Husband Walked in While Cheating

Oct 17, 2022 | Cheating sex Stories, Younger Man Sex Stories | 0 comments

Husband walked in while cheating with our neighbour’s son. I was getting my guts rearranged and he stormed out.

I have been having an affair with our neighbour’s son (Mike, 19) since June. He is just so fucking good that my body craves him & his big dick. But I love my husband.

I typically will have him over while my husband is at work 1 to 2, sometimes 3 times a week. Most recently, this past Tuesday. I rush home from teaching at about 2:30 pm and I typically have until around 5:30-6 pm before my husband comes back.

I get home and quickly change into something sexy so I can greet Mike in lingerie. We go upstairs to my room and start our session. I start sucking his big dick.

He is 8.5 inches long, super thick & veiny … the type of penis you have to use both hands and your mouth on. I typically use my mouth to pleasure him until he decides it’s time he wants to use my body.

He is completely dominant over me and will flip me in all different positions. I let him use me as he pleases because HE IS SO FUCKING GOOD …. Like legit multiple orgasms every fucking time good .. makes me scream and shake and quiver every time good ….

On this particular day … my husband decided to come home early … a decision he definitely would come to regret. I’m not sure exactly when he walked in but all I remember is this ….

I was pinned face down ass up ….. whole body in ecstasy as I was taking DEEP stokes viciously….. my body began to collapse to the bed as I was screaming “ yes daddy “ & I was shaking uncontrollably… Mike grabs my hair and pulls my head up to see my husband standing at the doorway….

It was too late I was already cumming hard …. I couldn’t even speak … I continued to unconsciously moan in pleasure as I quivered on the tip of Mike’s large cock..

He stormed out … I could barely even walk to follow after him. Needless to say…. Things will likely not be going back to normal for us.


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