasising a lot of things.

First half we just talked while I did many exercises on a yoga ball, and many stretches. Ones that were still possible with my gigantic pregnant belly. We talked about life and all and then moved to more private topics. She asked If I was satisfied. I said what? She asked: you know, sexually – are you satisfied? And I just open up to her. Not at all. I was suffering from this, and I and hubby made agreements so that I could go out with other people to get pleasure. She giggled – you go, girl. Then she asked: “I know it’s very personal.. but is your husband below average?”.

I knew what she meant – yeah, he is very small, and a bit of a cuck. And she said: “yeah, I figured. But we can fix it, don’t worry”. We finished this part and she directed me to the changing room. “You can get undressed now, we will do a bit of hands-on”. I lost my breath. YES, I thought. My panties were soaked as I took my clothes out. Strings dripped down my legs and on the floor. I shrugged, hoping she didn’t mind. I could smell the scent of my horny wet and swollen pussy.

She put me on the exam table, with legs spread open in the air, very exposed. My pussy was on her face as she sit down on the stool. My big round belly pointing up. When she pointed the light there, she was mesmerized for a moment. “Woah” she exclaimed. I blushed to purple-red, instantly embarrassed. She noticed and said: “it’s alright, don’t be embarrassed – your hormones are through the roof now.” I nodded. “If you don’t mind, I won’t use lube. I think you are very well lubed already hehe”. I giggled with her, the mood was getting lighter, despite me being dripping wet on her exam table.

She put one finger on it and waited for a reaction. I tried making a poker face. She inserted the second one. I moaned a bit, she noticed and took her time. “Any discomfort?” I just denied it, concentrating on my feelings. “I will move these two a bit, but I still need to insert more, start some stretching techniques, and relax your muscles.” Her voice was soft and made me want her even more. I agreed and nodded. I felt I could start cumming at any point there, and I just wanted it bad.

She moved the two fingers and I just kept moaning to myself, very silently. Then all of a sudden she accidentally touched my clitoris, which was swollen and very exposed, and super sensitive. I let out a somewhat loud moan. She noticed and continued doing her thing. She was passing through my clitoris more, and I think she was doing it on purpose now. And I was enjoying it a lot, having some small orgasms.

“Do you do/like anal sex?” She asks all of a sudden. What? I asked, what is this question?

She giggled: “Sorry it was abrupt, but I felt I had the opening. The thing is that I can also massage it from there, and It could help a lot. But if you are a virgin there, I will just be too uncomfortable”. It took me a bit to process, but then I loved that proposition. I’m a super slut for anal sex, so the prospect of getting a finger in my butthole just took me over the edge.

I replied: Feels weird to talk about this, but I guess there is no problem… Yeah, I love it! So I think I can take it! (and I made a proud face, to show the emphasis that I’m an anal slut lol)

“Take a deep breath”

Slowly, with her other hand, she inserted a finger in my asshole. It was already very well lubed from my pussy juices.

I moaned loudly. I could not hold it anymore. It felt amazing as it entered my anus. Opening it up, sliding it in.

“Is it ok? Are you ok?”

I could not even reply – I was so into it that I was just there enjoying it.

She continued. Massaging my pussy walls with two fingers. Stretching it in different directions. Rubbing my clit “accidentally” constantly. Her other finger was deep in my asshole, massaging it also, pushing my sphincter in different directions, touching my g-spot from my rectum. I started to orgasm, having multiple ones. She could notice it, since every time I had a small orgasm, my pussy and ass would contract super hard, and she would stop the movements, allowing me to feel it fully. Then she would resume right after, with a different set of movements that would put me close to cumming again. My pussy and ass were super relaxed, it was amazing. I had such a good time.

At one point, she started rubbing my clit and doing very strong stretching movements, really pushing my pussy open. That felt so good I started feeling a big orgasm building up. Her face was pure concentration – I think she wanted me to have a big release. She continued, fingering both my holes, stretching them open, rubbing my erect clit.. I felt I was cumming, I moaned, and I almost let out a scream. Feeling like peeing, like some fluids building up and releasing. I contracted my entire body. My big belly became round, as my body was contracting and shaking. My pussy and asshole locked her fingers in as I was orgasming on her hands. I orgasmed for a long time. I even… squirted? That was a first for me!! I felt fluids coming out as I was feeling the constant waves of pleasure.

When it ended, I was wrecked. I noticed her dress got some wet spots. Think I squirted on her! The post-nut clarity hit and I was a bit embarrassed by letting all this happen, but it was so good…

“It’s completely ok. This is very healthy. Very good for you, for labour, for the baby. We made a lot of progress today. You should feel good and proud!”

I looked at the wet spots on her dress. Then to the wet squirt and creamy mess that was the table and the floor below it.

“Haha don’t worry at all about all this – we bring babies to the world in this room. This place has seen way worse” – she smiled.

I took a deep breath. I could not get on my feet. She leaned over, took out the gloves, and helped the heavy me get up.

She rubbed my round belly with passion and care. “Baby got pretty active in there. This is super healthy for your pregnancy!”. I smiled.

I went to the changing room and put on my dress (no panties). She had also changed hers.

“We made a lot of progress today. I’m proud! In a few more sessions you will be ready to have this big baby very smoothly. Also, don’t feel shame or anything for what could happen in this room. Pregnancy is already hard without feeling shame or guilt. So free up from all of this. You are a strong woman!”

Thanking her for her care, I smiled and hugged her. I left satisfied as I was not feeling for a long time. I was at peace. Maybe in love with my nurse/midwife?



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